Featured Team Members

Tinhorn Creek Estate Winery

British Columbia's Okanagan

Andrew Moon
Vineyard Manager

The grand estate winery of the Golden Mile - Tinhorn Creek. Tinhorn Creek has establishing themselves as one of the premiere wineries in BC. Winemaker Sandra Oldfield now CEO and Kenn Oldfield (chairman) have created a winery worthy visiting and wines to be excited about. Much of that credit belongs to Andrew Moon the teams viticulturist / vineyard manager.

Andrew moved from Australia to British Columbia in June 2009. He has a diploma in Viticulture from Melbourne University, a Trade Certificate from Brit Bendigo, and studied Geography at the University of Newcastle

Andrew now manages 150 acres on around the Okanagan's Golden Bench. the best land in the world wouldn’t mean anything if we didn’t take care of it. So we do our best to keep things ecologically friendly.

At Tinhorn they believe they are Stewards of the land and follow practices that protect the land and the ecosystem. Andrew is managing a 100+ acre irrigation project, swapping overhead watering for “drip” irrigation. At a cost of around $1M, the benefit in vine growth, grape quality, and water savings will be profound.

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