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Broken Stone Estate winery

524 Closson Road
Hillier, Ontario  K0K 2J0


Micheline & Tim Kuepfer fell in love with the bucolic Prince Edward County after only one visit. A urban family with four children they had a dream to live in the country In 2009 they purchased a 34 acre farm that had a forest, three hayfields, helpful neighbours, and a thousand newly planted grapevines.

They wanted to find a name that represented the terroir of the area. The vineyard is on hillier clay loan and the vineyard floor is mostly limestone with very shallow soil. They wanted to include rock or stone in the name and came up with Broken Stone after much discussion and debate. We especially like the name Broken Stone because if you invert the words it becomes Stone Broke, which, after owning a vineyard is how we feel.

Broken Stone create small quantities of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. The family works the vineyard, makes the wine and staffs the tasting room taking pride in producing a product that people can share with friends.

Candace Battig joined thhe winery in 2013 as the Assistant Winemaker.  She does every job necessary to make Broken Stone Winery thrive, spending her time in the vineyard, in the winery, and in the store. Combining a passion for local foods, a degree in Biochemistry,  and Oenology coursework at UC Davis, Candace is involved with all aspects of crafting delicious wine. Yvonne Battig Candace's mum handles he tasting room.

Each year in our off season, Candace travels widely to other wine regions and brings back new ideas and energy to share with us.

Cecil Hawks work in the vineyard has tended to the vines since 2013.  Cecil is out there in all sorts of weather, pounding posts, hoeing grapes, and tucking grapevines.  He's a good example of the "can-do" work ethic that built our country and today gets harder to find.

Hard work and care for the land creates a vineyard whose beauty is eventually reflected in the bottle.

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