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Wineries of Black Sage Road

Black Sage Bench

Bai Family Estate

4315 Black Sage Road
Okanagan, BC


One of the most famous vineyards on the Black Sage road was sold recently. Sundial is the front half of a 110-acre property better known as Black Sage Vineyards. Planted in 1993, this was at the time the single largest block of Bordeaux red varieties in Canada. This was the block that established the ability of the Black Sage Bench to produce premium wines.

The new owner of Sundial, Bai Family Estates, plans to complete the 25,000-square-foot winery already under construction there. Superstar California winemaker Anne Vawter will make the wine. She has already been the consulting winemaker for One Faith Vineyards, making wine since the 2012 vintage with grapes from Sundial.

Will be known as

Phantom Creek Estates
4315 Black Sage Road

New Zealand-born Ross Wise (left) joined Phantom Creek in September, 2016, as the full time winemaker. 

The winery facilities will sit on the top of the hill in the vineyard. Backen, Gillam and Kroeger, a San Francisco and Napa firm of architects with a portfolio that includes 40 wineries, has designed Phantom Creek. John Taft, Backen, Gillam’s senior winery architect. “As you approach from Black Sage Road, you would come in from the south to the winery. You would come up through the vineyard. We are building on top of the hill, into the site to take advantage of the underground spaces which are best for barrels. We will build new on top. This is the hospitality facility. There is the restaurant where it has the panoramic view. You get amazing views from the hospitality room, looking straight south down the valley.”

The winery’s underground cellars are designed both for handling wines by gravity and for allowing customers to tour the entire facility. Taft’s model includes a cellar for large oak vats and another of Alsace-style oak foudres for future white wines.

2016 wines have been released only reds.

Winemaker: Anne Vawter, Ross Wise

Black Hills Estate Winery

30880 Black Sage Road
Oliver, BC

Andrew Pellers Ltd has purchase

Black Hills Estate Winery  located on the famed Black Sage Road, 13 kilometres north of Osoyoos, BC and 10 kilometres south of Oliver, centered in the middle of Canada’s only official desert. The vineyard is nestled in the sun-burnt hills on the Black Sage Bench, home to British Columbia's highest quality vinifera grapes. The rugged desert earth, long sunlight hours and cool nights yield the intensely flavourful grapes that are blended to produce Bordeaux-style "Nota Bene" their most popular wine.

The winery has been awarded Environmental Farm Plan Status by the B.C. Environmental Farm Plan. This plan is administered by the Federal and Provincial Departments of Agriculture as well as the BC Agriculture Council and the Investment Agriculture Foundation. We are proud or our agricultural sustainability and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment as we continue to operate under the best practices of the Environmental Farm Plan.

 In 2008, Black Hills became the first winery to win the Lieutenant Governor's Award for architectural excellence.

Jan 7 2019 Toss Wise becomes new head winemaker.

new label Cellar Hand

Signature wine Nota Bene (Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Cabernet franc blend), Alibi


Black Sage Vineyards

Black Sage Road
Okanagan, BC

The vineyard is located at the northern tip of the Sonoran Desert, with high mid summer temperatures. The vineyard is planed with Merlot,Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. Whites include Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Point Blanc and Semillion. Black Sage will concentrate on the reds Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc Merlot

Jason James winemaker at Sumac will be the winemaker for Black Sage Vineyards producing bold red and Pipe a Port Style wine.

Jason took over the reins of Sumac Ridge in 2010, the year that Black Sage Vineyard launched under its own label. “It was an exciting process to see the transformation of something that had always been a part of Sumac to stand on its own.

Owned by Arterra Wines Canada.

Winemaker: Jason James

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery

100 Burrowing Owl Place
R.R. #1 Site 52 Comp 20
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

Located on the prestigious Black Sage Road near Oliver, British Columbia, Burrowing Owl Estate Winery is one of Canada's most popular wineries with a reputation for producing premium wines of exceptional quality. Their wines have already been amply rewarded with top honours including Canadian Wine of the Year, Best Canadian Red Wine, Best Canadian Cabernet Sauvignon, The Lieutenant Governor?s Award of Excellence and internationally, their Meritage has twice won Best of Class.

