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Painted Rock Estate Winery

British Columbia's Okanagan

Painted Rock, a new super-premium-wine star in British Columbia.
~ Beppi Crosariol, the Globe and Mail


Barry Green
Vineyard Manager

How often have you hear a winery owner or winemaker tell you it all begins in the Vineyard. It is so true Barry Green is responsible for the vineyards at Painted Rock Estate. Barry was born in Calgary, Alberta and raised in Chilliwack BC. He started with Painted Rock as the vineyard manager in 2005 and completed his viticulture certificate at Okanagan College in 2006.

The vineyard, growing about 50,000 vines, has been developed on property south of Penticton and east of Skaha Lake that old-timers still call Braeside Farms. 60-acre Blackhawk property is owned by John Skinner. It was decided to plant the primary red components of the classic Bordeaux blends, including a small planting each of Malbec and Petite Verdot to provide spice for their blend and to broaden blending options for their winemaker.

With a dedication to quality and a respect for the terroir, Painted Rock ensures that each grape is of superior quality, proving that the best wines are made in the vineyard."


The Painted Rock Red Icon 2009, is one of the best Canadian reds I have ever tasted. ~ David Lawrason, National Post


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