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Cowichan Wineries

Averill Creek Winery
Averill Creek Winery

July 2020 the Cowichan Valley became British Columbia's new sub-GI . Read more

Alderlea Vineyards

1751 Stamps Road
Duncan BC
V9L 5W2

Alderlea Vineyards Ltd


Zac Brown and Julie Powell took over Alderlea Vineyards in April 2017. The winery is located near Duncan on the slopes above Quamichan Lake. The winery was established in by Roger and Nancy Dosman. The Dosman's strong vision for an island vineyard and skilled winemaking made Alderlea one of the pioneers in Vancouver Island wine growing. Prior to 1911, the town of Duncan was known as Alderlea. Their company is called Motovino Wines (doing business as Alderlea Vineyards).

Zac and Julie have left behind 20-year careers in Health & Safety and Human Resources respectively, with global corporations to pursue a long-held dream of owning a vineyard and making wine professionally.  Not long after getting married, Zac and Julie began entertaining the idea of retreating from an otherwise successful corporate life and owning their own vineyard one day.  Over the years, they looked at a number of vineyards on Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan, in addition to properties in France, Italy, the US, New Zealand and South America.  In the end, the pull of Vancouver Island was very strong, with Zac having grown up in Port Hardy and having family on the island still. When Zac and Julie first visited Alderlea in the fall of 2016, they knew they had found their dream vineyard.  The considerable pride, care and attention with which Roger and Nancy founded and managed the vineyard, winery and Alderlea brand were palpable.  Zac and Julie are excited to be part of the history of Alderlea Vineyards and to continue to create unique, high-quality wines that epitomize the character and beauty of the Cowichan Valley.

On their 7.5 acre vineyard they grow followed by the list of varietals, producing 2000 cases  Bacchus, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Foch, Cabernet Foch, Cabernet Libre, Merlot. producing 2000 cases.

signature wines: – Bacchus, Pinot Gris,  Clarinet, Matrix, Sauvignon Blanc

Winemaker: Zachary Brown
Philosophy: :  We are committed to sustainable farming practices and making the highest quality wine in Canada


Averill Creek Winery

6556 North Road
Duncan BC.

Averill Creek Winery

The Averill Creek Vineyard is the result of one man’s 30-year passion for wine. Over the past decade, physician Andy Johnston has been preparing for a dramatic career change by apprenticing in the vineyards of Italy, France, Australia, and New Zealand. Averill Creek is the vineyard of his dreams.

The winery is a 150 ton capacity winery built on the side of Mt Provost.

Andy was drawn to Vancouver Island, in particular to the Cowichan Valley. This valley in the rain shadow of the Olympic Peninsula and the Malahat has long dry summers and very good grape growing soils; deep, with well-drained sand and gravel. The property has 46 acres on a steep southward slope. Over 1400 vines are currently planted, including Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Merlot

The Averill Creek Winery takes its name from the pretty little creek that cuts through the vineyard as it runs down the southern slopes of Mount Prevost into the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Averill Creek only uses screw tops to seal its wine. The wine maker believes this is the best way to preserve the natural quality of the wine over a long period of time. The winery's most recent launches include Prevost, a barrel-aged blend of maréchal foch, merlot and cabernet foch, and a blackberry dessert wine called Cowichan Black

Signature wines: Pinot Noir and barrel aged Pinot Gris

Philosophy Focus on Estate wines from the Pinot Family

Blue Grouse Vineyards

2182 Lakeside Road,
Duncan, BC

V9L 6M3 Canada

Blue Grouse Vineyards

Located on Lakeside Road in a country forest setting; established in 1989 . The 31 acre winery was build one vine at a time by the Kiltz family. Aug 2012 the winery was sold to New owners Paul, Christina, and daughter Paula Brunner - They build a new winery and tasting room renovations, the addition of a boutique inn with a farm-to-table style restaurant, and vineyard updates that would help realize the property's full potential. 

