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Cider Houses of Ontario

Shale Ridge Estate winery and Cidery
Shale Ridge Estate winery and Cidery

26 Acre Craft Cider Company

Pelham, Ontario


Owned by Matt and Jen Speight

Cider Maker


Apple Falls Cider Company

1633 County Road #3
Carrying Place, Ontario

Matt Oskamp and Amelia Campbell visited London, UK while exploring the culture, they stumbled upon traditional hard apple ciderfrom then on, they were hooked! On their return, they started experimenting with different blends of apple varieties grown on the family farm, Campbell’s Orchards, which has been owned and operated by Dianne and Colin Campbell for 35 years. This property is situated on the Bay of Quinte in Prince Edward County.

The name Apple Falls has a few different meanings. firstly, one of Colin Campbell’s favourite expressions is “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” – one that he often uses when describing Amelia, since the cider and the orchard go hand in hand, therefore it was felt to be a perfect fit.

It also refers to what they call The Lost Falls of Rednersville waterfalls that are only accessible through the orchard via a secret path.Their cider consists of 100% Campbell's Orchards apples, hand picked from the farm. 

On Christmas Eve in 1996, a fire destroyed the market along with all the equipment. Since then, it has been totally rebuilt and refurbished. A new wing was added for the Campbell's Tearoom and now houses the gift shop.

CiderMaster: Matt Oskamp Amelia Campbell and Colin Campbell

Philosophy: At Apple Falls Cider Company, we aim to create cider that feature the true flavours of Prince Edward County. Our cider is made with delicious apples from Campbell’s Orchards and fermented using traditional methods. Everything from start to finish is conducted at our estate cidery, including harvesting, pressing, fermenting, bottling and drinking! All of our varieties are unfiltered and bottle conditioned for natural carbonation. 

Apple Rock Cider House

48 Stone Rd
Callander, ON P0H 1H0

Chelsey and Mike Harrison are both immigrants to this part of Northern Ontario who met while attending Nipissing University. Mike, a brewer and former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, took to growing apples and hasn’t looked back. His background is in brewing, coupled with his love for the outdoors. and all things Northern Ontario.

Located on a new farm on 4.5 acres along the Wasi River, Apple Rock Estate grows a high density apple orchard with approximately over 3 acres with approximately 1000 apples per acre using organic methods.

The plan to produce both sweet and dry cider


Apres Cider

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Producers of KW Cider which is prepared in small batches from a custom blend of cider apples grown on Southern Ontario farms. Mike Kramar is the founder, he gained his passion for cider while working in England. Using wine-making principles, the cider is made in small batches to account for seasonal variations in each crop and achieve a rich, well-balanced blend. At 6.7% alcohol content, it is a dry, clear cider, easy on the pallet.


Ardiel Cider House

496350 Grey Road 2, Box 491
Blue Mountain, ON

It has been almost a century since great grandfather Leonard Ardiel first planted apple trees on the home farm.  He was succeeded by his son Fred, who focused on expanding the orchards.  Each generation of the Ardiel family has been committed to growing new varieties and adopting new planting techniques with a goal of producing the elusive “perfect orchard”

Beaver Valley is in the heart of the Blue Mountains and known for its cool northerly climate where orchard farmers have been growing unique varieties of heritage apples for almost a century. These crisp, almost tart, higher acidity apples have been the backbone of the apple pie and apple sauce industry and revered as delectable eating apples. They are known for producing dry cider.


Backed By Bees

6214 Appleby Line
Burlington, ON

The meadery is owned by Vincent Sowa, David Stotesbury and Meaghan Richardson. Vincent is the mead makerand David the Bee Keeper. Meaghan is the farmer and co- founder, she also manages Mabel May Farms along with her husband Norm.

Cider Maker Vincent Sowa

Philosophy: We strive to connect you to place through natural, localhonest and sustainable ingredients. We believe unrefined, unprocessed and raw is better.  As growers, producers and makers you can talk directly to us about where your food and drink comes from.

Bad Apple Brewing Co

73463 Bluewater Hwy.
Bayfield, ON


The cidery is owned by Jason and Sarah Ingram


Bains Road Cider Company

Dunville, ON

Geoff and Melissa McDonald, are the owners. Their dream began back in 2008 when they purchased and renovated a derelict farm property. They are also planning to operate a fruit winery. Their small farm features an orchard of apples, peaches, pears and mulberry trees, as well as raspberry and blackberry bushes

Banjo Cider

614 Sandford Rd
Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1R2


Banjo is a farm based cidery and orchard located in the picturesque hills of Uxbridge . Uxbridge is centred between Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario. The cidery is owned by Tony Brown and Patty Ewaschuk. The historic farm has buildings dating back to the 1850's.

The name is a nod to the era when cider trees were cut down during prohibition, which is also when the banjo was in its heyday. The orchards are planted with these lost varieties. Tony and Patty are also aspiring banjo players.

In 2018, we started planting our "Revival" Orchard with cider apples like Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, and Dabinet. 