Jim and Midge Wyse selected their location based on the Canadian Grape Atlas (Ag Canada 1984), which identified this area as the best grape growing region in the country. Being nature lovers and with a vineyard surrounded by a wildlife preserve that in the past has protected the endangered burrowing owl, the naming of the winery was easy. The winery is now run by son Chris and daughter Kerry.

According to proprietor Jim Wyse, the winery at Burrowing Owl Vineyards is among the world's most modern. It was designed to use gravity flow and cool, temperature-controlled underground caves for fermentation and barrel aging.

Burrowing Owl opened a fine dining restaurant in 2003 The Sonora Room, which is open daily for lunch and dinner from Easter to Thanksgiving.

The winery has built carports with solar electricity panels on Burrowing Owl Winery. They have   installed a total of 108 solar panels on a large carport, which also allows visitors to park their cars in the shade under the panels. In total, the winery has installed 541 solar photovoltaic panels on rooftops at the winery and at a warehouse in Oliver and staff accommodation in Osoyoos

Winemaker is Bertus Albertyn. Winemaking itself is generally a simple process. If you have good quality grapes you are going to make a good wine. The key is to take yourself out of the equation as much as possible

White wines: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris
Red wines: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Meritage. Athene a blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Calliope (pronounced ka-LIE-oh-pee) a new label from the Wyse family

At the winery enjoy self guided walking tours and visit the Vineyard viewing tower complete with interpretive wine-making information

Winemaker Bertus Albertyn.
Philosophy: To create the finest wines in Canada, using classic techniques aided by the flow of gravity, extensive underground barrel cellars and ecologically sound viticulture practices.

Church and State Wines
Coyotes Bowl Vineyard

4516 Ryegrass Rd,
Oliver, BC V0H 1T1

In late 2017 the new owners took over, Sunocean Wineries and Estate owned by Mr. Liao. He is a passionate wine lover and wonderful owner who allows his managers the freedom to lead with their own style. He has recently employed General Manager, Dan Degryp and Caroline Lachapelle as Operations Manager to steer the ship. Winemaker Arnaud Thierry came on in early 2018 and finished off all the 2017 vintages in the cellar. He was born in Bordeaux and went to school in Champagne 22+ years ago. He was all but born into the wine industry. 


Church and States Coyote Bowl Vineyard was chosen for rich soil, fantastic exposure to the Western sun, and on the prestigious Black Sage Bench – one of Canada’s most sought after wine producing locations.

Kim Pullen purchased Victoria Estate Winery in 2004 and began sourcing grapes from the Okanagan Valley. Upon changing the name to Church & State wine that year, it began a transformation into a winery dedicated to producing the highest-caliber wines possible from BC fruit, starting with pouring out 20,000 cases of wine produced prior to his purchase that did not meet our rigorous quality demands. By 2009, production had moved to Oliver, BC, and construction of a new winery on Coyote Bowl Vineyard began. Now, Church & State farms 100 acres, in both Oliver and Brentwood Bay to produce only ten to twelve thousand cases annually, with two locations open to the public: Coyote Bowl on the Black Sage Bench, and Brentwood Bay near Butchart Gardens.

They have 100 acres - Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay-Musque, Marsanne, Roussanne, and Viognier Production ranges from 10,000-12,000 cases/year

Signature wine is Quintessential (Best Red Wine in Canada at the 2009 All-Canadian Wine Championships), a full 5-varietal Bordeaux blend featuring Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Malbec, Merlot, and Petit Verdot

Church & State Wines flagship red wine, the 2011 Quintessential was awarded the Canadian Red Trophy and a Gold Medal a 95-100 point equivalent - from the International Wine Challenge in the UK 2014.


Philosophy: To produce the best possible wines from exclusively BC grapes, through a belief in handcrafted quality, attention to detail and the highest standards we can achieve through teamwork, patience and dedication, both in the vineyards, and the cellar.