The soil at Blue Grouse Vineyards is mainly a mixture of clay and sand, however there are also areas of gravelly soil. The winery grows only Vitis Vinifera, the real wine grapes introduced from Europe which are primarily cool climate varieties such as Bacchus Ortega, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Müller-Thurgau.

Sold Dec 2022 to Jackson Family Wines of California

Signature Wines : Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Bacchus, Ortega, Black Muscat, Muller-Thurgau.

The Blue Grouse Estate Winery’s philosophy evolves from the concept of “stewardship”, where our aim is to make everything we touch better when we leave it, than it was when we found it. We apply this to training our team of employees, the environment that hosts our vineyard and home, the vines we grow, the wines we make, the infrastructure which supports the winery and vineyard, and the economics of our business model - everything.

We ask ourselves daily “What Really Matters”? We care deeply about family and friends, living a long and healthy life, simplicity (doing a few things, but doing them very well), humility, honesty, and stewardship. We believe all of this together will make the Blue Grouse experience a lasting one.

We want you to remember us because you were at a beautiful place, on a beautiful day (rain or shine), with people you love – an experience we hope to perfect with just the right wine.


Winemaker: Bailey Williamson
Philosophy: I try to do everything I can in the vineyard to give the grapes all they need to ripen and develop into luscious fruit, making every attempt to nurture them along and make them into the very best wine I can using as little intervention as possible. I am an artist not a chemist

Cherry Point Estate Wines

840 Cherry Point Road, RR# 3
Cobble Hill, B.C. Canada V0R 1L3

Cherry Point Estate Wines

The vineyard at Cherry Point was established a few miles south of Cowichan Bay in 1990.Wine-growing was still new on Vancouver Island in 1990; consequently the vineyard was planted with several grape varieties in the search for the varietals that would grow best. After the grape trials, Cherry Point Vineyards became one of the first licensed wineries on Vancouver Island in 1994. In 2004 Cherry Point Vineyards was purchased by the Cowichan Tribes making it the forth winery in the world to be aboriginal owned. Today the winery is owned by Xavier and Maria Clara Bonilla

Today the vineyard produces award winning varietal wines from their main
varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Siegerrebe. They also produce highly popular blends like Coastal White and Coastal Red. The whites are crisp, and clean, brimming with varietal fruit. The reds have just a whisper of oak, allowing the true varietal flavour of these unique cool climate wines to shine through. The vineyard remains best known for its World Famous Cowichan Blackberry Dessert Wine and recently released a more aged version called Solera.

Philosophy: the production of hand-crafted premium wines made entirely on our own premises, using 100% British Columbia grapes.

Damali Lavender Farm Winery


3500 Telegraph Road
Cobble Hill B.C., V0R 1L4

Damali Lavender Farm Winery


Damali Lavender Farm, Winery and B&B is a project of three partners, Marsha & Dave Stanley and Alison Philp. The winery opened it's doors to the public in May 2010 with a release of four wines ‘Alba' a Pinot Grigio named after a white lavender, ‘Rosea' a sparkling rose named after a pink lavender and two specialty wines, ‘Lavande' a lavender and white wine blend and ‘Mure Lavande' a dry blackberry dinner wine balanced using lavender syrup. The future promises more interesting fruit, grape and lavender wines that are unique to Damali and are all made from fruit grown at the farm and within the Cowichan region.

Deol Winery

6645 Somenos Road.

Deol Winery


Surgit Deol's family immigrated to Canada from the Punjab in 1980, and spent a few years in the Cowichan Valley In 1999, the family bought a former dairy farm north of Duncan and, starting the following year, developed a 23-acre vineyard (Gamay, Maréchal Foch, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and a few odds and sods). The winery open fall of 2008

Signature wines Blanc de Noirs, Somenos Red

winemaker: Gary Deol



Divino Estate Winery

1500 Freeman Rd, Cobble Hill,

Joe Busnardo


When Joe Busnardo retired from his winery in the Okanagan(which he started in 1980's) he relocated to Vancouver Island and started a new winery in Cobble Hill.

