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Cider Houses of British Columbia

Truck 59 Ciderhouse
Truck 59 Ciderhouse


33 Acres Cider Co

15 W 8TH Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1M8


This Vancouver based brewery does their own take on a English Scrumpy style under the brand 33 Acres of Cider.

CiderMaster: David Varga

Philosophy: Our vision was born out of enjoyment for the binding elements of life. The spirit of community sharing; Drink, food, conversation, space, and ideas. We carry a strong appreciation for the boundless limits created by hard work. We’re influenced by the natural elements of our surroundings, fuelled by creative thinking, and drive to make the highest quality product.

Affinity Ciderhouse

5155 Samuel Road
Duncan, British Columbia




The  Cowichan Valley cidery is owned by Tanner Elton. Kieran Holdworth is the general manager, cidermaker, and the driving force behind Affinity Ciders.

They also produce a Blackberry dessert wine.

Banditry Cider

538 Pratt Rd
British Columbia V0N1V4

Located on the Sunshine Coast Jamie Armstrong a local boy is the c-owner along with Kim Scarrow.  

Why the name A flock of Chickadees is known as a “Banditry”, and birds like the chickadee make up the apex predators in our pest management system, predating on the coddling moth. It’s also our logo. 

While Jamie was born and raised in Halfmoon Bay, he spent the majority of his adult years abroad. Jamie's career in agricultural development took him to South America, where he helped smallholder farmers bring their products to market. Back on the Coast now, he’s excited to grow roots with his young family in Gibsons. 

Kim's answer to "what do you want to be when you grow up?" was always "Farmer". Despite being raised in the city, she always found ways to talk to the plants. In 2009-2020, her chronic illness led her to found and operate Modo Yoga Vancouver, a beloved hot yoga studio in Kitsalano.

The Orchard itself was planted as an experimental orchard in 2015 with over 400 heritage fruit trees and a huge diversity of species. When Kim and Jamie purchased the land in early 2020, they saw huge potential for a Cidery, and when the pandemic hit, they dove in to the project with full exuberance.
Kim & Jamie have a combined background in agricultural development, construction, and social enterprise, and are eager to grow roots on the sunshine coast where their kids can grow up to truly understand the meaning of community. 

The 40 varietals of heritage fruit trees were lovingly planted by the previous owners with a cidery in mind,  There are some rare perry pear trees, a large variety of semi-dwarf cider apple trees, plums, cherries, quince, and table apples too. The orchard surrounds a winding pond with bridges, and a tiny island we've dubbed "cider island". Birdwatching is always a favourite pastime of ours on the farm.

They produce Clean, Crisp, Approachable Apple Cider. All on the semi-dry side. Currently 3 ciders are on tap are our Semi-dry apple, Bramble & Bine (Hopped Blackberry) our Petal and Root (Ginger Hibiscus).

Matt Cavers is the cider master.He is a beloved Gibsons resident, with a long history of making cider and Brewing Beer on the sunshine coast.

Philosophy: We believe in investing the time and energy it takes to make a cider that tastes delicious and looks beautiful, using top-quality ingredients and time-honoured techniques.

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co

880 Vaughan Ave
V1Y 7E4

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co was created with one thing in mind: to hand craft a premium hard cider from 100% BC apples picked from their own orchards and crushed their mill. A cider as traditional as the sixteen foot ladders climbed at harvest time. The brand name Broken Ladder.

BC Tree Fruits, is a cooperative of more than 500 grower families

Cidermaker: Bertus Albertyn

Big Rock Brewery

310 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1G9


Rocky Creek Cider


Big Rock Brewery has locations across Canada know for its beer. It now produces a cider called Rock Creek. Founded in 1985 by Ed McNally.

They have an open & inviting dining room, a comfortable lounge featuring a floor-to-ceiling glass wall looking into the brewery, and a stage ready for all performers,

The rooster represents our early arrival as craft brewers. It's also a bi...t of a nod to the "cock of the walk" bravura that Ed McNally had when he started Big Rock Brewery.

Blue Moon Estate Winery

4905 Darcy Rd.
Courtenay, BC
V9J 1R5

A fruit winery, which opened in May 2009, owned by George Ehrler and Marla Limousin. It is part of the picturesque Nature's Way Farm, an organic berry farm near Courtenay, that has been operated for several years. Natural Way is a certified Organic farm

They produce fortified dessert wines with blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries, and a table wine with blueberries and apples. They recently launched a cider called Harvest Moon.

Winemaker: George Ehrler

Philosophy: We use classical wine making traditions and local fruit. We love tradition as much as experimentation, so come and taste what we are doing. Drink to the pure expressions of the fruit! 


The Bricker Cider Company Ltd

6642 norwest Bay Rd,
Sechelt, BC
V0N 3A85


The District Municipality of Sechelt is located on the lower Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Approximately 50 km northwest of Vancouver. Here is where 3 guys Nick, Morgan, Bronson, Russell, and a lady Chris, started their cider house. Anne Bricker was Chris' mother and Morgan, Bronson and Russell's grandmother. Nick Farrer is the founder and cider master.