Covert Farms Family Estate Winery

38614 107th Street
(Seacrest Road)
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

The winery was originally called Dunham & Froese Estate Winery but after five years of operation Winemaker Kirby Froese sold his share to his partners Gene and Shelly Covert. The Dunham half of the winery’s original name comes from Gene’s grandmother’s maiden name.

Historic Covert Farms was founded in 1959 on the plateau just south of McIntyre Bluff by George Covert, a Californian who came to the Okanagan to grow tomatoes, onions, tree fruits and, ultimately, grapes. The vineyard was large enough in the early 1980s that a mechanical harvester was tested (with indifferent results, because the early harvesters mangled the vines). Except for six hectares (15 acres) of table grapes, vines were pulled out in 1988 and were not replanted until 2005, when the partners decided to start a winery.

Since 2005, Gene has planted nine hectares (22½ acres) of wine grapes, including the five major Bordeaux reds, along with Zinfandel, Syrah, Pinot Blanc, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. In full production, the vineyard,
which is certified organic, supports 5,000 cases a year.

Covert Farms believes in crafting fine wines while being careful stewards of the land. The winery is working towards Organic and Biodynamic certification. A Salmon-safe vineyard and farm. Signature wines are Our Red Blends: Amicitia, MDC, Stoneface, The Bluff

Today Covert Farms is still one of the leaders in quality fruit and vegetable production in the Okanagan

Winemaker: Bailey Williamson
Philosophy: Every vintage is an exciting story of nature unfolding. We aim to make wines that express the great details of this story. By carefully tending our vines for balance and varietal expression to minimal intervention in the winery, our wines reveal the essence of their time and place.

Desert Hills Winery

30480 71st. Black Sage Road
Oliver, BC VOH 1T0

The winery was opened in 2003 by Randy, Jessie and Dave Toor. They had previously operated as producers of grapes for other wineries. The winery overlooks the Okanagan River Valley. They started by selling their grapes to Domaine de Chaberton in the Fraser Valley, then producing their own wine. Today they produce over 10,000 cases. They recently added Zinfandel.

Desert Hills Estate Winery is a two time recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for excellence in winemaking and the winner of Canada’s Best Red.

Signature wines, Syrah and a Mirage blend.

Also see Ursa Major Estate Winery

Winemaker: Anthony Buchanan
Philosophy: We believe that we must “grow” wine.  We started as farmers, and know that great wines can only be achieved with wonderful grapes. When we purchased the Estate, we planted vines that would prosper on that particular vineyard, and this is a philosophy that we carry on with all of our vineyards.  We grow the grapes that grow best in each vineyard. We also craft wines that are representative of the terroir, with a balanced elegance that can only be achieved through a seamless collaboration between wine growing and winemaking.”

French Door Estate

5462 Black Sage Rd.
Oliver B.C. Canada VOH 1T1

French Door Estate Winery is a family owned ( Jason Shull) and operated winery and vineyard. Founded in 2019, located on the beautiful Black Sage Bench, South of the town of Oliver. Audra and Jason Shull acquired the vineyard and the buildings of Montakarn Estate Winery on Black Sage Road. They renovated the former winery, adding superb winemaking equipment that is needed to make both big red wines and whites packed with flavour.

The French Door name reflects at insight the Shulls once had while visiting wineries in Provence. “Why are we even here?” Jason said to his family. “We have Provence in our back yard.” That led them to think of their winery on Black Sage Road as their door on French wine country. “The lavenders, the lake, the orchards, the vineyards … it is identical,” Jason says. The couple grew up in Osoyoos where they had been high school sweethearts. They had pursued careers away from wine country but always with a desire to get back. Jason, who formerly ran a Vancouver-based firm called Golden Capital Corp., once put in a bid, with some partners, for Hester Creek Estate Winery when it was in a court auction. Now, Jason can look across the Okanagan Valley at Hester Creek. In 2019, he and Audra took over the property of Montakarn Estate Winery (which has relocated to Okanagan Falls). “I like this side of the valley better,” Jason says. “The vineyard has a southern exposure.”

French Door was established with a passion for quality wine. The10-acre property is planted with 100% vinifera vines on beautiful, expressive soils that have resulted in rich, lush, and character driven wines.