Chardonnay, Trebbiano, Castel, Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio form the core of the mix of varietals on the Busnardo Vineyard

They are located close to the Trans Canada Highway not far from Cowichan Bay. Their wine shop is open only Friday and Saturday afternoons.

There are only two types of wines.  The ones you like and the ones you don't
Joe Busnardo, Owner and Winemaker

Winemaker: Joe Busnardo

Emandare Vineyards

6798 Norcross Rd.
Duncan, BC
V9L 6M3 Canada

Emandare Vineyards


Mike and Robin Nierychlo moved from Vancouver to the Island to start their winery. A dream and passion coming true. The adventure started n 2013.

They have 8.5 acre property / 6.3 acre vineyard. They practice only organic and natural vineyard practices. We believe in being good stewards of our land

How they Chose their name We wanted something completely unique, just like our vineyard. The goal is that when people think of the word Emandare, they associate it with this place or this wine. ( It’s also our initials, Mike & Robin = M and R = Em-and-are) Pronounced Em/and/air

they also produce cider from their estate apples

Winemaker: Mike Nierychlo
Philosophy: Farm the grapes organically and in balance in the vineyard. Then harvest by hand and gently process the fruit in the winery and let nature take care of the rest. All wild yeast (no commercial yeasts have been in our building) Making sure to pay close attention to observing the science of what is happening but only intervening if absolutely necessary. In summary or philosophy is old world and natural. 

Enrico Winery

3280 Telegraph Road,
Mill Bay B.C. Canada

Enrico Winery

Located just south of the Malahat Drive in Mill Bay (Cowichan valley) Enrico opened in 2010.

Enrico Winery is a family-run business. The 50 acre farm was acquired by the Smith Family in 2000. Harry Smith and his family lived on a vineyard in Switzerland while he was coaching hockey. It was there that the family first became interested in Wine. At the urging of his brother Newt, the family converted the farm into a vineyard, planting their first 8 acres of Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir in 2007. Since then they have expanded to 15 acres of grapes with Ortega, Cabernet Libre, and Cabernet Foch. Production around 2000 cases.

The first bottles of Wine were produced in 2009, on brand new state of the art equipment, by winemaker Daniel Cosman.  The original sheep barn was converted and our Cantina-tasting room was opened in 2011.

The signature wines are Pinot Grigio, Ortega, Cabernet Libre and Cabernet Foch

Philosophy : Making the best wine we can, putting down roots and building for the next generations

Glenterra Vineyard

Box 411, 3897 Cobble Hill Rd,
Cobble Hill, BC V0R 1L0

Glenterra Vineyard

May 20th 2000 marked the official opening of John Kelly and Ruth Luxton's Winery. Glenterra Vineyard is located on Cobble Hill Road. They started out in almost perfect fashion winning a Silver Medal at the All Canadian Wine Championships for their Pinot Gris. They maintains 5.5 acres of sustainable farmed vineyards

Winemaker : John Kelly

Merridale Estate Cidery

1230 Merridale Road, RR 1
Cobble Hill, B.C. V0R 1L0
T. (250) 743-4293
F. (250) 743-9310

Merridale Estate Cidery

Merridale, nestled in the mouth of Vancouver Island's Cowichan Valley, is a destination the whole family can enjoy. Located in Cobble Hill, just 40 minutes from Victoria The cider house provides a unique venue, surrounded by the orchards.

Merridale is said to be BC's first estate cidery. Founded by Albert Piggott in 1987 and is now owned by Janet Docherty and Rick Pipes who took over the cider house in 2000.  They wanted the business to be something they would be passionate about and provide a healthy lifestyle for their family

Some of the varieties of apples grown include Dabinett, Tremlett's Bitter, Frequin Rouge, Hauxapfel, Chisel Jersey and Bulmer Norman, to name a few.

