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BC VQA Spring Release

Once again the Convention Centre in beautiful downtown Vancouver was the home for the spring release hosted by The British Columbia Wine Institute. Ninety four wineries took part in the event. They offered some outstanding wines.

Like all events of this size it was impossible to visit all the wineries. I will try and relate my experience selecting the wineries in alphabetical order.

First there would be Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery from the Kootenay. For the past few years I have sung the praises of their Récolte  Blanche a wonderful white blend of Pinot Gris, Schoenburger, Kerner and Gewürztraminer. This year 2018 is simply fantastic. They also offered a rather good 2017 Pinot Gras.

I chatted briefly with winemaker Bailey Williamson from Blue Grouse Vineyards & Winery before trying their Estate Ortega 2018. The wine is worth the trip to their Island home near Duncan.

I briefly stopped by Bordertown Estate Vineyard and Winery where I enjoyed their 2015 Merlot.

Another enjoyable visit was with Sara Triggs Culmina Estate winery in Oliver. The 2014 Merlot was quite memorable. One you must try!

While on the topic of Merlot Mt Boucherie Estate Merlot 2016 is also quite good.

Next I had the pleasure of meeting Sukh and Neetu Bajwa who purchased EauVivre Winery in 2017. We had a very enjoyable chat before tasting some very good wines.

I found a friend from Tsawwassen pouring for the House of Rose Wine . We had a brief chat while tasting their Hot Flash a red blend of Shiraz and Foch. It was extremely good.

As you can tell today I was mostly tasting reds sometimes a winery insisted that I must try their whites as well.

Now it was time to taste Le Vieux Pin Petit Rouget 2017 a blend of Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc. Put this one in your must buy list.

I stopped by the Okanagan Crush Pad two tables Haywire and Narrative. They have a wonderful cellar of wines

My actual first stop of the day was at Painted Rock Estate where I found a very excited owner John Skinner. He was of course enjoying the opportunity to display his fine wines but also he had exciting news about renowned wine critics from Europe and Napa Valley recognizing the brilliance of the Okanagan wines. While chatting I was as expected quite impressed by the wines, they were were amazing!

My second visit was to Phamton Creek Estate. Where I tried their Becker Vineyards 2016; a definate winner.

St Hubertus and Oak Bay Estate -Kelowna

My longest chat was with Ulrich Gebert of St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estates who has obtained his licence for flying drones. Airel photographty is now his hobby. For over thirty years the winey has produce top quaility VQA wines and once again they have produces some outstanding high quaility wines.

Speaking of a good conversation and good wines Ricard Da Silva of Misconduct Wine Co and Da Silva Wines provided both. Da Silva is an up and coming winery you should keep an eye on.

This brings me to The View where I was warmly greeted by the charming owner Jennifer Molgate. The featured wine here was the Pearl Traditional Sparkling wine. I liked it!

Sadley battling Kidney Stones and an ankle problem resulting from an old achillies tendon tear it was time to go home. It was sad because there were so many more wineries I wanted to say hello to.. Bloom provides such a great opportunity to visit so many of BC's wine producers.

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