They produce traditional dry ciders. We do long ferments, in small batches, and age our ciders much longer than commercial varieties. Our bone dry Revival has one of the lowest sugar contents on the market. Our Heat of Gold is also dry, and is a single varietal made from Golden Russet apples. Rouge is an off-dry cider, co-ferment with cherry juice with a touch of maple syrup. Duelling Banjos is also an off-dry cider with a touch of each of our handcrafted crabapple and apple reductions. Doppelganger is an off-dry cider fermented with buckwheat honey for maltiness, and dry-hopped for a floral and citrusy finish.

Cider Master : Tony Brown
Philosophy : We are passionate about reviving the lost art of traditional cider-making, which all but disappeared during Canada's prohibition years when true cider apple trees were cut down. Our handcrafted cider is made slowly in small batches with 100% Ontario apples and premium ingredients. We grow our orchard using chemical-free methods. Our cidery, store, and orchards are on our historic property in the rolling hills of Uxbridge, Ontario.

Beaver Valley Orchard and Cidery

235853 Beaver Valley Road
(Grey Rd 13)
Kimberley, ON

John Mott and Judy Cornwell purchased their Beaver Valley property in 1997. It consisted (and still does) of the original farmhouse from the late 1870s, a well-preserved bank barn of the same era and 50 acres of pasture assiduously groomed by the prize winning Simmental cattle bred by our neighbours. In 2009, they planted 5 acres of apple varieties historically used in North America for making hard cider. Adding new planting yearly.

The barn was creatively renovated for its next life. Along the way, they studied cider making in the UK and the US and spent years of experimentation to refine their cider making skills

Cider Master: John Mott and Judy Cornwell

Brick Brewing Co. Limited

Waterloo. ON


Brick Brewing Co. Limited has a rich history in the Canadian beer and beverage industry. The Formosa brewery opened three years after Confederation in 1870 and is home to a fabled spring water source at the base of the Canadian Shield. Their Seagram coolers share their history with a distillery of the same name that was founded in Waterloo, Ontario in 1848. Brick Brewing Co. Limited was itself formally founded in 1984 and is considered to be Ontario’s original craft brewery. They make Seagram Cider and Chudleigh's Orchard Cider.

Brick is a public company with 145 employees (2012) and $30 million CAD market capitalization. Brick reported net revenues of $37 million CAD in fiscal 2015-2016 The company's administration currently consists of president and CEO George Croft, CFO David Birch, and COO Russell Tabata. Founder Jim Brickman resigned in 2008.


Burst Cider


Brust Cider

Founded in 2018 Brust Cider

They produce strawberry, cranberry and Kombucha flavoured ciders

Philosophy Burst’s mission is to bring an exciting taste experience to beverage enthusiasts by creating unique and natural craft ciders using fresh local fruits and simple processe

Busl Cider

75, Quabbin Road
Mallorytown Ontario
K0E 1R0 Canada


Mallorytown is a small village located south of Ottawa and just east of Lake Ontario. A family owned 280 acre property is home to a 10 acre Apple orchard accented with 2 acres of Lavender, 2 acres of Haskap  and various other crops that all help to enhance their line of ciders. BUSL is short for bushel, written in Czech. Just a play on words.BUSL is short for bushel, written in Czech. Just a play on words.

Andre Audet is the owner. His son Phil is the cider master.

They have a state of the art tasting room that can accommodate ~100 people. There is a patio with a beautiful elevated view of the farm.

The production facility, open to visitors, is a recently renovated 4,400 sq. ft. barn designed to house our cider processing plant and our intimate BUSL Boutique where you can learn everything about BUSL and experience our premium ciders first-hand.
They produce Apple, Cherry, Pear, Peach, Haskap and Blueberry Beet

Cider Master: Phil Audet.
Philosophy: We pride ourselves on being different. We’re constantly testing the limits by producing innovative cider flavours. Some of our most creative ciders include: Haskap, Blueberry-Beet, Chocolate Cherry, Pumpkin, and Cranberry Spiced.


CaufeldCider House

1313 County Road 8
Picton ON, K0K 2T0

Just across the street from Waupoos Estates Winery is the Clafeld Cider House and Market place! Opened in the spring of 2014. They produce cider and fruit wines. The owners are  Ed Neuser and Rita Kaimins. Ed Neuser, a German-born machinist who came to Canada in 1957

Cider Maker


Chudleigh’s Farm

176 Main St E
Milton, Ontario

Chudleigh’s Farm was first opened to the public in 1967. In the beginning, it was a place where families could pick their own apples and savour a few hours of country life. Since then, visiting the farm has become and annual ritual for generations of kids and kids at heart throughout the region around our Milton, Ontario home. And it’s a fun way to learn more about how food is grown.

Cider Maker


Cold Creek Vineyards

1521 Danforth Road
Hillier ,Ontario

Located in the rolling green hills of Prince Edward County with its rich limestone soil perfect for Burgundian such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Viticulturist Chris Braney is the owner.

Chris has a passion with a strong belief in Prince Edward County Pinot Noir

This is a growth vineyard they do not produce wines.

They do produce cider.