Signature Ciders: Scrumpy, Somerset

In 2007 the Brandihouse was opened to produce fortified wines - Brandy. Aging is an important factor in producing fine quality brandy. The process of aging in oak enhances many of the characteristics of the brandy and slowly adds a distinctive caramel colour. The choice of barrel is important in the end product. Some of their brandies will be aged in French Oak, others in American Oak. Merridale will also be the first to age some brandies in Canadian Oak. They will call the brandies Oh de Vies a play
on eau de vie or water of life.

Cider Master: Rick Pipes
Philosophy: Merridale Ciders are handcrafted, all natural and made from 100% undiluted juice.

Rocky Creek Winery

1854 Myhrest Road
Cowichan Bay, BC 
V0R 1N1


Rocky Creek Winery


This beautiful 10 acre winery located in the Cowichan Valley is owned by Holford Family. Linda is the general manger and Mark is the winemaker.

Mark is a third-generation winemaker. After making amateur wines for over 20 years, Holfords decided to establish a winery due to the many requests from people who wanted Mark's wine and winemaking experience. The winery is currently producing 1500 cases of wine.

Rocky Creek is an innovative winery trying new things such as experimental grapes from the Blattner crosses and training the vineyard differently than anyone else on Vancouver Island. Mark is an environmental engineer and going green is just a part of Rocky Creek normal practices.

They are the first in Western Canada to use the Zork closure for still wines and now also for the sparkling wines, which reseals itself and keeps bubbles fresh for days.  Zorks are recyclable, reusable and also have air permeability

To be true to the region and only make wines from our island grown grapes. We want to be a heritage winery and pass this onto our children.

signature wines : Pinot Noir, Blackberry Port , Ortega, Pinot Gris, Katherine's Sparkle
The Holfords dream is to pass their very successful winery on to their children.

Philosophy. True to the region, estate grown and quality.  Sustainable and eco-friendly.  The best wines made from the region. 

South Island Wines

1245 Fisher Rd.
Cobble Hill, BC


Gordon Graziano began by planting vines in his backyard. Success lead him to establish a winery They started as 7 acre Saskatoon berry orchard located in Cobble Hill. In 2008, Gordon teamed up with Connie and Alwin Dyrland, owners of a commercial berry farm, to launch a winery producing both red wines and sparkling fruit wines.

Winemaker: Gord Graziano

Unsworth Vineyards

2915 Cameron-Taggart Road
Cobble Hill, B.C., V0R 1L0

Unsworth Vineyards

Unsworth Vineyards has been purchased by Barbara Banke and Julia Jackson, who are part owners of Jackson Family Wines.

Nestled in the foothills of Mill Bay, surrounded by pasture and minutes away from the Pacific Ocean lies Unsworth Vineyards. Vistas, ambiance and entertainment coupled with the perfect coastal climate for growing some of the world's most unique and finest of wine grapes. They have 30 acres with 12 acres planted in Foch and Blattner. Founded by Tim and Colleen Turyk who own Bell a Coola Fisheries Ltd. . The Turkys will continue as managers.

In addition to producing premium, world class wines, Barbara, Julia and JFW have been leaders in the wine world in sustainability, including conservation, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas reduction, and fund supporting research projects. They actively establish sustainability goals and constantly monitor their progress. Unsworth looks forward to participating in this program, and to working towards becoming a sustainability model for our region.

The historic 115-year-old heritage farmhouse has been turned into a winemaker’s residence along with a restaurant.

