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40 Knots Estate

Courtenay and Comox,

Beaufort Vineyards

5854 Pickering Road
Courtenay, BC
V9J 1T4

Located 8km north of Courtenay the winery has a great view of Beaufort mountain range.
The wineries logo is the Moai statues of Easter Island. Owners Susan and Jeff Vandermolen sought out a local carver, Stan Skuse (X-Dream Sculptures) from Campbell River, and commissioned him to carve their Moai

The winery was licensed in 2007 and is the first in the Comox Valley. They produce about 2,000 cases on 3.2 hectares.

Signature wines: Carpe Diem (sparkling wine), Panacea (white blend), Chimera ( Bordeaux blend),
Ça Beautage (red estate blend), Black Solera

Beaufort’s Estate Winery welcomes Sylvie Senay, Rolland Tanguay, and Alexandre Guertin as Beaufort’s new owners. Aug 2021

Winemaker: Mark and Freya Timmermans 
Philosophy: Focus on high quality handcrafted wines
· Minimal inputs into the wine
· Use of detailed lab analysis to minimize additions and adjustments

Blue Moon Estate Winery

4905 Darcy Rd. ,
Courtenay, B.C. V9J 1R5

Blue Moon Estate Winery

A fruit winery, which opened in May 2009,owned by George Ehrler and Marla Limousin. It is part of the picturesque Nature's Way Farm, an organic berry farm near Courtenay, that has been operated for several years. Natural Way is a certified Organic farm

They produce fortified dessert wines with blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, and table wine with blueberries and apples.
Also launched recently Harvest Moon Cider. Raven's Moon is also their brand

Winemaker: George Ehrler
Philosophy: We use classical wine making traditions and local fruit . We love tradition as much as experimentation, so come and taste what we are doing. Drink to the pure expressions of the fruit! 


Coastal Black Winery

2186 Endall rd
Black Creek

Coastal Black Winery

A fruit winery located in the Comox valley at the base of Mt Washington. Owned by Bonnie and Terry Ludwig.

At Coastal Black we have an overwhelming passion for wine that can be enjoyed by any and all people whenever the mood should strike you . They have the island's largest planting 32 hectares of cultivated blackberries They also produce Mead.

Signature wines are Blackberry Table, Blackberry Sparkling and Spiced Mead

They also make cider.

They own Big D’s Bees that produces multiple Honeys, flavours include: Fireweed, Wildflower, Creamy, Creamy Cinnamon & Cocoa Honey

winemaker: Abel O'Brennan
Philosophy: If you are truly passionate about what you do and you love making wine then you will produce something everyone else will love.

Emerald Coast Vineyards

2787 Alberni Hwy
 Port Alberni

Emerald Coast Vineyards and Wine Shop is a family owned and operated local winery.  The principals been Evan and Angelika McLellan. We started planting grapes in 1999, taking into consideration our hot summer climate, soils and exposure.  With 20 acres available, approximately 16 acres are currently planted, with the remainder of the property being left treed.

All wines made from their vineyard.

Winemaker: Adam McLellan
Philosophy: To offer our pesticide free, family grown grapes/wines for your family's enjoyment

Stones Throw Vineyard and Estate Winery

1932 August Rd. ,
Courtenay, B.C. V9J 1R5

Stephen and Maureen Haslehurst purchased their 10 acre property back in 1981. Stephen constructed their from logs harvested off our property and they and their children lived without electricity for the first four years.

By 2006 after our two children had grown and the need for our own livestock had passed, we felt our land should still be used. With our love of wine, and the fact that Stephen's a natural horticulturist, we chose to plant grape vines. After a great deal of research they decided on two grape varietals best suited for our cooler coastal climate at this parallel.

Four acres of Marechal Foch vines where first planted starting in late 2006 and nurtured over several years. They sold  these grapes to a local winery that made an award winning port with them.

They took the plug and started their own winery after completely courses at U.C. Davis 

Recent plantings include Pinot Gris and Siegerrebe

Winemaker: Stephen and Maureen Haslehurst
Philosophy: their goal 'To capture the sun, soil and soul of the Comox Valley and put it in a bottle for all to enjoy' 'To produce wine grapes in the most sustainable way'


40 Knots Estate Winery Winery

2400 Anderton Road
Comox, BC V9M 4E5

40 Knots Estate Winery was established in 2005 on 24 lush coastal acres in the heart of the Comox Valley. The winery was purchased by Brenda Hetman-Craig and Layne Craig in July 2014

The name comes from the 40 Knots winds from the Strait of Georgia. These winds help keep the grapes dry in the vineyard.  The wineries founder was a tugboat captain, 40 knots at sea, is a time to come in to land and enjoy a nice bottle of wine. 40 Knots' logo has swallows which are seen in the vineyard and they depict homecoming to a sailor

The vineyard's glacier till soil is perfect for vines from France. The location also offers a beautiful setting along with a well designed tasting room and wine shop. There is also a patio overlooking the vines.

Their portfolio includes the Stall Speed label which was created from the airspeed indicator of Layne's airplane to distinguish wines made from grapes purchased from other BC vineyards.  

Signature wines : Spindrift Brut, Whitecaps (blend of Pinot Gris and Schoenberger, Rose, Pinot Noir and Safe Haven

They produce a Merlot icewine

Winemaker: Layne Craig
Philosophy: Good wine starts in the vineyard ...the idea of what the French call terroir ( or sense of place) has imparted on us the belief that the soil properties and unique microclimate here at 40 Knots is capable of not only growing grapes, but of creating and growing great wine!  A hands on approach in the vineyard leads to a connection with the vines and it is most satisfying to take something that you`ve grown and turn it into something people love!

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