They produce,Dry, all natural, craft style cider

Cidermaster : Nick Farrer
Philosophy: Making clean, dry, approachable ciders that appeal to both the seasoned cider drinker and the cider novice


Bottega Craft Cider




ottega is a working alpaca farm, apple orchard and cidery set against the peaceful backdrop of South East Kelowna


CiderMaster :


Britannia Beach Ciderworks 

103-37760 2nd Ave
Courtenay BC


Seeking info


CiderMaster :


Burton City Cidery

5470 Highway 6
Burton, B.C
V0G 1E0

Their Grand Opening was in May 2016 and is owned by Barbara and Alan Ross. A farm based cidery that crafts small batches of all natural cider. They do not add water or sugar and use local ingredients whenever possible.

Ciders - Classic Apple
     Apple -N-Rye
    Ginger Apple
      Cider Makers Special  - a seasonal cider that is currently a dry hopped cider

The area in the West Kootenays where they are located had a town that was incorporated in 1895 as Burton City. At that time there were lots of apple orchards in the valley and they were a big supplier of fruit to Western Canada. The valley was flooded in the '60s and Burton City is now underwater. The cidery is reclaiming the history of the area by growing apples and making cider

CiderMaster : Barbara Ross

Philosophy: A great cider takes the time it takes!

Bx Press Cidery and Farm

4667 East Vernon Road
Vernon BC


This Vernon orchard was established in 1949 by the grandfather of current owner David Dobernigg. The orchard is located in Vernon's BX district consisting of 12 hectares.

The district is named for the former 2,428-hectare (6,000-acre) ranch previously operated by the owner of Barnard’s Express & Stage Line. Once the largest stage line in North America, it closed after 50 years in 1920 when trucks and railroads took over. The name lives on in the district and now in a cidery. (1)

David and Melissa realize that apple production in the Okanagan is now a difficult business and they needed to turn to Cider production to ensure a profit. They did the research before construction of their facilities commenced. Their initial ciders 10,000 litres were made in 2013.

They received training from Washington State's Peter Mitchell.

Cider-masters: Davis and Melissa Dobernigg

Philosophy: Our cider is pressed only in the fall when select varieties of apples are ripe. We then ferment it over the winter, releasing it only when it's had a long, slow maturation to mellow and develop it's complex flavours. 


Cedar Cider

340 184 Street
Surrrey BC



Cedar Cider is a farm based cidery owned by Gabriel Jefferies and Jacquelyn Ravenstein, located in the Hazelmere Valley, South Surrey, British Columbia. Their focus is on 100% organic farming practices, growing heritage trees and picking the fruit by hand. They produce small batch natural ciders, using wild yeasts, barrel aging and barrel ferments to obtain complex flavours highlighting the unique qualities of the fruits. All of their products are unpasteurized and unfiltered, with no sugars or acids added.

The orchards are located in the Campbell River Valley, along the Fraser River in Agassiz, and the north Arrow Lake in British Columbia. They grow 40 varietals of bittersweet/bittersharp apples, also perry pears and quince. They have a barrel series that ages for 1-3 years before being released. They fresh press any additional fruit additions.

 Gabriel studied food production and gastronomy in Italy for 7 years, refining the farm to ferment to finished product cycle. His passion for local food culture is what brought him back to focus on the creative process.

The name is a cute nod to the cedar house where they first started experimenting with crushing apples and making small batch ciders

CiderMaster:Gabriel Jefferies and Jacquelyn Ravenstein

Philosophy: It all starts with farming

Central City Brewery & Distillery

11411 Bridgeview Drive
Surrey, BC
V3R 0C2


In 2003, Central City Craft Brewpub opened in Surrey, BC. Their craft beer grew so popular that in 2005, they launched a canning line, sold at their own on-site liquor store, and beyond. They achieved great success with the Red Racer beer brand. By 2009 they had reached full capacity at the current BC brewery – a 3,500 sq. ft. space.

In 2012 and 2010 they were Canada’s Brewery of the Year, and won the 2012 World Cup of Beer’s Gold & Bronze Medal winner.

Central City’s Hopping Mad Dry Hopped Apple Cider (6.5% ABV) is a dry-sweet cider blending Yakima Valley hops with fresh pressed apples from the Pacific Northwest.  Hopping Mad Dry Hopped Cider is cold fermented from scratch, using Northwest Apples, Yakima Hops and a special yeast. The dry hopping process used adds a nice hop aroma onto the dry sweet, cider, complementing the cider’s natural tart flavour

CiderMaster :

Creek & Gully Cider Inc

1053 Poplar Grove Rd
Penticton BC



A family opered cidery, headed by Annelise Simonsen, Director of Operations and Kaleigh Jorgensen, Cidermaker, Creek & Gully Cider was born of our agricultural roots to re- imagine a modern family farm. Annelise and Kaleigh have over a decade’s experience in the Okanagan hospitality industry, and first fell in love with fermentation as partners in baking. Our orchardist, Peter, has farmed for 35 years specializing in fruit trees – apples, pears, and peaches.

The name Creek & Gully evolved as an homage to the lands from which we grow our fruit- each lot contains both a creek and gully - one evolving from the constant flow of the other - the result being that small things beget large influences.

CiderMaster: Kaleigh Jorgensen, 

Philosophy: Great cider starts in the orchard. We like to keep it wild with our farming and ferments, encouraging the natural microbiome to express itself through our cider. We intervene very little in the fermentation process, shepherding the spontaneous action that transforms our apple juice into delicious cider. Our ciders are alive and unfiltered, handmade with minimal sulphites.