Philosophy: Farming is as much as an art as a science.  Knowing our hillsides and understanding the needs of the vines to produce great fruit are behind every decision we make. 
The elements come together in just the right way: lake effect, slope, sun exposure, soil and climate.  Our vineyard practices are quality driven: with low yields and extensive handwork, we get fruit with intense flavour.

Collective Arts Brewing

Hamilton, Ontario

Collective Arts Brewing is a craft brewery in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, founded by Matt Johnston and Bob Russell. It is a grassroots craft brewery whose mandate is to combine "the craft of brewing with the inspired talents of emerging and seasoned artists, musicians, photographers & filmmakers

They produce a cider called Nature of Things


The County Cider Company

RR #4 Picton, ON K0K 2T0

Located in Prince Edward County in eastern Ontario, owned and operated by Grant Howes, the historical farmhouse can be traced back to 1835. Current day operations began in 1976. County Cider has the largest orchard of selected European cider apples in North America. With a reputation for quality ciders, County Cider has proceeded to plant 5 acres of grapes.

The Ciders are made according to Bavarian purity laws, using only high quality juice, no concentrates, no artificial flavours and no heating. "Quality of our ciders is the result of the care taken in growing our apples."

Cox Creek Cellar Estate Winery

RR#5 Guelph, ON

Located near Guelph, owned and operated by the Trochta family. The winery is named after the creek running through the property and traces its winemaking back 200 years into European history. Cox Creek was founded by Mrs. J Jerry Trochta as part of her dream to continue her winemaking heritage. The estate winery is the culmination of her family's hard work and the bounty of the surrounding area. The winery construction started late July 1998 and was completed in time for the November 20 1998 Grand Opening.

Cox Creek Cellars incorporates scenic landscape pictures from around the vineyard property, present on each and every label. Cox Creek Cellars has also been awarded 14 medals in the past 24 months, from Intervin International, Fruit Wines of Canada and the Toronto Wine and Cheese Show.

Cox Creek Cellars Inc. uses natural farming techniques to produce wines of merit and appeal. Their goal is to redefine the nature of fruit wines in Ontario. Committed to integrity and customer satisfaction. The winery is committed to innovation and new product readiness. Cox Creek Cellars is the first fruit winery in Ontario to incorporate chestnut barrels in the aging of their Black Currant and Pinot Noir wines.

Over the last 20 years Cox Creek Cellars has been awarded over 104 medals from North American competitions

They make cider

Crimson Cider Co

13762 Loyalist Parkway
Picton, Ontario

The cider house opened in the spring of 2019. After looking at numerous properties and regions, the pair always came back to, what they referred to as ‘the stone house property’. Located centrally in Prince Edward County, and just minutes from Picton, Bloomfield, Sandbanks Provincial Park and Wellington, was a 23 acre property with a gorgeous old stone house. Craig and Katie fell in love with this stone house but never in their wildest dreams did they think they could actually afford let alone purchase this beautiful old stone house.

Cider Maker

Philosophy Their mission is to provide a premium craft cider for everyday people. The process is simple, we use real ingredients to craft a beautiful, farm to table cider.

Domaine Cléroux

199 Route 300 E
Casselman, Ontario

They are an orchard and a maple syrup farm, producing hard cider and maple wine along with apple and maple products. Located in eastern Ontario near Ottawa

They have 200 acres Domain, with an apple orchard, sugar bush, sugar shack, bed & breakfast and kiosk. The kiosk has been decorated using recycled materials from churches. The ceilings are dressed with old tin dating from 1890, the wainscoting made using the wood from church benches, the floors covered with 300 year old slate originally from a church roof located in Cornwall, kiosk and office doors also from a church, the staircase recycled from a Ottawa presbytery, and the stained glass windows from different churches on display as art. In the kiosk, you will find all our maple and apple products along with other refreshments, for you to enjoy on picnic tables set up for your convenience.

On est un verger et un érablière, on produit du cidre alcoolisé et du vin d’érable ainsi que des produits de pomme et d’érable.

Cider Maker


Dunridge Farms

079 Simcoe County Rd 124
Duntroon, ON L0M 1H0

 Located just south of Collingwood Ontario in the hamlet of Duntroon which was founded by Scottish settlers in 1834. Our family are descendants of these pioneers which came from Islay, Scotland to this familiar looking landscape which is nestled in Blue Mountain region of the Niagara Escarpment overlooking Georgian Bay and rolling farmland. Owned by the Schneider Family.

an 1830s heritage barn on the farm which will house a farm-gate store

Double Trouble Brewing


Owned by two friends who decided to start a brewery. Later they added cider called Grow A Pair

Cider Maker Paul Dickey


Empire Cider

Codrington, Ontario

On Thanksgiving 2013 Felix Wittholz, Chris McRae and their wifes Laura Wittholz and Jennifer Jarral having cider with dinner. They decided then and there they could make a better cider. Chris and Jennifer have a five-acre farm near Codrington. So they converted their garage, winterized it, and began producing hard cider.

