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Canada's Wine Regions

From sea to shiny sea Canada extends more than 7,821 km (4,860 mi.) from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. From the Island of Newfoundland to Vancouver Island on the West Coast of British Columbia. A land known for it's harsh winters has made a name for itself in the wine industry. Canada is a vast land with magnificent mountain ranges and large fresh water lakes. In Canada numerous microclimate produced by the Mountain ranges and bodies of water have provided some of the world's best areas for growing grapes fertile soil, little rain and warm sunny days resulting in quality wines.

The early adventures into growing grapes in Canada was a difficult one. However perseverance has led to success by applying modern viticulture practices and proper selection of grape species, even vinifera could indeed, be grown successfully thus stretching the once confined microclimate regions even farther. Quebec being an excellent example of this.

The most recognized areas for producing wines in Canada are southern Ontario around the Great Lakes area most notably the Niagara Peninsula and the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Other main regions in Ontario are The Lake Erie North Shore and Prince Edward County

In British Columbia you have the Naramata Bench, Similkameen Valley,Vancouver Island, Kootenays and the rapidly developing area of the Okanagan Thompson River Valley

Quebec has five main regions of note. Montérégie, Eastern Townships Wineries Les Cantons de l'Est , Lower Laurentials Wineries - Basses Laurential,Laurentials Wineries and Quebec City.

Nova Scotia has five main growing regions.; with Annapolis Valley been the best known. Malagash Peninsula, LaHave River Valley and Bear River Valley round out the regions

New regions are been develop continuously. places like The Fraser Valley and South Georgian Bay

It could be said there five main factors required for producing fine wine. Geographic position, soil type and conditions, weather (sun, rain, heat) quality of the grapes and vinification.

Major Wine Producing Regions

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