The goal of the winery is to create honest, low-intervention wine, in a classic old-world French style; from sustainable grown grapes off our estate. They believe it takes the best kind of grapes (no systemics, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides) to make the highest quality of wine, and to ensure that every bottle is a true expression of us, and our commitment to excellence.

French Door Estate Winery name - the owners were inspired by the simplicity and quality of French architecture, cuisine and wine during on travels to Provence.

Winemaker: Pascal Madevon

Here's the Thing Vineyards

4740 Black Sage Road
Oliver, BC

A new winery opened in May 2018. The winery is owned by Jamie and Leah McDowell. They are are hands-on winery owners, doing most of the vineyard work themselves. The winery operates 100% solar powered.

The name...I have been in the BC wine business for a long time and often told my staff that we don't so much sell wine as we sell the story of wineries and winery people. Keeping with the "story" theme, we think that many good stories start with "Here's the Thing..."  Our back labels all start with "So, here's the thing...and go on to tell a story about that wine. We wanted something casual and fun even though we are very serious about making and drinking good wine.

Leah  formerly ran two VQA stores as well as a retail store under the Okanagan Estate Wineries license. Jamie, meanwhile, was the distribution manager for a large paper company.

The major blocks in the vineyard are four acres of Cabernet Franc and three acres of Syrah. There is about one acre each of Gamay, Viognier and Roussanne.

Size and number of Vineyards, Grape Varieties? 11.5 acres, 10 planted to Cabernet Franc,  Syrah,  Gamay Noir,  Viognier and Rousanne. 

Your signature wines? Syrah and Gamay Noir.

They are a Salmon Safe winery worksing to keep our urban and agricultural watersheds clean enough for native salmon to spawn and thrive

Winemaker: Michael Bartier

Winemaking Philosophy: Farm responsibly, do the best you can, take what the earth gives you and make the best wine possible.

Hidden Chapel

482 Pinehill Rd.
Oliver, British Columbia
V0H 1T5


A small, boutique winery just ten minutes north of Oliver. The property is 3 acres planted with Cabernet Sauvignon . The winery was founded by Deborah Wilde and Lanny Kinrade. In 2012, partner Lanny Kinrade moved on to other ventures and is no longer involved with Hidden Chapel Winery. Deborah Wilde continues as Proprietor and loves every minute of it.

A very small chapel is located on the property. A shiraz/Cabernet blend is called Nuns on the Run; the rosé is called Blushing Bride and the white blend is called White Wedding. They produce 16,000 cases mostly white

We have a winemaking team rather than one specific winemaker enabling us to make exceptional, award winning wines!

All tasting fees at the winery are donated to South Okanagan Women in Need

Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate

38691 97th Street
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

Established by Don Triggs and Allan Jackson in the Fall of 1993, Jackson-Triggs has wineries in both Ontario and British Columbia . In 1998, Jackson-Triggs leased a 410-acre site from the Osoyoos Indian Band in the Okanagan Valley . Located along striking mountain slopes overlooking Osoyoos Lake , the area's unique climate and soils combine to create an ideal "terroir" for growing a wide selection of premium quality varietals.

The original winemaking centre in Oliver underwent a major expansion in 2002 and is now a 35,361 square foot (3,285 square metre) space that employs some of the most advanced technology in the world, along with the very best equipment from as far away as Europe and Oceania . The grapes for all its wines, with the exception of the Icewines, are sourced from six vineyards in the Southern Okanagan Valley, which together cover a total of 1200 acres One vineyard, named Sunrock, is dedicated exclusively to the production of Jackson-Triggs' highest quality SunRock Vineyard Wines

The winery is owned by Constellation Brands

Winemakers: Derek Kontkanen
Philosophy: Is to ensure every grape that enters the winery reaches its maximum potential


Le Vieux Pin

34070 73rd and Black Sage Road
Oliver, BC


Le Vieux Pin, named after the old pine on the North-West corner of their vineyard. Wines are made in the French tradition but with the latest in equipment and technique. The focus is to make wine representative of its terroir. Low-input viticulture is the method we use to get there. Dry farming, minimal fertilizer addition, high-density plantings (6 feet x 3 feet) and low yield will allow vines to show who they really are deep down to the roots.

