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Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery
Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery

Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery

1140 27th Avenue South
Creston, BC V0B 1G1

 Founders Bob Johnson and Petra Flaa have sold the winery to their winemaker son ( Nov 2021), Wes Johnson and his fiancée, Myran Hagenfeldt. Both have extensive winemaking experience in New Zealand, where Wes studied enology. Myran was born in Sweden but got into the wine industry in New Zealand, where she and Wes met.

Bob Johnson and Petra Flaa from Calgary spent numerous vacations in the valley before purchasing a Cherry farm. They soon discovered that wines last longer and in 2006 purchased property next to Skimmerhorn Winery. Their first vintage was 2009.

The winery name celebrates William Baillie-Grohman, a pioneer who arrived in the Creston Valley in 1882 to hunt mountain goats (there is one on the wine labels), and spent the next 30 years diverting rivers, reclaim land and bringing in settlers before retiring in his native Australia.

The vineyards main grape is Pinot Noir. They also produce Pinot Gris, Chardonnay Gewurztraminer , and Schönburger and Kerner .

Winemaker Wes Johnston.

Dan Barker and Wes Johnson’s winemaking goals are to create balanced wines that express a purity of fruit. The grapes are picked by hand, commencing their gentle journey from vineyard to bottle. In the winery, the grapes are hand sorted to ensure only the best grapes make it to the winemaking process.


Columbia Gardens Vineyard and Winery

9340 Station Road
Trail, BC V1R 4W6



The first winery located in Kootenays opened in the fall of 2001. The winery founded by the Bryden and Wallace families. Ben De Jager and his wife Tersia purchased the winery in 2013

Ben was working as an Electrical and Mining Engineer is South Africa before coming to Canada. Ben and Tersia found themselves working out of Flin Flon Manitoba, He search of a warmer climate and soon moved to Trail.

Ben is more than a mining engineer. He also completed studies at Marlow Agricultural School in Cradock, South Africa. He gained experience at various vineyards when attending the school and “Learned my winemaking skills by trial and error in my home basement lab.”. He always wanted a winery and since becoming an owner, he has planted more vines and introduced a new wine each year. Tersia had her own dreams and with her love for entertaining converted the second house on the property into a guesthouse with an outdoor wedding venue.

The tasting room along with a gift shop are located in a log cabin. Author John Schreiner writes; the charm of the Columbia wine shop surprises first time visitors who do not expect a tasting room with sophisticated decor this far off the beaten path.

Signature wine – Garden Gold blended white wine

Maréchal Foch is the backbone for several wines here—the premium Maréchal Foch Private Reserve and Kootenay Red (a blend of several vintages of Foch). Garden Gold, Station White and Gewürztraminer are popular white wines. The Station Road Rosé, made from Pinot Noir, is refreshing. DeJager’s Merlot, a new label, is made with Okanagan grapes

  Philosophy: Produce VQA quality wines and to remain a family winery producing limited quantities of fine wines



Heron Ridge Estates Winery

1682 Thrums Road,
Thrums, BC V1N 4N4

A small family owned and operated winery, located in the beautiful Kootenay River Valley of south-central British Columbia. Paul Koodrin runs the blueberry farm and winery. The rich, unique flavours of Heron Ridge wines are achieved through careful, measured blending of two varieties of blueberry - the sweet Northland and the small ultra-sweet Stanley

Winemaker: Paul Koodrin


Red Bird Estate Winery

1046 Lamont Road
Creston BC




After exploring Ontario and the Okanagan looking for a simple life as winemakers the owners settled in Creston. There first vintage was 2017. The winery is owned by Remi and Shannon Cardinal.

Remi and Shannon traveled in France for a year, working in many wine regions and learning as much as they could from the vineyards and seasoned wine makers there. A beautiful and busy travel, it inspired them to continue to pursue the dream.

Open by appointment.

Mark Simpson is the consulting winemaker.