We took a real organic approach from the beginning. We’re not filtering, we’re not pasteurizing, we’re not adding any sulphates. We’re bottle fermenting and using natural carbonation, not shooting any CO2 into it afterwards. So it comes out very dry, tart, crisp and cloudy.

Ernest Cider



A husband and wife team Steve and Michelle Faris,  working to handcraft a cider in the traditional method with 100 % Ontario apples and local honey. The Faris family has farmed the Newmarket region for four generations.

What differentiates Ernest Cider from the market is the fact that it is sweetened with honey and organic cane sugar. 

 The first cidery in Canada to be Bullfrog Powered. We choose clean, pollution free energy for our business.

No tasting room

East Street Cider Co

130 East St
Goderich, Ontario

East Street Cider Co. is a small urban craft cidery located in Goderich, Ontario on the eastern shore of Lake Huron.  The building at 130 East Street, established in 1856 as the Runciman Foundry, was constructed using cut stone from the Maitland River. The building has stood the test of time and has housed an abundant group of manufacturers and entrepreneurial ventures over the last 160 years. 

The cidery – founded by David Aylward and Ellen McManus

Cider Maker


Fieldbird Cider

1385 Highway 62
Prince Edward County, ON

Fieldbird Cider

Bloomfield is the home of Fieldbird Farm and Cider. Ryan Monkman is the owner. Ryan credits his wife  Nicole, a trained horticulturist, as the strengh behind their dream.

In 2015, Ryan and Nicole decided to move to Prince Edward County, Ontario after their first visit to the area. By the end of 2017, the couple had made 20 barrels of cider from apples sourced from local orchards. In 2018, Ryan and Nicole purchased one of those orchards and began their biodynamic practice, allowing them to farm organically and holistically. In 2020, FieldBird’s production has increased to 100 barrels of cider

 Nicole drawsthe labels by hand and each vintage is a bird. 2017 was the Fieldfair. 2018 was the Orchard Oriole. 2019 is the Eastern Meadowlark. The name comes from a cobination of using a bird theme ( a English bird named Fieldfare) and of course a farmer's field.

Ryan has worked as a winemaker and consultant .

Cider Maker Ryan Monkman


Fielding Craft Cider

4020 Locust Lane
Beamsville, ON

Fielding Craft Cider

In 2019, Fielding Craft Cider was launched by Curtis Fielding owner of Fieldings Estate Winery.

Fisher-Cote Farmstead

1940 Concession Rd. 4B Dalhousie
Lanark, ON K0G1K0


Fisher-Cote Farmstead, an award winning cidery. They are a small-scale operation located in Lanark Highlands, focuses on producing artisanal, small-batch, crisp, and dry wines and ciders using apples harvested from heritage and wild apple trees in the Lanark Highlands area. By using apple varieties that have traditionally been overlooked by modern cideries, including the locally known Lanark Greening, Fisher-Cote offers a unique cider experience for cider lovers.

Cider brand name is Ugly Apple

Bret and Amy Hogue, and our oldest son, Ethan Hogue are the owners Bret and Amy have three additional children.

Cider Maker

Fraser Beverage Company

225 Howell Rd
Sainte George, Ontario

Owned by Brad, Heather and Peter Fraser. they purchased Wheelbarrow Orchard in 2005, it was a fairly large leap from their collective livestock experience. This new venture quickly became successful and in 2007, they further diversified their business by starting Harvest Goodies, an on-farm processing facility specializing in local food products.  Over the last 11 years, Harvest Goodies has grown exponentially, making over 80 products and supplying 60 wholesale customers.   

In 2016, Peter Fraser started to experiment with cider-making and hone his skills at a local craft cider artisan.  Two years, a cider-making course, several recipe revisions and taste tests later, production was scaled up and Fraser’s Beverage Company was officially off the ground.  Made on the farm and using just two ingredients- local apples and yeast- the Fraser’s have crafted a cider that is easy drinking, dry and refreshing.

Cider Maker


Garage D'Or Ciders



Launched in 2016 by Brian Yeo and Gavin Robertson. Brian fell in love with ciders on a trip to Northern France about 15 years ago and had always been disappointed with what was available to me as a consumer in Ontario. 

They collected apples from abandoned orchards to produce their cider Reclamation

Philosophy respect the traditions of cider and cider-making, maximizing the best expression of the fruit that we can, and still push boundaries on the styles we produce.

Geissberger Farmhouse Cider

5345 Langmaid Road
Clarington, Ontario


Geissberger Farmhouse Cider is operated by: Garry & Gord Geissberger along with their families. Its a small operation using a mobile mill for pressing. A family business since 1970, Farmhouse Cider mixes pioneer knowledge with modern technology. All cider is pasteurized to produce a safe product while protecting the cider's natural benefits.

All of their cider is pasteurized and the sweet cider is packaged in a bag-in-the-box so the cider retains all of its natural flavor and goodness without the use of preservatives.

Cider Master: Garry & Gord Geissberger

Grey & Gold Cider Company

Blue Mountain



The Blue Mountains is a town in Grey County, southwestern Ontario, located where the Beaver River flows into Nottawasaga Bay. Nottawasaga Bay is an extension of Lake Huron. This is where  David Baker & Kim McLaren have started their cidery.