Owned by Enotecca Winery and Resorts

Oliver Twist Estate Winery

398 Lupine Lane,
Oliver BC. V0H-1T1

April 2020 the name changes to Nostalgia Wine Inc

"Nostalgia Wines is more authentic and better connects to what we represent here,” Ms. Harfman notes. 

Located on the Black Sage Bench. The winery is owned by Gina Fernandes Harfman. Harfman is proud of her South Okanagan farming legacy. Terroir is in her blood: Harfman is the fourth generation from her paternal side, and the third generation from her maternal side, to sink her hands into South Okanagan soil. Her maternal grandfather, Joe Fernandes, left Madeira in the early 1950s to establish orchards and a fruit stand in Osoyoos. Her father, Ken, has 6 hectares (15 acres) of vineyard in Osoyoos which he runs with the help of Harfman’s brother, Jeremy. 

In 2002, the Hagermans bought an orchard south of Oliver, on Black Sage Road , with a winery in mind. They replaced the fruit trees in 2006 with 5.6 hectares (17 acres of grapes) and built their winery, launching it with 2,500 cases of wine from purchased grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Kerner, Merlot and Pinot Noir.) Winemaking consultant Christine Leroux helped the Hagermans through their first vintage. They hired Gina as the assistant winemaker. As the Hagermans decided to move on Gina and her husband bought the winery.

Their two patios feature valley views of the rugged desert hills, vineyards, and orchards

The name comes from the town of Oliver and the fact that the winery uses Stelvin 'twist' tops

Chances are you will see an old classic car on site and lots of nostalgic memorabilia inside the wine shop. In fact, they even created a new wine series called "NOSTALGIA" based on this theme featuring fancy hot rods with cute pin up girls on the labels. Visiting Oliver Twist is a trip down memory lane.

They have 17-acre vineyard growing. Pinot Gris, Viognier, Chardonnay, Kerner, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot , Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot producing 3000 cases

Signature wines: Kerner and Rockabilly Red Speciality wines Late Harvest Kerner, and Cherry Baby (Cherry/Merlot Port style)

You can find their wines in BC

Winemaker:? Gina F. Harfman and Denice Hagerman


One Faith Vineyards

100 Enterprise Way #116,
Oliver, BC


The vineyards are locate along the Black Sage Road. One faith is owned by Bill Lui Winn Choi. The wines are produced at Time Estate.

The One Faith Vineyard is a carefully selected site in Oliver on the Black Sage Bench that boasts some of the warmest temperatures of anywhere in Canada, and a complex soil structure that lends elegance and depth to the finished wine. 

One Faith’s vineyard is planted primarily with Merlot and Cabernet Franc, along with small blocks of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon. Other fruit is also purchased from Black Sage growers. Bill’s target is to produce about 2,000 cases of premium wine annually.

One Faith is made entirely by hand and is extremely labour intensive. Each varietal lot, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, is fermented in premium first-use French oak barriques, sourced only from the very best coopers in France, Tonnellerie Baron and Ermitage barrels, and delivering well integrated notes.

Plans a re in the works to open a tasting room.inthe District Wine Village

Philosophy: We believe that by using our combined knowledge and experience, and being free of financial constraints, we can produce a world class wine in the Okanagan, a Grand Vin

Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery

34664 - 71st Street at Black Sage Road
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery  opened it doors in June of 2007. Situated on the famed Black Sage Road in Oliver. Quinta means estate in Portuguese, and Ferreira is the owners last name, John and Maria Ferreira. Quinta also means 5, which there are 5 members in the Ferreria family. They obtained the property in 1979 and converted the orchard to grapes in 1999

The wineries direction is limited production concentrating on quality wines. They have a slogan Canadian wines with a Portuguese twist

Signature wines: Malbec, Viognier, Merlot, Syrah Vinho Du sol, a late harvest dessert wine

Winemaker: Michael Ferreira
Philosophy: Fruit forward wines

Phantom Creek Estates farms

Black Sage Rd.
Oliver B.C

Phanton Creek Estate

On the sunbathed Black Sage Bench in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, Phantom Creek Estates farms exceptional wines from the historic Phantom Creek and Sundial Vineyards. Owned by the Bai family

Their logo is based on the traditional character for Bai. The character has evolved over time, but the character we used is over 1000 years old!