  Philosophy: Simple and slow intervention let the wine make itself



SOAHC Estate Wines

P.O. Box 242, Fruitvale P.O.
Fruitvale, BC V0G 1L0

From Chaos comes balance Jamie Fochuk is the owner of Soacho Estates wines which is Chaos spelled backswords. Jamie believe he has found a very special location for his winery. Biodynamic agriculture is practiced here.* Jamie has spent years educating himself about biodynamic farming and has earned the respect and support of world-renowned viticulture and biodynamic experts.

SOAHC Estate Wines recognizes the potential of this land and has carefully crafted two of three natural benches running up the side of the mountain. Situated in a unique microclimate these benches are optimal for growing some of the world's best grapes. In addition, the benches sit on one of the third largest watersheds in North America requiring little irrigation due to the natural moisture that exists within the soil. 

Jamie when living in Ontario took a viticulture course at the University of Guelph revealed an aptitude for growing grape. He was able to obtain a job at Reif Winery. He moved to BC working at Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards, Stag’s Hollow Winery and Black Hills Estate Winery

Philippe Armenier is considered to be one of the foremost practitioners of biodynamic farming in the world. He is helping establish the winery has a leader in the field.

Winemaker: Alain Sutre consultant, Jamie Fockuk



1218 - 27th Ave S
Creston, BC  V0B 1G1


After 20 years of successfully running a family orchard, Al and Marleen Hoag  took the plunge and opened a winery. The winery is named after the Skimmerhorn Mountains, part of the Purcell Mountain Range, which borders the eastern edge of the Creston Valley.* In 2017 winery sold to new owners Ryan Burgis and Janek Guminski

Their 14 acres produces a varietal range which includes Pinot Gris, Ortega, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir and Marechal Foch. For a relaxing, intimate lunch or small group gathering the Bistro at the Vineyards provides an idyllic setting; it is open from mid May until mid October, reservations are recommended.

Since the New Zealand South Island and Creston have similar climates the Hoags visited in 2006 and while there found and hired winemaker Mark Rattray to help get them get started in their new adventure.

Philosophy:  Our wines reflect our terroir

William Tell Family Estate

PO Box 204
Creston, BC V0B1G0



JRD Farms is located in Creston, British Columbia:  a small rural farming community in the south-east corner of the province. The property was selected for its ability to grow grapes for wine as well as grow fruits.

Currently they produce Old Fashioned Hand Crafted Sparkling Apple and Pear Cider, Apple & Pear Cider Vinegar from Fresh British Columbia Apples and Pears.

The vineyard is planted with three different clones of Pinot Noir; 115, 667, and 777.  The vines are own rooted unlike most vineyards in British Columbia which are planted with grafted vines. JRD Farms believes that using own rooted vines is a truer expression of the fruit compared to using grafted vines. Also using own rooted vines is a benefit in cool climates

CiderMaster William Tell


Wynnwood Cellars

5566 Highway 3A
Wynndel, BC V0B 2N2 


Michael Wigen became interested in wines back in the 50's. It was not until 2007 he planted 4 of his 10 hectares with vines with 70% of the vines been his favourite Pinot Noir. The idea of a winery came about when Dave Basaraba asked about growing vines on Wigen's property. Dave had grown some vines of his own and was happy with the results however he felt Michael had the best location and soil (by the lake, Limestone) to produced grapes for making wine.

By 2008 they were happy enough with the grapes to start the winery. The big step came in 2010 They hired Tom DiBello at a custom crush facility in the Okanagan to make their wines. A winery is been build.

  Winemaker: Dave Basaraba,



Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic approach that combines intense natural practices commonly found in organic farming along with the addition of unique preparations intended to stimulate plant and biological life. This, in turn, brings the farm into balance with the natural rhythms of the constellations. Biodynamic agriculture is a way of living, working and relating to nature and the vocations of agriculture based on good common-sense practices including a consciousness of the uniqueness of each landscape around us. See Organic

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