Dominion Cider Co

10216 Gould Avenue
Summerland, BC


The Summerland cider company is owned by three friends Robin, Luke, and Mike. They are a small producer that makes one type of cider and we think we make it well. But no two batches are ever really the same. Dominion Cider is a dry, English-style pub cider. It has a light golden colour.

The cidery was named after the Dominion Experimental Farms an agricultural network stretching from coast to coast created in the late 1800s to support Canadian farmers.



Double Cross Cidery at the Junction

3363 Springfield Road
Kelowna, BC
V1X 5L4


Glenn, Loretta, Michael and Alycia Cross own Cross Orchards, home of the Function Junction Fruit Stand. In 2011, when they thought of expanding to apple cider and fruit wine, they contacted Richard Bullock, another apple grower, for advice. The Bullock family had opened the Raven Ridge Cidery on their East Kelowna orchard in 2003. To the surprise of the Crosses, the Bullocks were closing Raven Ridge. The Cross family jumped at the opportunity to purchase Raven Ridge's equipment.

Signature ciders   Fuji iced cider & Braburn iced cider 

Their plan is to produce both fruit wines and ciders . They also operate a fruit stand with products from their 48 acres of    apples, peaches, apricots, blackberries, tai berries, raspberries, corn, cherries and veggies 

Cider master: Glenn Cross

Philosophy: Work hard, play hard        

Farmstong Cider Co

4300 Maw Road
Armstrong BC





Jeff and Halee Fried have been farming for 30 years and their children are now the third generation committed to growing good food for great people. In 2016 Jeff and Halee purchased a century old farm steeped with history and deeply rooted in the agriculture community of the Okanagan Valley. Looking for ways to make the farm more viable Halee wanted to explore her fascination cider and Jeff wanted to restore the heritage barn on the site, the two ideas were married and the idea of Farmstrong was born. We are so pleased you have chosen to visit our site. Since the spring of 2016 Jeff and Halee along with their sons Mitchell, Avery and Griffin have been working hard to make premium craft (small batch) ciders along with restoring a heritage barn built in 1896. 

Cider Maker: Halee Fried

Faustino Estate Ciders

14000-14014  97th Street, 
Osoyoos, BC
V0H 1V2


The desire to produce cider came as a result of the couple’s loss of several years’ worth of fruit crops due to uncontrollable weather damage from frost and hail. High quality fruit was rendered useless for fresh market sales due to the hail marks – but those marks only affected the appearance, not the incredible taste of the fruit. The couple knew there had to be a way to use this fruit to produce a quality by-product that the consumer could enjoy. Hence, the idea to produce a quality cider using their own fruit was born.

CiderMaster : Jack Faustino Relvas

Philosophy: To use our own quality grown fruit to produce high quality ciders

Fraser Valley Cidery Company

22128 16 Ave
Langley BC


The Langley based cidery is owned by Rachel Bolongaro it is the first cidery in the Fraser Valley. The Bolongaros purchased the 12 acre farm in 2014 and began establishing their orchard. The orchard was planted with 1800 trees that consisted of over 25 different varieties of English and French cider apples.

Rachel produced a pacific northwest style cider.  They currently have five blends, dry, off-dry, raspberry, elderflower and honey .

CiderMaster Rachel Bolongaro

Philosophy: Making the best cider we possibly can using sustainable produced heritage apples from our orchard

Fossil Beach Farm

750 Savoie Rd
Hornby Island
British Columbia


Located on the west side of the Island. Hornby Island is located between Vancouver Island and the BC mainland. The farm land has been in the family since 1918. The apple orchard was planted in 1921.

Their various cider styles have unique names such as Devil's Stick and Creepy Cow.



Geo Cider Co

318 1201 Commercial Way
Squamish, British Columbia

Geoff Menu spend 30 years as a bartender in the Okanagan before turning his hobby into a business.

Geo Ciders are 5% alcohol. The Premium Standard Ciders are Old World & New World Apple Ciders and are available alongside artisan seasonal features. Geo Ciders are all crafted in house, utilizing the best of British Columbia’s best. Geo Ciders are all natural and gluten-free.

Food service is available.

CiderMaster :Geoff Menu


Howling Moon Cider

7952 Highway 97
Oliver, BC
V0H 1T5

A family run business whose dream started in 2011 with plantings followed by opening the tasting room in 2014.




Junction Orchard & Cidery

273 Prospect Lake Rd,
Victoria, BC V9E 1J7, 


Junction Orchard & Cidery
273 Prospect Lake Rd,


Junction Orchard & Cidery is a new addition to the Vancouver Island cider scene, located by Prospect Lake and not far from downtown Victoria. The cider is owned by Jillian (Jac) and Cody Brown. They launched their first cider (Rhubarb) July 2021. As for the name chooice "we had two creeks that meet on the property and one of our core values is community and you come “together” at a Junction. "

Cody is Victoria native and has a history of beverage distribution and is currently an active fire fighter. Jillian is Australian and has been in Canada 15 years with over 20 years in customer service and hospitality 

They have a 8-acre farm with a welcoming west coast, rustic venue. Junction cider brings a clean, crisp, and refreshing flavour to the cider scene.

David Mitchel, a brewmaster with this as his first official venture into cider. 