Phantom Creek and Sundial Vineyards, Phantom Creek predominantly grows Bordeaux reds and Syrah. A new state of the art winery will be built on the Sundial Vineyard property beginning in June 2017 and is projected to open in Spring 2019. The first vintage, now maturing in barrel, was made in a temporary facility on the property in 2016.

November 2017  Phantom Creek acquired 63-acres (25.49 hectares) of vineyard on the Golden Mile Bench in British Columbia’s south Okanagan Valley.

The estate vineyards are farmed with care and precision under the guidance of Olivier Humbrecht MW, one of the leading authorities on organic and biodynamic farming. Rick Wise is the winemaker.


John Pires  |  Vineyard Manager

Anne Vawter  |  Consulting Winemaker

Cameron Vawter  |  Vineyard Consultant

Richard Cleave  |  Vineyard Advisor


Platinum Bech Estate Winery

30640 Black Sage Road
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0


Murray Jones and Fiona Duncan from Winnipeg took a cycling vacation through the vineyards of Bordeaux. Where they were enthralled by lifestyle of the wineries. It took a vacation eight years later to the Okanagan before they seriously considered opening a winery themselves. They researched the wine business for a couple of years before buying an established vineyard on Black Sage Road. They moved to Okanagan in 2011 enrolling in classes at Okanagan College

The vineyard they bought was planted over 15 years ago with Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Gamay. They obtained the help of Okanagan Crush bad and their first wines 2011 were made by Michael Bartier. When the vineyard was purchased it had a scarecrow which remains today.

They settled on Platinum Bench as the winery name because they had been told that Black Sage Road is a platinum
growing area. “It certainly stands for quality,” Fiona says. “The name is parallel with the quality that we want
to be producing.”

Rainmaker Wines

4576 Black Sage Road
Oliver, BC
V0H 1T1


Kim Pullen, who took Church & State to incredible heights from 2004 to 2017 before selling the winery has now opened (May 2021) his second winery His first new adventure was Second Chapter winery. Selling Church & State, Pullen kept two of his favourite vineyards – the one on Black Sage Road which was to become Rainmaker Vineyard and the other, Rattlesnake Vineyard across the valley which supports Second Chapter

All the production facilities are located on-site including a crush pad, fermentation and filtering facilities, aging barrels and racks 

Red Barn Wines



Hidden between the rows of Jagged Rock Vineyard is a beautiful, striking Red Barn designed by Tom Kundig. The barn sits at the end of a dirt road, surrounded by a rugged rock-face and lush vines.  The winery is owned by Anthony von Mandl.

Thirty-five short rows of Chardonnay planted in 1998 on the plateau’s southern edge.

The southern slopes of Jagged Rock Vineyard receive full sun throughout the Okanagan summer, resulting in ripe fruit and soft tannins from the Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Sangiovese

River Stone Estate Winery

7148 378th Ave .   
RR#2 S5 C18
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0


A small, family owned and operated by Ted and Lorraine Kane.  Located on a small knoll in the middle of the valley, just south of the well recognized McIntyre Bluff and just north of Oliver. The winery tasting room and the families' home is surrounded by vineyards.

The winery name, River Stone, and vineyard name, River Rock Vineyards indicates the vines come from the deep rock and gravel soils laid down following the last glacial recession. They grow five red Bordeaux varietals; Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot as well as two white varietals; Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer. Long sunlit summer days followed by fall’s warm days and cool nights have consistently produced premium quality fruit.

Prior to starting the vineyard, Ted was a Respiratory Therapist for 12 years, but has always been interested in and obsessed with winemaking and grape-growing. Ted’s dreams and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the winery, from the vineyard layout, to the house construction, to the flavours in the wine.

