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Montérégie Wineries

Cote de Vaudreuil

Montérégie is a region in Québec, Canada, stretching south from Montréal and the Saint Lawrence River to the U.S. border. Its Richelieu River valley is distinguished by its orchards, vineyards, cider houses and maple syrup producers, many of which offer tours. In the Monteregian Hills, the town of Mont Saint-Hilaire is known for its summit lake and ancient forests with hiking trails.


Vignoble Artisans Du Terroir

150 Range de La Montagne
St-Pauls-d' Abbotsford


Artisans Du Terroir

Located at the foot of Mount Yamaska, St-Paul d'Abbotsford, Montérégie just south of Montreal. A family run operation owned by Celine and Rejean Guertin along with their daughter Annie . The vineyards was planted in 1996 first vintage 1999.

They also produce cider.

Artisans du Terroir vous ouvre ses portes. Réservez votre visite du vignoble et de la pommeraie haute densité sur pommiers tronqués en l'agrémentant d'une

Clos Mont -Saint Hilaire

1194 Chemin de la Montagne, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec
J3G 4S6


Vignoble Clos-Mont-Saint-Hilaire i

Vignoble Clos-Mont-Saint-Hilaire is located on the south hill-side of Mont-Saint-Hilaire. It is walking distance from the McGill University Gault Natural Reserve'
Founded in 1999



Coteau St-Paul

1595 rue Principale Est, C.P. 333
St-Paul d'Abbotsford
J0E 1A0

Located more than 75 m above sea level on the southern slope of Mount Yamaska, St-Paul d'Abbotsford, vineyard and orchard HILLSIDE ST PAUL is also a wine cellar and a cider encamped in a building inspired by 'Norman architecture of the 16th century cob and timbered.

Situé à plus de 75 m d'altitude sur le versant sud du mont Yamaska, à St-Paul-d'Abbotsford, le vignoble et verger COTEAU ST-PAUL est aussi une cave à vin et une cidrerie campée dans un bâtiment inspiré de l'architecture normande du 16e siècle, en torchis et pan de bois. La libre cueillette de pommes et de raisins de table, ainsi que la dégustation et la vente de vins et cidres produits à même notre terroir, y sont à l'honneur



winemaking philosophy .



Domaine St-Jacques

615 Boulevard Edouard VII
St-Jacques-le-Mineur, QC
J0J 1Z0


Located in the heart of la Montérégie sud (Rivière Richelieu region) in between the St-Lawrence river, Richelieu river and Champlain lake, which provide us a unique microclimate by our terroir, our localisation and thermal units. The winery opened May 2008

Their reds include Baco Noir - Lucie Kuhlmann - Maréchal Foch - Sabrevois - Sainte-Croix and the whites- Vandal-Cliche and Vidal

The Du Temple Quirion Family philosophy is to offer the maximum value added to their customers by elaborating exceptional wines, with a viticulture and methods approach that respect our environment and terroir.

Winemaker: Luc Rolland
winemaking philosophy: Stay as close as possible to our terroir




Domaine Le Grand Saint-Charles

995, Grand Rang Saint-Charles 
Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Quebec 


In 1995 that Martin Laroche met Mylène Gaudette. Both work weekends at La Brasserie La Québécoise and La Boîte à chansons in St-Hyacinthe while studying at the Université du Québec à Montréal in secondary education. The idea of ​​having their own vineyard one day comes from the first years of their life together.

In 2008, Mylène and Martin acquired a 23-hectare estate located on the east side of Mount Yamaska ​​in St-Paul-d'Abbotsford. The Maskoutains moved with their small family to the site of Côteau St-Jacques , cider house well known in the region

After more than five years to build this project, summer 2013 marks the official opening of Domaine Le Grand Saint-Charles . The Laroche-Gaudette thus, with the invaluable help of their families and friends, made the ardent dream of turning fruits into wines and ciders. To mark the kick-off in 2013, Mylène and Martin are participating in the Festival Vins et Histoire de Terrebonne, the Magog Orford Harvest Festival and the Papilla Rendez-vous in St-Hyacinthe.

In the spring of 2014, nearly 2,000 plants of St-Pepin are planted on the estate and in the spring of 2015, the Laroche-Gaudette couple doubles the area of ​​its plantation. This time, 5,500 plants of Vidal, Frontenac gray and Petite Pear are rooted in their soil.