Philosophy: Keep it simple. Let the fruit shine through, no added sugars if possible. Our goal is to keep everything as local as possible, or at the very minimum BC sourced


La Petite Abeille

1085 Fleet Rd, Penticton, BC




We named our cidery La Petite Abeille, or, the Little Bee. Bees are important to us for a couple of reasons. Not only do we recognize that bees are crucial to the pollination of our orchard and the health of the planet, but the bee has been a prominent symbol throughout French history, so we thought of the bee as a fitting ode to the place that initially inspired us to make our special sparkling-style cider.



Lake Bottom Cider

4490 Boundary Rd.
Chilliwack, BC, Canada V2R5J3


A small family run operation.Covered patio and picnic area.Serving Cider and Charcuterie

Food trucks on Friday and Saturday

They won a Growlie for Best New Cidery from @thegrowlerbc .

Left Field Cider Company

Mamette Lake, BC
V1W 4A5


Established in the heart BC's interior, Left Field Cider Co. is a family owned business, making traditional cider in small batches. Proprietors are Gordon and Debbie Garthwaite, Kate Garthwaite, Theresa Pedersen two sisters and their parents. Yearly production is 1,500 cases

The idea of producing cider came to Kate out of nowhere, thus the name Left Field from the expression Out of Left Field. Kate spent a year in Herefordshire, England apprenticing with a well-known cider maker and is most knowledgeable in apple varieties and blends. All the owners have a role in producing their cider.

The cider-house is open from May long weekend to Labour Day on Fridays from 3pm-7pm and Saturdays and Sundays from noon-6pm. They are happy to give customers a tour of the facility.  All of the products are full juice. They do not use concentrated or artificial flavouring. They blend English and French cider apple varieties with dessert apples that are typical to BC.

Winner of Best Beverage at the 2012 Okanagan Fest of Ale

Signature Ciders: Big Dry and Little Dry

Cider-maker: Kate Garthwaite

Philosophy: Real cider is made from apples. We don't capitalize and pride ourselves on making a full-juice cider

LoneTree Cider CO

501 – 68 Water Street
Vancouver BC V6B 1A4

Lonetree Cider is an Authentic Dry Cider - straight from an old growth apple orchard in the Okanagan Valley. Opened in 2011

the name "Lonetree" because we think we stand alone in our belief in a 100% BC quality product. And we use the phrase "old growth orchard" because many of the apple trees are nearly 80 years old

types of Cider produce: Authentic Dry, Ginger Apple, Cranberry Apple, Pear & Apple

Philosophy: These days, it seems like everything has to be high speed, highly efficient to produce a higher yield. In our opinion, all this rushing can sometimes hurt the quality of the final product. That's why LONETREE is made from authentic cider apples, still grown the old-fashioned way – carefully, and with plenty of respect for the land.

Merridale Estate Cidery

1230 Merridale Road, RR 1
Cobble Hill, BC
V0R 1L0

Merridale, nestled in the mouth of Vancouver Island's Cowichan Valley, is a destination the whole family can enjoy. Located in Cobble Hill, just 40 minutes from Victoria the cider house provides a unique venue, surrounded by the orchards. Merridale is said to be BC's first estate cidery. Founded by Albert Piggott in 1987 and now owned by Janet Docherty and Rick Pipes who took over in 2000. They wanted the business to be something they would be passionate about and provide a healthy lifestyle for their family

Some of the varieties of apples grown include Dabinett, Tremlett's Bitter, Frequin Rouge, Hauxapfel, Chisel Jersey and Bulmer Norman, to name a few.

Signature Ciders: Scrumpy, Summerset

In 2007 the Brandiehouse was opened to produce fortified wines - Brandy. Aging is an important factor in producing fine quality brandy. The process of aging in oak enhances many of the characteristics of the brandy and slowly adds a distinctive caramel colour. The choice of barrel is important in the end product. Some of their brandies will be aged in French Oak, others in American Oak. Merridale will also be the first to age some brandies in Canadian Oak. They will call the brandies Oh de Vies a play
on eau de vie or water of life.

Cider Master: Rick Pipes

Philosophy: Merridale Ciders are handcrafted, all natural and made from 100% undiluted juice.


Millionaires’ Row Cider Co.  

14113 Dale Meadows Road,
Summerland, BC V0H 1Z8



Millionaires’ Row Cider Co.


Millionaires' Row Cider Co. is a family-run cidery located on an apple orchard in Summerland with a rich history. In the early 1900's land areas in the Prairie Valley area of Summerland were known as Millionaires' Row. Each bottle of our fine hand-crafted cider tells a part of the inspiring story of Summerland's early days.

Brett and Janet Annable are the owners - after purchasing the property in 2016 they were biking the KVR trail above the property, stopping to read the signs that had been posted.  They were surprised to see one that said “Millionaires’ Row” and had pictures of the “Notable Millionaires” and a brief description of why this area was nicknamed “Millionaires’ Row”.  And this sign was placed just above their property. 

The property provides great views of Giant's Head and Conkle Mountain. The Kettle Valley Steam Railway runs by the orchard.

Each bottle of their handcrafted cider tells a part of the inspiring story of Summerland's early days.  All the pictures on the labels come from the Summerland museum. 

Winemaking philosophy - use the best tree ripened apples for a nice clean fruit forward cider

Janet is the cidermaker.