Lorraine is the co-owner, but like many wives on family farms, has a town job. Lorraine is a rural family doctor in the nearby community of Osoyoos

It all started with a passion for winemaking and the love of all things technical. I started making wine at the age of 19. I soon realized that the best wines came from the best grapes and ventured out to find this quality fruit. My quest led me to the deep south of BC to Oliver and arguably the best grape growing region of Canada. Over time, I came to develop a particular affinity for the Bordeaux red varietals and the wines being produced in a new world style. These are rich in color and texture and bold in fruit flavours.

Winemaker Ted Kane

Silver Sage Winery

32032 87th Ave
Oliver, BC, V0H 1T0


The winery is owned by the Manola Family who emigrated from Romania, Europe over 25 years ago. The had always dreamed of owning a vineyard in the Okanagan Valley, and in 1996 the dream became a reality. The Manola's purchased 25 acres of land, cleared it, planted and with a lot of hard work, love and passion it became a well established vineyard of which they were and are very proud. Both Anna and Victor had a wine making and viticulture background that stretches back to their youth

They have 600 hectare vineyard producing Gewürztraminer Pinot Blanc and Merlot. Signature wines Grand Sage Reserve, Flame

Winemaker: Anna Manola

Stoneboat Vineyard

7148 Orchard Grove Lane
Oliver, BC V0H 1R0

The Verhoeff Group of Companies announces the purchase of Stoneboat Vineyards located on the Black Sage Bench in Oliver, BC. The business continues to be family-owned, changing hands from Julie and Lanny Martiniuk to the Verhoeff family.

Led by husband-wife duo Kyla Richey and Rudy Verhoeff, the new owners keep the Stoneboat Vineyards name and are eager to build upon the legacy of the Martiniuks, while winery employees stay on with new ownership, including winemaker William (Bill) Adams, and general manager Levi Gogolinski. Industry veteran Pascal Madevon joins the team as consulting winemaker to work with Bill in the cellar.

Julie and Lanny Martiniuk were pursuing careers in Vancouver when they decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the lower mainland and move to the Okanagan Valley, where Julie was born and raised. Hoping to buy a vineyard with their savings, Julie and Lanny left Vancouver with a truck, a dog and some furniture. Because no vineyard land was for sale, they settled for a 15-acre orchard on the Black Sage and bought it on a handshake in 1979. Lanny left his career in nuclear medicine to farm it, while Julie continued practicing pharmacy

The property was planted with Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris vinifera in 92, with Pinot Blanc, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon added later. They worked as growers for years raising their family. Their first vintage was 2007

The name comes from a flat sledge for carrying stones; originally used to clear the home vineyard of its abundant river rocks. They named their vineyards as a tribute to the original caretakers Vineyard, who had to clear the land of its rocks in order to cultivate it. We believe that a stoneboat is representative of qualities that we value: hard work and tradition

Julie and Lanny Martiniuk have three sons. Jay is studying to be a winemaker

Winemaker: Bill Adams

Squeeze Wines

7229 Tucelnuit Drive
Oliver , BC .

Located in the Tuc-el-Nuit area of Oliver. The winery is owned by three siblings Christina Ferreira, Nicole Ferreira, Michael Ferreira. Operating as a virtual winery the first wines released in 2013

Michael Ferreira is also the winemaker at Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery 

Winemaker: Michael Ferreira
Philosophy: Fruit forward, wine that can be drank without food

Tipsy Hill Winery

5477 Black Sage Road
Oliver, BC

Owned by the Cheema & Toor families The relationship that was decades in the building comes to fruition in Tipsy Hill Winery. A top the hill overlooking the Black Sage Bench, members of two generations of these great families produce Okanagan wines.

Ursa Major Estate Winery

5407 Black Sage Rd.
Oliver B.C

Rajen Toor ( second generation of the Toor family to enter the wine business) is owner Ursa Major Estate Winery . His family owns Desert Hills.

Ursa Major is a constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere. It means the great bear.

Winemaker: Anthony Buchanan



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