The name reflects the county they are in ( Grey County) and the Golden Apple. : Growing apples is about harvesting the golden sun and producing liquid gold. We love the Golden Russet

Their flagship cider is Northern Gold, a blend of Northern Spy and Golden Russet, which just won a Best  in Class Award at GLINTCAP 2017

Cider Master: David Baker

Philosophy: Respect the Fruit, Reflect the Fruit

Great Canadian Cider co

8169 Kennedy Line,
Thedford, Ontario N0M 2N0


The owner is Steve Roper. They produce organic cider. Apples are grown in the Rougemount Valley of Quebec and Beaver Valley Ontario

They produce Iced Cider.

Heartwood Farm & Cidery

5438 Second Line Erin,
RR3, Acton, ON

A 42-acre farm, where they raise cows, pigs, chickens and bees, and grow apples, maple trees, and other fruit and nut trees. They have chosen the practice of Regenerative Farming for they land in an effort to maintain the healthiest soil, water systems, agriculture and livestock possible.

They produce cider which are dry and off-dry, sweetened just the right amount with maple syrup from their own trees


Heritage Estate Winery and Cidery

421 Penetanguishene Road
Barrie, Ontario


Monday Jan 17, 2022, ZB Hospitality Group Inc. will be taking over the reins.

Heritage Estate Winery & Cidery is situated in the heart of Simcoe County. The project started in 2014 to date 17,300 grape vines have been planted, and 1250 fruit trees (1000 apple and 250 pear) have taken root.

Reds: Marquette, Baco noir, merachel foch, Lucy kulhman
Whites: Vidal, guisenheim, oscealo Muscat and NY Muscat, petit milo, Frontenac gris

Peter McArthur, founded and operates the orchard and vineyard with his wife, Jocelyn. They have two ciders  Dragon’s Gold and Eden’s Apples. The imagery on the products is inspired by (the HBO hit series) Game of Thrones because Peter just loves that show.

Your signature wines? Apple wines: still and sparkling, cran apple Sangria. Making a blueberry apple Sangria currently. Baco Noir, Vidal and Front gris

Winemaker: Patrick Garrett
Winemaking Philosophy: Make good quality, crisp wines and ciders. We believe in the pasteurization process for our ciders to produce a good quality product! 


Hoity Toity Cellars

1723 Highway 9
Mildmay, ON N0G 2J0

In the summer of 2013 the name was changed to Hoity Toity Cellars

The first, and currently the only winery in Bruce County. The winery is owned by Gary and Diane Fischer who have been growing fruit for over 25 years. They opened the winery recently with the goal to develop very unique wines representing their terroir. The local area Carrick Township is very well known for cider production.

The focus is to create small batch, high quality wines and ciders that reflect the local heritage. As a small, boutique winery they strongly believe in sustainable farming. By using temperature controlled coolers and customized stainless steel tanks, Carrick Wines serves as a very energy efficient micro-winery. They have 23 acres 3 of apple trees, 18 grapes, 2 acres of Lavender

Signature wines: A stunning Fronenac Rose', a crisp Gris
Signature ciders - Gravel Run Cider - bronze winner at the 2012 GLINTCAP festival Michigan.

Winemaker: Gary Fischer
Philosophy: develop ciders and wines that reflect our small town rural environment

Hound of Erie Winery

Clear Creek, Ontario

The Hounds of Erie founded in 2015, the winery/cidery is owned and operated by winemaker Mat Vaughan and family. The winery/cidery specializes in hand crafted very small batch premium wines and ciders.The Hounds’ first release was its national award winning hard cider called Top Dog hard cider in December 2015.

The journay began in 2012, when Kitchener residents Mat and Melissa Vaughan purchased a 23-acre former tobacco farm in beautiful Clear Creek, ON Between 2012 and 2017, the orchard has slowly been expanded to now include 21 different types of heritage hard cider apples. 

the vineyard includes Frontenac Blanc (own root) – Planted 2014,Marquette (own root) – Planted 2014 Petite Pearl (own root) – Planted 2015

In 2016 they partnered with a local apiary called Hunt’s Honey, housing approximately 20 hives within the vineyard/orchard. Besides providing a supply of local honey, the bees play a critical role in the orchard for pollination purposes. 


Howell Road Cider Co

225 Howell Rd
Sainte George, Ontario

The cider brand of Brantview Cider and Apple, an 8th generation family run apple orchard.

Issac Howell, a one-eyed sharp shooter in the War of 1812, who was awarded land for his bravery. He established an orchard on what is now known as Howell Road. The Howell family had called this home for the last generations and have kept the tradition of producing quality apples for all locals to enjoy. 

Cider Maker


Ironwood Cider

1425 Lakeshore Rd.
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON





Part of the very successful Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery, who produce premium fruit-based wines.