Since the summer of 2015, Domaine Le Grand Saint-Charles is officially part of the Route des Vins de la Montérégie.


winemaking philosophy .



La Face Cachée de la Pomme

617, route 202
Hemmingford (Québec)
Canada J0L 1H0


La Face Cachée de la Pomme

Founded in 1994 La Face Cachée de la Pomme, situated in Hemmingford , in Montérégie (South of Montreal), is an enterprise that specializes in the production of apple ice wine and exports its high-quality products to 13 countries across the globe

Driven by a passionate desire to create an authentic product of its time inspired by the bracing chill of the Québec winter, François Pouliot, a well-know film producer, participated in the development of the first ice cider in 1994. A few vintage later, visual artist Stéphanie Beaudoin joined François, lending her vision, energy and unflagging attention to detail to the refinement of La Face Cachée de la Pomme's ice cider. Since then, this entrepreneurial couple's constant innovations have sparked a trend that has played a major part in making Québec renowned worldwide for its grand dessert wine.

The winery is one of Quebec's leading producers making over 200,000 bottles a year. La Neige is one of the worlds best known Aplle Icewines. In addition to more then eighty awards and medals, La Face Cachée received the prestigious 2007 award from Fundacion de la sidra in Spain for having contributed to the development of ice cider and launched the product in Québec and around the world.

cider master: Loic Chanut

philosophy . The finest of our culture… in a bottle



Domaine De Lavoie

100 rang de la Montagne
Rougemont, Quebec
J0L 1M0



located in the apple producing region of Rougement. Red and white wines are available as well as a number of cider products. After years producing apples the Lavoie family decides to plant their first vines, reaching in 2010 a cultivated area of ??23 hectares with over 72,000 vines composed of a dozen varieties of 21 hectares apple and pear 1 hectare

In 2009, Domaine De Lavoie received the award for tourism and agritourism in Montérégie regional products and special Cuvée , award from the CCD.

Le Domaine De Lavoie est reconnu pour la richesse de son savoir-faire. Situé en montérégie sur le versant sud du mont Rougemont, le Domaine De Lavoie produit des vins et des cidres de grande qualité aux attraits uniques, faits à partir de fruits cultivés ici, au Québec. Nos produits du terroir québécois sont une source de plaisir intense qui se renouvelle à chaque gorgée


winemaking philosophy .


Les Petits Cailloux


625 rang de la Montagne
St-Paul d'Abbotsford
Québec, Canada
J0E 1A0

Martin Lavertu and Françoise Goudreau bought the land in the fall of 1999, the idea was a simple one: to establish a family vineyard in one of Quebec's most beautiful regions. On September 1, 2007, eight years and four children later, they finally opened the doors, offering six different wines.

The vineyard is located on the western slopes of Mont-Yamaska, overlooking the Monteregie Valley and the surrounding Mont Rougemont, Mont St-Hilaire and Mont St-Grégoire. The Vineyard itself is located on a former apple orchard, and numerous orchards are located within a stones throw

The name means Little Pebble. There are no pebbles here–just massive boulders. The vines grow on sloping, rocky terrain – offering perfect drainage and wonderful growing conditions for the grapes use to produce our wines. 

They produce six unique wines, including two whites, two reds, a rosé and a fortified red wine flavoured with maple syrup. All of our wines are made from their own grapes. They cultivate the rustic and semi-rustic varietals Maréchal Foch, Ste-Croix, Frontenac, St-Pépin, and Prairie Star

Winemaker: Martin Lavertu and David Cottineau

Philosophy: Best quality fruits make best wines! We pay special attention to the culture.

   tours / wine tastings

Vieux Moulin

141, route de la Mer
Sainte-Flavie (Québec)
GOJ 2L0 - See more at:


Hydromellerie du Vieux Moulin an award winning meadery. In English the name is Old Mill.

au Vieux Moulin you can safely observe a glass hive and see the bees in full swing. A guide will also answer all your questions about the fascinating world of abeilles.Le

Philosophy  If you do something, do it well

Name of Owners? Normand Tremblay
Winemaker  Guillaume Tremblay
Philosophy  If you do something, do it well

Vignoble Clos de la Montagne

330, de la Montagne
Mont St-Grégoire, Quebec
J0J 1K0


Only 30 minutes from Montreal, this winery has a broad selection of white wines, rose wines, and several aperitifs. This location also produces several styles of cider. Denise Marien-Andrée and Aristide Pigeon, both Montreal natives acquired the property in 1988.