Naramata Cider Company

Aikins Loop, RR#1 S5 C18
Naramata, BC
V0H 1N0

Naramata Cider Co, ciders are made from crisp apples, ripe pears, a little Okanagan sunshine. The cider is owned by Miranda and Del Hallady who own Elephant Island Winery. Brain Selwood is also a partner.

The snail (found on every label) is emblematic of Cittaslow: a network of communities around the world that value slow living. Naramata is pretty stoked to be one of only two towns in Canada to have Cittaslow accreditation.

Being a Cittaslow community means we care about our town, the people who live in it and everyone who visits it. We work together to preserve the unique spirit of this place.


Nomad Cider

8011 Simpson Rd
Summerland, BC


"We are nomads, endlessly exploring food, drink and culture. Our thirst for knowledge and new experiences continually inspire us to create great tasting ciders."


Northyard Cider Co

#9 38936 Queensway
Squamish, Bc

Two young ladies Alison and Katherine found the cider house in 2018. They were with friends attaining a beer festival Alison does not care for beer so she was not enjoying herself until she came acrosss a booth featuring cider. She was impressed.

After a bunch of years of studying, researching and planning, Alison Round and Kathleen van der Ree decided to go for it, put their talents together, and start their own craft cidery in Squamish, B.C., their home since 2010.

Alison passion for craft cider led her to the Enology and Viticulture School in Walla Walla Washington. After successfully completing this seminal course in cider making in North America, Alison has gone on to study under celebrated Cider Master Andrew Byers from Finn River Cider in Chimacum, Washington.

Kathleen is a BC native and a practicing lawyer

Northyard offers a food service.

CiderMaster: Alison Round


Orchard Hill Estate Winery

23404 Highway 97
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

Opened in 2006 by Gian Dhaliwal and his son, Ravi, who operate a roadside orchard and fruit market. The orchard primarily grows apples, along with cherries and other tree fruits. For some time, the Dhaliwal family has sold its fruits and vegetables at what they called the Sunshine Valley Fruit. It is currently the only cidery in the Okanagan south

Situated between Oliver and Osoyoos, right off of Highway 97, Orchard Hill provides safe and easy access to all of its customers

They offer three ciders; Okanagan Bubbly a light semi-sweet and fruity, Extra Dry a sparkling cider and Summer Sipper a medium dry sparkling apple cider with slightly more complexity than Okanagan Bubbly.

Persephone Brewing Co.

1053 Stewart
Rd Gibsons, BC

Persephone Brewing Co. (PBC) operates an 11-acre farm and craft micro-brewery in the community of Gibsons on BC’s Sunshine Coast. Our farm consists of two hop yards, an apple orchard, market garden and flock of laying hens. Two acres of cider apples leased from another local farm are used to make their cider. Another cider apple orchard is being planted on the farm and and will cover approximately 2 acres producing bitter-sweet and heritage apples to help grow their cider production.



Ravenskill Orchards

1240 Coats Drive
Gabriola, BC
V0R 1X4


The Gabriola Cider is owned by Keith and Marti MacKenzie, who began building their dream – an orchard of heritage apples on 27 acres in 2002.

They started with uncultivated scrub brush. They tilled the land and created locally sourced compost to feed the soil. They built a nursery and trellised rows for a unique stock of heavy fruiting dwarf trees. Finally they built a cider barn and roadside stand to sell the crop and ciders, the orchard has over 1,000 trees across two acres, with 25 different varieties of apples.

They released their first cider in the Summer of 2015. Jonas Greig the cider maker has produced two styles of cider one Dry with the RS of 14g/l and a  Dry Dry cider of only 4g/l RS.

They also make a sweet apple cider caramels

Cider-maker: Jonas Greig


Rider Cider CO

1165 Ethel Street,
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 2W4




A Kelowna company that likes to support biking events


Riley's Cider

620 Laura Road
Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2

Riley's Cider
620 Laura Road
Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2


Riley’s cidery sits amongst nearly a thousand varieties of heirloom apples in a one-of-a-kind apple orchard on Bowen Island in British Columbia. The orchard was planted over a 30 year period by John and Josephine Riley who are apple tree collectors and enthusiasts with an absolute wealth of knowledge.

In 2019, Christine and Rob  Hardie were lucky enough to take over from John and Josephine to help preserve this incredible living museum and from this idea, Riley’s Cidery took shape. The husband and wife duo spent years living in London and picked up a taste for traditional apple cider so the idea came easily when the orchard came into their care.

Christine trained under Peter Mitchell at the Cider and Perry Academy in Herefordshire and prior to that at the University of British Columbia completing the UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture. These experiences provided her with a well-rounded knowled.

Cidermaker, Christine Hardie submitted their Sip & Tell Single Varietal McIntosh Cider with the hope of receiving valuable feedback from some of the most talented and knowledgeable cider judges from around the world at the nternational Brewing and Cider Awards, they won gold.

Bowen Island, British Columbia, is an island municipality that is part of Metro Vancouver. Bowen Island is within the jurisdiction of the Islands Trust. Located in Howe Sound, it is approximately 6 kilometres wide by 12 kilometres long, with the island at its closest point about 3 kilometres west of the mainland. 


Salt Spring Wild Cidery

151 Sharp Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2P6

Gerda Lattey and Mike Lachelt are the owners of this new island cidery. The name comes from the times they would pick apples from wild trees on Salt Spring. They make 5 varieties of dry ciders, practicing organic methods.