King Mill Cider Inc

596 King Mill Rd
Stirling ON

A small family cidery owned by Kees Morsink and Margaret Van Helvoort. Located next to the King Mill Conservatory on Squire Creek

KW Craft Cider



Made in Kitchener-Waterloo, KW Craft Cider is prepared in small batches from a custom blend of cider apples grown on local Southern Ontario farms. KW Craft Cider is made from a custom blend of 5 types of tart, juicy and crisp apples to achieve the desired sweetness, acidity, and tannins: Golden Russett, Idared, Northern Spy, Empire,and MacIntosh. Using wine-making principles, the cider is made in small batches to account for seasonal variations in each crop and achieve a rich, well-balanced blend. At 6.7% alcohol content it is adry, clear cider.

Founder Michael Kramaris a Professional Engineer and entrepreneur who spent the first 7 years of his career working in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing plants across North America and Europe


Malus Cider House

1425 Lakeshore Rd

Malus Cider House

A small cidery. Kiersten Gates is the owner.


Molson Canadian



The beer giant has entered the cider business in Ontario. Using 100% Canadian apples. The traditional English style cider has a bold apple flavour, with a balanced medium sweetness and medium acidity from the natural tannins, sugars, and malic acids provided by the fruit. The result is a crisp, sharp, refreshing taste that finishes incredibly smooth

Look for the cider in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia


Niagra Falls Cider Company

8001 Blackburn Parkway
Niagara Falls, Onatrio


The cidery was founded by two local lads Matt Dixon & Rich Houghton

Pommies Cider Co

81 Healey Road
Caledon, ON
L7E 5A8

Founded in 2011

Pommies Cider is crafted from the juice of 100% Ontario apples (and pears) and is home to Pommies Dry, Pommies Perry and the... newly launched Pommies Farmhouse. All ciders made by Pommies are gluten free and contain no artificial flavours or colours.

Owned by Nick Sutcliffe

Puddicombe Cider Company

1468 Hamilton Regional Rd 8
Stoney Creek, Onatrio

Puddicombe Cider Company

Established in 1797, Puddicombe Estate has been a fruit farm for over 200 years. The knowledge and experience passed down from generation to generation, helped the Puddicombe family venture into the cider industry in 2010

Brock Puddicombe is the president. Linda Puddicombe is the cider maker.

They produce Puddicombe ciders and Sir Issac Selection. Sir Issac is made Niagara Bartlett and Bosc pears.

Sanders Hard Cider

7893 Bleeks Road 
Munster, Ontario




Sanders Farms purchased June 2021The Flying Canoe based in Ottawa . Sanders farms is owned by Mark Saunders and Angela Grant Saunders


They're vegan, gluten-free, and all natural with no artificial colours or flavours.

Sanders Farm is a 100 acres tourist attraction

Stock and Row

Bloomfield, ON

Justin Dalipi, Co-founder Stock and Row cider. Opened in 2021



The Duxbury Cider Co

Meaford Ontario

The Duxbury Cider Co. is Meaford's first craft cidery and is made exclusively with Georgian Bay apples, including heritage varieties.

They do not sell to the general public.


James McIntosh owner

Thornbury Village Cidery

90 King Street East
Thornbury, Ontario, Canada, N0H 2P0

Located by the waters of Georgina Bay, in Beaver Valley known as apple country. This is where Thornburray produces its Peeler Ciders. Thornbury Village has 7,500 acres of apples

Cider Master: Doug Johnson

Reinhart's Cidery

7449 Hwy 26
Stayner, Ontario


Reinhardt's cider is owned by Reinhart Foods. Reinhart Foods began as a cidery producing apple products in 1910,

Cider is made from pure 100% Ontario apples.  No add any flavourings, sugars, or even water to dilute.  We believe authentic apple taste can only come from pure apple juice. 

J.B Reinhard first began making cider and apple butter in Staner in 1910.

Philosophy:  We believe in careful craftsmanship, small batches, and farm-fresh Ontario apples. Our goal is to bring you a pure and natural cider that is always enjoyable at 3.8% alcohol.

Revel Cider Company



A very small operation owned by a gentleman who believes he can make a better cider.

Tariq Ahmed always wanted to be a farmer. The 23-year-old Guelph resident was in his third year of the plant science program at the U of G when he decided to take an internship at Manorun Organic Farm in Copetown, a choice that would dramatically alter the course of his life.

During Ahmed’s first week of the internship, the farm’s owner, Chris Krucker, invited his student to share in a Mother’s Day family feast. Krucker broke out a few different batches of home brew cider, wine and mead, a honey-fermented drink, all made by a previous intern.

Ahmed was hooked.


At Revel, we believe in doing things a little differently. Our trade is in making our community a better place to live in.

We do this by crafting products with the finest local ingredients: supporting our economy and connecting the people in our neck of the woods.

We just happen to make great cider.


Sarah Cole Cider

Vankleek, Ontario
Lachute, Québec


Cider makers Nathalie Laurin and Pierre Bissonnette are the owner of Sarah Cole Cider that originated in Quebec. A few decades ago, Laurin and Bissonnette bought land in Saint-André-d’Argenteuil. They built a home on this land and, a few years ago, when looking for a change of pace in their professional lives, decided to let themselves be inspired by the old apple orchard that covered part of their land.

