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cidrerie milton

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Cidrerie Compton         

 6360 Rte Louis-S.-Saint-Laurent,
Compton, QC   

Cidrerie Compton is a family business specializing in the production of organic cider aged in oak barrels. The company was born out of the owners' passion for organic farming and the world of cider.

The owners are Jimmy Beaudoin, his partner Eva Grenier and his mother Pauline Samson.

Jimmy and Eva started their Cidrerie on the land of the family dairy farm, Ferme Beaudoin, owned by Pauline,which had already housed the organic orchard Les Délices de Compton since 2007. In addition to having access to a dozen varieties of fruit, they planted close to 2,500 additional cider apple trees.

"We are aiming for the English style, which is done with more tannic apple," says Beaudoin. We use the wooden barrel to give more tannin and body. " 

Gold at the ALL Canadians

Domaine Pinnacle Inc

150 Richford Road
Frelighsburg, Quebec J0J 1C0

Founded in 2000, Domaine Pinnacle is a family-owned and operated orchard and cidery located on a 430-acre property on the slopes of Pinnacle Mountain near the historic village of Frelighsburg in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

Dedicated to creating the highest quality ice cider, all products are hand-crafted entirely on the estate. Located on the 45th parallel, the same latitude as the world's renowned wine-growing regions, the south-facing apple orchards benefit from nearly ideal growing conditions. These growing conditions, combined with the intensely cold winter conditions, create a unique combination that makes the creation of Ice Cider possible!

Domaine Pinnacle is owned and operated by Susan and Charles Crawford, urban refugees who now make the estate the full-time home for their family. The winemaker is Christian Barthomeuf, the renowned and award-winning father and inventor of ice cider.




McKeown Cidery

30, chemin de Marieville
Rougemont, Québec, J0L 1M0


Created in 2004 by Robert McKeown and Andrée St-Denis, the cidery produces ciders focused on the freshness and the purity of the fruit. The McKeown ciders include the Draft, Cranberry, Pear, Honey and the Bone dry flavours

McKeown ciders are distributed outside of Québec, in the United States, England, and China


Michel Jodoin

1130 Rang, Petite Caroline
Rougemont (Qc)  J0L 1M0



 In 1901, Jean-Baptiste Jodoin bought and orchard with it’s somewhat hundred apple trees. In 1937 Ernest Jodoin, inherited the family orchard in 1937 and during his lifetime acquired more land, which he later sold to his sons.  Apples will be the providing income for the family for at least four generations.

They opened the cider house in 1988. They have a wide range of products.

Vieux Moulin

141, route de la Mer
Sainte-Flavie (Québec)
GOJ 2L0 -


Hydromellerie du Vieux Moulin an award winning meadery. In English the name is Old Mill.

At Vieux Moulin you can safely observe a glass hive and see the bees in full swing. A guide will also answer all your questions about the fascinating world of abeilles.Le

Philosophy  If you do something, do it well

Name of Owners? Normand Tremblay

Winemaker  Guillaume Tremblay
Philosophy  If you do something, do it well

Cidrerie Milton

5 route 137,
Québec, J0E 2C0


The Cidery Milton story dates back to 1927 when the orchard was first passed down from one generation to the next in the Lasnier family. Valérien Lasnier was a farmer and dairy farmer. Soil in the area is more suitable for cultivating apples. The family business decides to transition to apple growing. His son Michel Lasnier, with his passion for the land, takes over the company and modernizes the orchard. His expertise enables the company to introduce highly profitable dwarf cultivars. Diversifying the company’s offerings becomes necessary: Les Vergers de la Colline is born.

In 2003 the cider production facilities are constructed in 2015 the name is changed to Cidrerie Milton

 Cid Rosé named best cider at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition.

Philosophy To create apple products that embody the cider renaissance with our expertise and know-how

Cidrerie Verger Bilodeau

2200 Chemin Royal,
G0A 4E0


Cidrerie Verger Bilodeau


980, Micheline and Benoît Bilodeau answered the call and acquired
land in Saint-Pierre Île d'Orléans in order to grow the apple,
undoubtedly the favorite fruit of Quebecers.

From the start, solidly supported by their children Josée and Claude, they began planting with dwarf and semi-dwarf apple trees.
They think big and after a lot of work and determination, the orchard now extends over six hectares and has more than three thousand trees producing a dozen varieties of apples.

From 1985, the majority of their production was mainly sold by pick-your-owning in the autumn season.

In 1995 a major shift began and a large building was erected to process the apple and make ciders. Nothing is forgotten, the kitchen, the press room, the fermentation room, the refrigerated room and the sales kiosk. Following this construction, an apple pressing service is offered to apple growers on Île d'Orléans.

In the fall of the same year (1995), the company innovated by creating the first cider house on Île d'Orléans. In 1997, cider and apple cider vinegar began to be marketed . Since then the family business has come a long way and now offers a wide variety of ciders, ice ciders and derived products from which it takes great pride.

They also produce maple and apple products. Top sellers include Apple butter and Maple Syrup. They also produce a iced cider.


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