The tasting room is located in an historic farm house.

Cider master: Gerda Lattey and Mike Lachelt

Philosophy:   Slow ferment, delicate flavours. All our ciders are dry.    

Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse

2487 St Michael Rd
Saanichton, BC
V8M 1T7

Sea Cider opened its farm gate for business in 2007 when owner Kristen Needham purchased the property with a vision of creating an organic farm and orchard producing traditional fermented artisan ciders. Since then, they have grown to an annual cider production of over 7,000 cases. Sea Cide continues to pride themselves on crafting traditionally fermented ciders from organically grown apples, and with their award-winning cider now available throughout B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Washington State, Illinois and Oregon. 

"Kristen is a sixth generation farmer, having inherited the family orchard in 1986. At the time, she wanted nothing to do with farming. Instead, as a teenager, she went off to boarding school in Wales. "I drank my first cider but never dreamed that one day I would become a cidermaker. Rather, I focused on my studies and began a career in environmental management and international development. I worked mainly on food security projects and spent several years working in rural Ethiopia with farmers. I never thought that one day I would return to farming myself. "

The first Sea Cider orchard was located on the pristine shores of Eagle Bay on Shuswap Lake BC.  In our family for 3 generations, we grew culinary apples.  In 2003 we replanted our Shuswap orchard with bittersweet cider varietals. The next Sea Cider orchard was established that same year on Oldfield Road on Victoria’s Saanich Peninsula, where we had a squash farm.  Then in 2004, we purchased a farm a few miles away on Mt. St. Michael Road for the site of our Ciderhouse and main orchard.

Previously a loganberry farm and sheep pasture. we planted 1,000 cider apple trees on the site that first year. We have since added several hundred more trees, comprising over 60 varietals of cider apples and heritage varietals. Construction of the Ciderhouse began in 2005, and the Tasting Room opened in 2007. The property is 10 acres and consists of the orchard, the forest, the Ciderhouse and gardens.

Sea Cider is a certified organic farm in compliance with Canada’s National Organic Standards through the Pacific Agricultural Certification Societ (PACS). Our organic practices focus on minimal intervention and prevention of disease and insect infestations through soil health and attentive tree maintenance. In particular, we maintain the health of our trees by encouraging and nourishing soil biodiversity and preventing soil erosion.

“Terroir” is also important in Sea Cider’s approach to cidermaking and apple growing.  Our site is well suited for a cider apple orchard. The orchard is protected by forest shelter to the south, and its east-facing aspect provides good air movement off the waters of Haro Strait.  The seas also moderate our micro-climate, preventing dangerous freezes and allowing the apples’ acids and sugars to develop in abundance. The topsoil is rich with organic matter and nutrients, and just under the topsoil layer is three-foot layer of glacial till which provides good soil drainage. Below this, a deeper layer of fine clay holds moisture during our dry summers and provides an exceptional source of nutrients for the trees’ taproots to access.

Sea Cider is focused on:
- Growing apples organically
- Making traditionally fermented artisan ciders
- Promoting local agriculture on the peninsula
- Supporting the local community
- Providing high quality cider, excellent service and encouraging visitors to the cider house for a ‘cider experience.’

Cidermaker: Kristen Jordan

: Sociability, sustainability, and community involvement have been the three pillars of Sea Cider's business philosophy and mission.

Scenic Road Cider Co

770 Packinghouse Rd
Kelowna, BC

Harv and Marina Johal along with Taylor and Caroline Sebastian have opened Scenic Road Cider Co in Kelowna

Cider Master:

Soma Craft Cidery

4485 Sallows Rd
Kelowna, British Columbia

A small family owned and operated cidery in Kelowna


Cidermaster :
Philosophy: Soma is a coalition of creative spirits. We merge elements of agriculture, architecture, and community. Our focus is on quality craft ciders and authentic hospitality.


Strange Fellows Brewing

1345 Clark Ave
Vancouver BC

Strange Fellows Brewing -cider


Strange Fellows Brewing is the creation of Iain Hill & Aaron Jonckheere, erstwhile strangers who each dreamed of starting A brewery. When a mutual friend decided they should meet, little did they know this would be the first step they would take toward realizing their common dream.

Iain is a craftsman who takes great interest in life's details. An award-winning brewer with over 20 years experience, he is compelled to create beer that is unique & rooted in authenticity. As a pioneer of BC’s craft brewing industry, Iain has achieved many firsts , but the need to start his own BREWERY grew stronger over the years. He had always been INSPIRED to have a place where he could create the beer and cider he dreamed of, so when BY chance he met Aaron, he was ready.


Aaron is a daydreamer & wanderer with a keen interest in the TRADITION & CREATIVITY of craft brewing. Exposure to great beer by way of his Belgian heritage, & being a third-generation home brewe


Summerland Heritage Cider Company

3113 Johnson St,
Summerland, BC


The cidery is a collaboration of three orchard owners Tom Kinvig, Bob Thompson and Ron Vollo who began making cider nearly twenty years ago.  Their desire to improve the quality of their cider led to research which revealed not only that they  needed to improve their cider-making techniques but that there exists a large number of apple varieties that are used exclusively for making cider they needed to grow. They managed to obtain a small amount of grafting wood and over a number of years were able to graft more trees.  They currently have about 2 1/2 acres of cider apples   

Opening in 2012 the owners  selected a name that referred to their location and one that would reflect the heritage aspect of the fruit used in their cider

Signature Cider is Tuesday's Original

Cider master Bob Thompson

Philosophy: Uncompromising quality.   We strive to produce the best cider possible and wish to redefine what cider is in this area

Sunday Cider

1575 Vernon Dr
Vancouver, BC

A a few years back three longtime friends and fellow cider lovers figured there simply wasn’t enough proper craft cider to go around – so they started making their own.

