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Annapolis Cider Company 

388 Main Street



The cidery is own by Sean Myles and Gina Haverstock.

Apples are grown in nearby orchards, pressed into juice just down the road, and fermented into cider at our cidery in downtown Wolfville

Melanie Eelman, Cidermaker

Boars Back Cidery


2 Crocker Road
Harmony, NS


Bryan Lee owner of Boars Back Cider harvests his apples in Windermere, from a low-density orchard with a distinctive soil


Cidermaker: Bryan Lee

Bulwark Cider

A Muwin Estate Wines brand

7153 Highway 12
New Ross, NS



Owned by by Dominic Rivard and Germain Bergeron. Dominic is an an internationally-renowned and award-winning wine master, recognized as a specialist in fruit wine, dessert wine, and ice wine production.

 The winery/ cidery sits on 20 acres of fruit orchards and berries near Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. All wines are 100% produced from luscious crops of apples, cranberries, and wild blueberries hand-picked at our farm and neighbouring estates. The Winery also produces excellent quality and well valued grape dessert wines.

Bulwark sends dozens of kegs each week to its network of about 40 bars and restaurants that sell its ciders on tap. More than a third of the company’s business is from exports of fruit wines and ciders to Asia, and Bulwark is about to enter the United Kingdom, which consumes 70 per cent of the world’s cider.

Cidermaker Dominic Rivard

Casa Nova Fine Beverages

2635 Clementsvale Road,
Bear River East, Nova Scotia


This modern winery and cidery is set into a hillside, creating a workspace for the Winemaker as well as an underground wine cellar. The owners are Brendan Enright, Karen Enright, Piers Greenwood. The name comes from been located in Nova Scotia, "Casa Nova" as it means "House of Nova"

Brendan Enright and Piers Greenwood have a combined 50+ years of winemaking experience. Piers hails from the UK and has won multiple international awards including England’s highly-esteemed ‘Winemaker Of The Year’ award three times. Piers’ wife, Shirley, is from Nova Scotia.

Owners Brendan Enright has extensive experience in wine and cider making.  He has been cider making consultant to more than six other cideries in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  Karen Enright has a business and marketing background.  Piers Greenwood is one of the most decorated winemakers from the UK and relocated to Nova Scotia on a full time basis in 2017.

They produce Apple, Cherry, Blueberry cider under the brand names Buddy's, 1606, Crabby Granny, Casa Nova

Cider Making Philosophy? Let the fruit speak for itself and encourage it release its distinctive qualities.  We use 100% Nova Scotia purchased fruit and do not use enhancers.

Chain Yard Cider

2606 Agricola Street


Chain Yard Cider was founded by three partners, all from the hospitality industry. The owners are Mike Lim, Susan Downey and Brain Kelly. They wanted be a urban cidery in Halifax. As they searched for the right property they became aware of all the chain linked fences around the vacant lots.

They claim to be Halifax's first urban cidery. Jay Hildybrant is the cidermaker.

In 2018 they won silver and bronze at the All Canadian.

Island Folk Cider

52 Nepean Street
Sdyney, Nova Scotia


Cape Breton's first and only craft cidery. Jill McPherson, the local entrepreneur behind the Island Folk Cider House. Jill is from Port Morien, who graduated from Cape Breton University before obtaining a master’s degree from Saint Mary’s University. 

The cidery is located in a former church hall.


No Boat On Sunday

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Remember the name :}.

No Boats On Sunday pays homage to a time when Halifax was once Canada's busiest gateway port. With the hectic day-to-day routine this brought about, the hardworking locals decided they deserved some time to unwind, pull up their oars, and get back to the things they loved – like enjoying time with family and friends. With that, the ‘No Boats On Sunday’ policy was born. No boats meant no work.

More Importantly they make good cider.


Noggins Corner Cider

10009 Hwy #1
Greenwich, Nova Scotia, B4P 2R2


Located in Noggins Corner Farm, in Greenwich. A century before Canada became a country, the Bishop family founded what would become one of the oldest farms along the banks of the Cornwallis River in present-day Greenwich. Current owner Avard Bishop and his wife Sandy took over the farm in 1955. 20 years later, he brought his two eldest sons, Andrew and Stirling into the family business. The family has worked hard to perfect the art of apple growing, which continues to be their main crop.

The Bishops incorporated Noggins Corner Farm in 1992. The name “Noggins Corner” harks back to the late 1800s when weary travellers bought “noggins” of rum from an old Greenwich farmhouse.


Tideview Cidery

Noggins Corner Farm
10009 Highway 1
Wolfville, NS B3P 1P4

Tideview Vintage Cider is handcrafted in the Annapolis Valley. We use vintage apple varieties that are grown by Noggins Corner Farm in Greenwich. The owners are John Brett and Andrew Bishop - Orchardist. They have200 acres of orchards.  They use the older cider varieties such as Golden Russet, Ribston Pippin, Cox Orange Pippin, Biship Pippin, Baldwin, King, and Northern Spy.

Tideview Cider has been producing quality Ciders for sale since 2005. Noggins Corner Farm has been producing apples and other Orchard fruits for many generations. The farm itself dates back to a land grant of 1760, to the Bishop family.

Signature Ciders are Heritage SemiDry and Heritage Dry

Cider Master: John Brett
Philosophy: Tideview Ciders are premium, handcrafted ciders made from heirloom apples grown in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. They taste great, look great in the glass, yet are very affordable, open to everyone. Perfect for celebrating the simple pleasures that make life worth living.

Ship Builders Cider

1559 Brunswick, 4th Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2G1


Ship Builders cider is owned by Sean Sears. There head office is in Halifax with product facilities in Windsor. Ship Builders Cider is made by the same company that makes Stutz Cider, the #1 selling Canadian cider in the NSLC.

It is made from the same apples in a slightly different blend. It is a dry cider fermented to 6% alc./vol. Since it is fermented longer, Shipbuilders Cider has less sugar, is not quite as sweet. It is  a dryer with more alcohol cider

Ship Builders Cider is made in Berwick, Annapolis Valley. Berwick is the Apple Capital of Nova Scotia!  Cheers!


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