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Listing Your Winery

The criteria for listing your winery is all wineries must be licensed in the Province(s) where they exist and the wines must be produced from Canadian grapes or fruit. There is no charge for a basic listing.

Listings Include:

Listing on the regional page with a detailed description of your winery

Wineries A-Z page

Along with the opportunity to be the main attraction one one of our feature pages

Listing includes a small image of your winery approximate 360 by 320 approved by us
Edited text based on questions submitted to you about your winery or information we have researched. We do not post awards or promote new releases in your listings. As this would be an overwhelm task to keep on top off. Canadian wines are that good!

We do not provide contact information on your listing unless you wish to pay for it. $25 a year or $100 for ever. We do not provide information about your restaurant under the same conditions (discounted rated-arranged for both)

We appreciate it when wineries provide detailed factual information. We do not print scribe provided by marketing personal. We write our own...we do not promote one winery or wines over another in our listings .

In order to make sure the information about your establishment is correct it is necessary to ask the following questions . The more you tell us the better your chances of us doing a feature article on your winery.

How was the name chosen
How was the location selected
Owner's name(s)
Winemaker's name(s)
Winemaking philosophy
Which are your signature wines
Do you make late harvest or icewine
Do you produce organic wines?
Are the wines exported ?
Brief history of the winery?
The vineyard/winery location what region do we list you in ?
Is there a website for the winery ?
What else would you like web visitors to know about your winery?

Special features of your winery:

Are food services offered?
Are tours and special events offered?
What is unique about your winery and wines?
What other attractions do you promote?
Are your facilities suitable for the handicapped


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Submitting Wines for Reviewing

We are unaffiliated with any wineries, agents wineries or importers. Your wines will be scored fairly by myself Bob Bell or by selected reviewers. Each wine will receive a rating on the standard 100 point scale. 80 = Below Average Quality; 81-85 = Average Quality; 86-90 = Above Average Quality; 91-95 = Exceptional Quality; 96-100 = Superior Quality. Results will be posted on our website and may be used in articles on our sites. We are also willing to visit your winery or tasting location if possible. Robert's Selections

You may also see your winery mentioned in our feature pages

Featured Wine
Featured Winery
Featured Winemaker
Featured Employee.
submit a name and bio of a good employee.

Tells us if you believe your winery should be listed under

Fortified Wines
Organic Wines
Kosher Wines

The fastest way to contact is by e-mail

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