Two of the founders owned Bestie – a friendly little sausage and beer parlour in Vancouver’s Chinatown – Sunday was the only day the restaurant was closed. Therefore Sunday was the only day they could work on their cider.


Taves Estate Cidery

333 Gladwin Rd.
Abbotsford, BC V3G 0E8


Farming has been a way of life for the Taves family since the 1930s, when Opa purchased his first farm in the Southlands of Abbotsford.  Going into the fourth generation, Taves Family Farms continues to thrive with Loren and Corinne Taves leading the way.  The farming operation now grows over 60 acres of produce where they harvest everything from eggplant and heirloom tomatoes, to a variety of currants and berries to apples and pumpkins! 

Each spring, summer and fall, the Taves welcome people to the Applebarn to enjoy Easterfest, u-pick goji berries, sunflower and pumpkin patches, hay rides, a corn maze, jumping pillows, farm animals, pedal karts, pony rides, fun eats, and, most importantly, u-pick apples!  Visiting the farm in fall brings 10 acres of orchard laden with different varieties of apples from tart Alkmene to sweet Honeycrisp and the Taves’ signature apple, the Jonagold. Together, this combination yields the most delicious cold-pressed apple cider and legendary apple cider slushies.

The Taves are excited to share their newest venture as they open Taves Estate Cidery  

CiderMaster: Kelsi Paul

Philosophy: We take tree-ripened fruit, add no additives, and then use a UV treatment process.We take our fresh cider and heat it before putting the hot cider in glass jars with rubber sealed lids.  The heat seals the lids so the glass jars of cider can remain unrefrigerated until opened.

Tony's Cider

6167 Vernon-Slocan Hwy



Situated on 50 acres of beautiful orchard land just east of Veron in the Okanagan,their quaint tasting room is nestled between barns and lanes of apple trees . Tony has over 36 years of farming experience he has grown and harvested countless apple varietals


Philosophy: We believe in farm fresh ingredients and a truly handcrafted product. All of our ciders are gluten free and contain no artificial flavours.

Truck 59 Ciderhouse

3887 Brown Road
West Kelowna


Russ Johnson, started Truck 59 Ciderhouse with his wife Helen. Their first limited release was a blueberry infused Apple Cider. They have a very attractive cider house in West Kelowna. he Ciderhouse’s 400-square-foot tasting room offers a sweeping view of Okanagan Lake and the newly planted orchard of eight varieties of cider apples.


Every bottle cap brought in and every bottle opened in the tasting room, we donate 10 cents to the West Kelowna firefighters' charity of choice!?


Cider master :


Twin Island Cidery

5601 Lupin Rd
Pender Island, BC

A small family owned and operated cidery from Pender Island part of the Gulf Islands off the British Columbia Coast.

A farm-based cidery rooted on Pender Island, specializing in small batch wild fermentations from heirloom apples.

They also produce a pear cider.

Cider master :

Tree Brewing Co

1083 Richter Street,
Kelowna, BC.


This Kelowna based brewery know for its beer does cider under Fireweed Brewing using the Duke Cider Dry Apple Cider. abel. Founded on 1 January 1996

Cider Master:


Twisted Hills Craft Cider

2070 HWY 3
Cawston, BC


Established in 2012 in Cawston, the heart of Similkameen Wine Country, Twisted Hills Craft Cider became the first stand alone cidery in the Similkameen Valley. 

Kaylan Maderia and Jo Schneider (Husband) are the owners. Kaylan is the cider master at this Similkameen Cidery

Jo, is a fifth generation Cawston grower, who learned about apple production while growing up on his parents’ orchard, Heart Achers Farm, the location of Twisted Hills’ current tasting room.

In the Fall of 2017 Jo and Kaylan purchased and additional 5 acres on top of their 7 acre orchard which will become the new home of their tasting room dubbed the CiderDome which has a projected opening date of June 2018 located at 2070 HWY 3 Cawston BC.

Practicing Organic methods of farming and cider making they are the only cidery in BC to have a full line up of Certified Organic ciders made with Organic Estate Grown Cider Apples.

Twisted Hills’ Kingston Twist won the Judges’ Choice Award for Best Cider at the 2015 and 2016 Okanagan Fest-of-Ale celebrations.

Signature Ciders: Pippin’s Fate, Kingston’s Twist and Calville’s Winter 

Cider Master: Kaylan Madeira

Philosophy: We believe that the quality of cider will never surpass the quality of the apples used to make it.

Upside Cider

2555 Gale Road
Kelowna, BC

Isaac started his Organic farm in Kelowna in 2010 with a vision of opening a fruit stand and a cidery. In 2019 the dream achieved the doors are opening and his dream is coming alive. The cidery is committed to biodiversity and regenerative agriculture.