Blattner wines are their signature product. Their product will be about 3000 cases including a port style wine

Venturi-Schulze Vineyards


4235 Vineyard Road
Cobble Hill, BC
V0R 1L5 Canada

Venturi-Schulze Vineyards 

Venturi-Schulze Vineyards 

Venturi-Schulze Vineyards

Located in Cobble Hill, Giordano Venturi and Marilyn Schulze-Venturi are committed to growing the highest quality grapes without pesticides or herbicides, and are crafting world class wines. Michelle, Marilyn's daughter also plays an important role at the winery.
The family also produces balsamic vinegar. The vinegary, or acetaia, was expanded by 2,000 sq. ft. in 1999. It houses dozens of large "nursery" barrels and 108 aging barrels custom made in Italy from chestnut, cherry, acacia, ash and oak.

A new picnic patio area was completed in 2011 and a beautiful new tasting room featuring solid local arbutus and maple bar tops and local fir flooring

Their wines are now renowned and served in some of the finest restaurants from Vancouver Island to Montreal and Washington and Oregon. Their balsamic vinegar is described by such luminaries as Adrienne Clarkson, former Governor General of Canada, as the best in the world


Winemaker: Giordano Venturi
Philosophy: Each wine is an adventure woven around the season, the soil and the personalities of the varieties and winemakers. We add minimal amounts of sulphide at bottling to some of our wines. None is added to our Brut or dessert wine. To retain as much of the character of the grapes as possible, we neither fine nor sterile-filter, so storage temperatures become important: we recommend 10° to 12°C (50° to 55°F). After so much effort in the vineyard and winery, we are not willing to compromise on quality by putting an unpredictable piece of bark in the neck of the bottle.

Vigneti Zanatta
winery and vineyards

5039 Marshall Rd,
Duncan, B.C. V9L 6S3

Vigneti Zanatta
winery and vineyards

The Zanatta family operates a 25 acre vineyard in the northwest corner of the valley. Their historic family home was built in 1903. The 120 acre farm was originally the site of a dairy farm when the Zanatta's purchased it in 1958. Since then 30 acres have been planted in vines, including Ortega, Cayuga, Auxerrois, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Nero, Muscat, Merlot, and Madeleine X Sylvaner. The remainder of the farm is in pasture, hay fields, forest and old fruit orchards.

Dennis Zanatta was a hard worker with a passion for good fruit. It was his love of fresh fruit which fueled the planting of the first estate winery on Vancouver Island, culminating in the foundation of Zanatta Winery, through which his legacy lives on.

Dionisio Zanatta (Dennis) was born in 1929 to a long line of growers of fruits and vegetables in Treviso, Italy. In 1950 he emigrated to Canada with the wave of post-war Italian immigrants, to Vancouver, where he met his wife Claudia. After 8 years working as a terrazzo and tile layer, he made the dramatic career change to dairy farming

In 1985 Dennis extended his 1-acre experimental vineyard and planted 5 acres of Ortega and Cayuga grapes. In 1989 he established the family winery, Vigneti Zanatta. In 1991 Dennis planted even more acreage to Auxerrois. At this point a winery license was granted, and by 1995 Dennis had added Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Early Muscat to the current total of 30 acres. Dennis Zanatta was a visionary for the grape and wine industry on Vancouver Island.

Vinoteca, food and wine bar was established in May of 1996. This new venture for Vigneti Zanatta allows us to explore the fascinating art of pairing simple country cuisine the wines. Vinoteca was Ileana Zanatta's creation. She took the family's 1903 farm house, restored it as closely as possible to its original character, added her own unique style and created an eclectic place to dine or sip your afternoon away.

The family winery future is now under the guidance of Loretta Zanatta grew up inspired by her father’s enthusiasm for the art of winemaking and his dedication to the land. After completing her degree at the University of British Columbia, Loretta decided to continue her education in Italy, earning credentials from the University of Piacenza in Enology. During her time in Italy, Loretta studied viticulture with relatives and worked under a Spumante House in the doc region of Prosecco.

Her husband Jim Moody is also the winemaker.

Philosophy:Our goal is to produce quality wines with exceptional regional character. We achieve this by using only Vancouver Island grapes and unrushed winemaking techniques which allows for complete expression of the wines.

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