Why Sarah Cole? Simple: Bissonnette and Laurin are really into horses, and Sarah is the name of their Canadian Percheron and Cole is her offspring.

As a cider maker, one of the first challenges Bissonnette and Laurin gave themselves was to create a dry cider in an effort to circumvent the common issue of cider being too sweet.

“I got lucky. Twice a year, a world-renowned cider maker from the UK gives a course on making European cider in the USA. I got accepted and went to Cornell University to take the course.

By the time he came back, Bissonnette had developed a brand and an ideal taste for his cider.


Settlers Cider

890 Danforth Rd
Hillier, K0K 2J0

Owners Sara and Gary moved from the UK to Prince Edward county in 2011. Believing in the quality cider of the UK They wanted to match the quality here in Canada. It took to 2017 to produce their first cider.

Shake Ridge Estates

9090 Widder Road,
Thedford, ON, Canada


Shake Ridge Estates

The Winery and cidery, estabblished in 2019 is located close to the south end of Lake Huron in the village of Thedford. Alicia and Garren Hardman are third generation farmers.

Alicia discovered cider at a Fruit and vegetable convention that she was attending with her family in Grand Rapids, Michigan back in 2013. That is when she fell in love with the concept of fermented farm fresh apples and grapes in a glass. She has always been a firm believer in drinking something good for you that tastes just as good too! Adding other fruits to the ciders has become her own way of expressing her love for creating new and beautiful things.

Shale Ridge features a dozen different flavours of hard cider including Cherry Chocolate, Blueberry Hopps, Cranberry Spice, Pear Apple, Crisp Apple, Strawberry Mojito, Cherry Apple among others.

Canada Cidery of the Year 2021"

Slabtown Cider

Uxbridge, Ontario

Slabtown Cider

Located in Dunham county between Lake Huron and Lake Simcoe. Founded in 2017, Slabtown is a family owned and operated cidery and orchard. Located on the Oak Ridges Moraine just south of Uxbridge and surrounded by forest, trails and rolling fields. Their mission is to o revitalize over 90 acres of historic fields into one of Canada’s largest collections of unique heritage heirloom apple cider varieties.

Slabtown is the name of a 1870 settlement in the region.

Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

1137 Boston Mills Rd
Caledon, Ontario   L7C 0N1

Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Caledon ( greater Toronto Area) is an intimate, family-run cidery estate. The estate has 45 Acres. The clay soil is a natural habitat for wild apple trees and the perfect location for a cidery.

Nicole Judge and Thomas Wilson purchased the property that would become Spirit Tree Estate Cidery in the spring of 2005.  Within weeks of the purchase, they were planting the first block of apple trees.  In September 2009 they opened Spirit Tree Estate Cidery to the public, the first straw bale winery in Ontario.  The facility includes a retail area, tasting room / tied house, wood-fired oven artisan bakery, press room, and fermentation cellar.  The property is located on the south face of the Niagara Escarpment, overlooking the Toronto skyline.

The name comes from the ancient custom of "Wassailing".  The custom involves a ceremony in the orchard to scare the bad spirits from an orchard and encourage the good spirits to occupy the orchard to ensure a plentiful harvest.

Signature ciders are Pub Cider, French Estate Reserve Cider, Crabapple Blush (New 2010). They also make ice cider Look for their “Wassail” which is a light cider (only 2%) made using a beer yeast (the name is a play on an ale style of cider) as well as a Perry (pear cider)

Cider Master: Thomas Wilson
Philosophy: To produce authentic, premium quality English and French style ciders using North American and European cider apples

Spy Cider

808108 24th Sideroad

The Blue Mountains


Winemaker David Butterfield his long time friend Piers Roberts (cidermaker) are the men behind Spy cider. They use local apples from the Blue Mountain region of Ontario. Their mission is make the best apple-based ciders and spirits anywhere. Theirr modus operandi? Never kompromat. It’s more difficult to work that way, but not impossible.

Steel Town Cider Company

Dundas, Hamilton,
Ontario, Canada

Hamilton Ontario is known as Steeltown.

Session is their flagship dry cider. A blend of local fresh pressed apples, fermented with Saison & wild yeasts, Brett conditioned, partial oak aged 12 months. Unfiltered,

TGS Cider

Waterloo, Ontario

It all started in the basement as three guys experiment with beer and wine before discovering Cider.

Tall Post Cider

11700 Hendershot Road
Binbrook, ON L0R 1P0

Even before leaving high school Aaron Post knew what he wanted to do, distillation. After he finished Grade 12, he was able to do so while working for Dillon’s Distillery. During his time there, he became more passionate about the business side of things. He was given an opportunity to start experimenting in craft cider, and he began to develop that into a business plan. However, he realized that he needed more experience in farming if he really wanted to build up a business.

After leaving Dillon’s, a lead farmhand position came open at Tigchelaar Berry Farms. Aaron took it and worked there for two summers. During the off-season, he finished developing his business plan and built a sea can facility. He pitched his business plan to the Tigchelaars and was given the opportunity to work off of their Binbrook farm, leading him to where he is today.