Issac is the visionary, farm manager, cider maker, expert jar opener and reacher of things off of high shelves



Valley Cider Company

7661 Mays Road
Duncan, British Columbia
V9L 6A8, CA

Valley Cider Company , Duncan


Located on Vancouver Island. 7 acre farm includes fertile pastures, lush forests of maple, fir and cedar, converging hills filled with wonderful botanicals and berries, and wetlands of spring water flowing into creeks that run north and south simultaneously.

Cider Master:


Wanderoot Cider Co

45620 Kerr Rd


Molson Coors Canada has been brewing in British Columbia for over sixty years and has now officially opened its newest modern brewery in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia at Chilliwack. This $300 million facility will be home to approximately 100 employees and begins a new chapter in the company's 230 plus years of brewing in Canada. This is the newest and most modern brewery in Molson Coors Brewing Company's world-wide network of 29 breweries. It opened Sept 2019.

Wanderoot Cider is produced here. It is also produced in Ontario


Cider Master:


Wards Hard Cider

2287 Ward Rd
Kelowna, BC
V1W 4R5


Part of the View Winery family. The View Winery is on a piece of property that has been in the Turton/Ward family for 5 generations. Historically, apples were grown on the property. In the mid 1990's a transition began and orchard rows were replaced with vines. The winery currently is in the heritage packing house that also doubles as a cidery.


William Tell Family Estate

PO Box 204
Creston, BC



JRD Farms is located in Creston, British Columbia:  a small rural farming community in the south-east corner of the province. The property was selected for its ability to grow grapes for wine as well as grow fruits.

Currently they produce old fashioned hand crafted Sparkling Apple and Pear Cider, Apple & Pear Cider Vinegar from fresh BC apples and pears.

The vineyard is planted with three different clones of Pinot Noir; 115, 667, and 777.  The vines are own rooted unlike most vineyards in British Columbia which are planted with grafted vines. JRD Farms believes that using own rooted vines is a truer expression of the fruit compared to using grafted vines. Also using own rooted vines is a benefit in cool climates

Cider Master William Tell


Westcost Cider


David & Nena Asuncion love the west cost of British Columbia. "West Coast Cider Co. was born out of our love for our home and for the laid back lifestyle we live and breathe every day. Handcrafted in Coquitlam, BC, we have worked long and hard to perfect the right recipe for each of our cider varieties. "


Windfall Cider

#101 250 E. Esplanade
Vancouver, BC


After first falling in love with each other, and then with Spanish cider on a trip to Mexico city, Jeff and Nathaly Nairn turned a years long hobby of cider making into what became Windfall Cider. Learning what they could from old-world techniques passed down by generations of cider makers, Jeff and Nathaly experimented with as many new flavours as they could find. All until the cider was just right – and totally different than anything else in BC.

Our name came to us from two places. First, was our belief in the idea of making your own luck. Of going out into the world and chasing your fortune, whatever that may be or look like. Second, a memory from Jeff’s childhood. When he was young, both he and his twin sister and his mother would pick apples in the fall around Southern Ontario. She’d send the two kids up the trunk of the tree to shake the branches and bring down the apples, and she’d wait below, to collect their “winnings” – their windfall

Our ciders are made from the best apples and purest juice we can find, locally sourced from farmers across British Columbia. We Focus on seriously dry ciders crafted to be paired with food.

Windfall is unapologetically an urban cidery. Our whole approach and our ethos is very non-rural, which is fairly predominant in the category. We work closely with local farmers to not only secure our apple supply but also to ensure that they are properly compensated and reviving the heritage apple crops that we lost in BC due to both our amazing wine industry and much longer ago, Prohibition. Our ciders are also Seriously Dry, and we strive to make them food friendly. We want people to start thinking about pairing cider with their meals. Cider can be such a compliment to most meals and, when chosen properly, it can rival any traditional wine pairing.

Cidermaker: Jeff Nairn

Philosophy: We’re here to turn the world of cider on its head, not only in BC but Canada-wide. This starts by working closely with community farmers to find the best apples and the purest juice. Then, we experiment with as many traditional techniques and interesting flavours as we can—and try to have fun while doing it. We play with yeast strains, wild ferments, barrel aging, and blending, and stay true to our local roots, using only fruits and botanicals native to the Pacific Northwest

Woodward Cider co

5505 Westsyde Rd
Kamloops BC


Owned by three brothers Tim, Adam, and Ben Woodward who grew up on a farm near Kamloops BC and became qualified engineers..

The Woodwards have been farming the property since 1990 and have grown ginseng, Christmas trees, hay, landscaping trees, grapes, and apples. Currently, they grow hay, Christmas trees, grapes, and apples. Our father has been the one running the farm since startup. Before that, he was a forester. Their mom, Debbie, started working full time at the farm in 2010 when they started Privato Vineyard and Winery. Both companies run on the same property and together.

Other features or facts. The company is a true family affair with all members in the immediate family helping to create a genuine product. John Woodward, their father, is an award winning wine maker who has been crucial to creating a quality cider. Woodward Cider Co looks to provide a fun and active environment at the tasting room with many games, photos, and décor.

Cidermaker: Adam Woodward, John Woodward
Philosophy: To make a quality product and tell our story through our branding. We typically try to keep our ciders on the drier side. Many of our family members are gluten intolerant and we wish to keep our cider gluten friendly.


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