Aaron combined the fact that is is quite tall and his name to create the name for his cidery.

Cidermaker: Aaron Post
Philosophy: Have fun trying things

The Great Canadian Cider Company


Ciders are made from organic apples grown and picked by local apple growers located in the fertile Rougemont Valley in Quebec and on the lee of the Niagara escarpment, locally known as the Beaver Valley.

 Twin Pines Orchards, Cider House and Estate Winery

 8169 Kennedy Line
Thedford , Ontario

Twin Pines is a 50 acre property located in Lambton Shores, Bosanquet Township in the County of Lambton. It is set on the sandy loam beach ridge (known as Fox Soil) between the shores of the old Lake Burwell and a limestone dolomite ridge. The land is rich with naturally occurring aquafirs and is perfect for growing fruit.  Joe Vansteenkiste and his wife Alma came across the property in 1966.

Even though the Vansteenkiste family has enjoyed over 47 wonderful years building the orchards and enhancing this beautiful property, it has only been 10 years since they have had the proud designation of "Estate Winery" A unique concept was born as both Mark and Mike Vansteenkiste, with the guidance of their father Joe, made plans to press and ferment specifically chosen varieties of hand-picked apples. 

At Twin Pines, you will find various hard ciders, Hammerbent Original, Hammerbent Red, Scrumpy, and Perry as well as Crack Willow (dry white wine), Ice Cider and Cyser.

Twin Pines is committed to taking care of the land that provides us with the food we eat. We realize that this pursuit is not just about growing good things to eat - it's about how to grow food in a better way; that is better for our health and for our earth. Twin Pines has reserved a portion of the farm that is completely grown without pesticides. Included in this pesticide-free area are vine crops such as pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, nectarines, peaches and assorted varieties of apples. The remainder of the orchard is designated as an IPM orchard (Integrated Pest Management). Mark and Mike have been trained and certified to scout for both good and bad insects in the orchards and gardens, and as a result they can determine when they must use sprays to protect the apples, but more importantly, they are able to determine when spraying is not necessary. We are proud to work hard at maintaining this approach and philosophy of farming.

Winemaker: Mark and Mike Vansteenkiste

Two Blokes Cider

21300 Simcoe Street
Seagrave, Ontario

The story of Two Blokes began when Matthew Somerville and Andy Paul met in the winter of 2011 when they both returned to Canada after living and working in England. Andy was working as an aerospace engineer while Matt was on a leave of absence from urban planning to study cider making. When they met, they instantly bonded over two things: the UK and cider.

Matt’s love for cider “grew” from his farming background. Being raised on a farm, he saw first-hand the rampant path of unsustainable practices around him. However, this didn’t stop him from seeing a potential and vital role for small-scale agriculture and value-added farm-based products. He got to work and applied these new sustainable farming methods right on his family farm and laid out plans for proper English cider orchard.  

While UK cider apples are grown for alcohol production, not eating (please take their word on this), these special apples contain unique flavours and tannins that eating apples don’t have to create the best cider on the face of the earth.

Andy’s engineering background led to his fascination with the art and science behind cider production. To satisfy this interest, in the spring of 2014, both Matt and Andy traveled to Cornell University for a week-long cidermaking course taught by Peter Mitchell. With the mysteries of cidermaking revealed, they were ready to up their game.   

In the spring of 2015, with the incredible support of our friends and family, they planted their first major cider orchard. The orchard contains over 2000 apple trees representing ten delicious bittersharp and bittersweet cider varieties.

Cider Maker


West Ave Cider Company

Toronto, Ontario

West Avenue was founded by British-born cider maker Chris Haworth. Their cider was awarded 2014 Best Cider in Ontario and has won numerous awards since

Chris wife Amy Robson also works in the cidery.

NEW** Best Cider of the Year ACWC 2021

West Avenue Cider, ON         2015       Northern Lights   

Windswept Cider

317282 3 Line
Meaford, ON N4L 1W7



Between the Beaver and Big Head River Valleys of Georgian Bay is the cidery of Windswept Farm (100 acre) owned by Courtney and Mark Skinner. They produce cider under the Lost Orchard project.

After discovering several lost orchards still abundant with fruit, Mark and Courtney learned that many of Georgian Bay's traditional orchards have been left abandoned - deemed no longer commercially viable for growers to work with. Many of these old growth orchards have wonderful varieties which are perfectly suited to cidermaking. They founded their Lost Orchard Project and launched Lost Orchard Ciders in celebration of these orchards.

They also produce Jun Honey Tonics, known as the Champagne of Kombuchas.


401 Cider Company

262 Orchard Drive
Colborne, Ontario
K0K 1S0

401 Cider Company

Located just two minutes off highway 401 at exit #497 in Colborne, Ontario. The name on he facility is Big Apple. It started as an orchard developed into a family attraction. they have a bakery where apple pies and apple bread are made and baked right in front of you! Our attractions included an animal farm and stores. In 2015 they started making cider.

FREE outdoor activities: table tennis, shuffleboard, bocce ball, 18-hole mini putt, and a train rides

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