Le nom Clos de la Montagne est à proximité, moins d'un kilomètre du Mont Saint-Grégoire, ce qui a inspiré le nom du vignoble. The name Clos de la Montagne is close, less than a kilometer from the Mont Saint-Grégoire, which inspired the name of the vineyard.

Le vignoble compte dix cépages (10 000 plants) et compte deux vingt blancs, un rosé et deux vins apérifits. The vineyard vines has ten (10 000 plants) and has two twenty white and rosé wines apérifits two. La cidrerie offre un cidre mousseux de méthode champenoise, un cidre fort et trois cidres apéritifs. The cider has a methode champenoise sparkling cider, cider hard cider and three appetizers

Vignoble Côte de Vaudreuil

2692, Harwood
Vaudreuil-Dorion, Québec
J7V 8P2

Côte de Vaudreuil

When playing golf with a friend Serge Prim often talked about  wine related projects. One day his friend told him about a a small vineyard for sale not far from his place. They went for a visit and his  wife Christiane St-Onge  feel in love with the place. Serge made inquiries as to the type of soil, the  growing degree days, the type of vines planted, consult an oenologist. The soil was good, the region is categorized to be the warmest region in the province of Quebec. They purchased the vineyard in 2006. There were 5,000 vines planted at this time they immediately planted 4000 more.
The vineyard has over 19,000 vines on 6 hectares

They grow , Saint-Croix, Vandal Cliche, St-Pépin, Prairie Star, Sabrevois, Maréchal Foch, Frontenac,
Grey Frontnac, White Frontenac and Marquette . Their signature wine is Primus

Winemakers: Jérémie de Hauteville and Richard Bastien
Philosophy:  Quality first, we are making a red, a white and a rosé. It is not my intention to develop a large family of products such as 8 to 12 different types of wine. I prefer to put my concentration on few products in order to develop quality products. 

Vignoble des Pins

136, Grand Sabrevois,
J0J 2G0

Founded in 1986, "Vignoble de Pins" is a five acre family business with roots going back to the Grossenbacher winery in Switzerland. The winery is located in Sabrevois in the Haut-Richelieu valley, south-east of Montreal. Grape varieties and cultivation methods reflect the harshness of the Québecois climate; hardy varietals and hilling of the vines in winter ensures survival.

Winemaker: Gilles Benoit.
Philosophy: We are aiming for a light, fruity style in our wines. The emphasis is on reds, blends of hybrids and vinifera's.

Vignoble du Marathonien

318, route 202
Havelock ,Québec,
J0S 2C0

Located in the far south close to the US border. Owner Jean Joly trained as a marathon runner, which accounts for the name. Jean's wife Line is co-owner of the picturesque winery. They produce Vin de Glace Icewine.

The vineyard has an area of ??2.0 hectares with 7000 vines aged 10 to 15 years. It produces white wines, red ice wine and late harvest.The majority of plants are French hybrids like Seyval Blanc, Cayuga, Vidal and Geisenheim. The red varieties DeChaunac Maréchal Foch and are very well adapted to the Cool climate.

Winemaker is Jean Joly.
Philosophy: We must never stop learning; and a good wine must begin with the careful pruning of the vines.

Vignoble Les Murmures

2750 Chemin Noiseux
Saint-Jean Baptiste (Québec)
J0L 2B0

Located on the southern flank of Mont Saint-Hilaire, the vineyard enjoys a privileged microclimate. Protégé sur trois faces par une forêt d'érables et de chênes, la pente sud maximise l'ensoleillement des vignes et favorise l'égouttement du sol. Protected on three sides by a forest of maples and oaks, the southern slope of the vineyard maximizes sunlight and promotes the drainage of the soil.

Situé sur le flanc sud du Mont Saint-Hilaire, le vignoble bénéficie d'un microclimat privilégié. Protégé sur trois faces par une forêt d'érables et de chênes, la pente sud maximise l'ensoleillement des vignes et favorise l'égouttement du sol.

With rock walls, its vineyards and cellar levels stony mountainside give it a very picturesque European charm. Tous nos cépages sont pourtant bien d'ici : québécois et nord américains.


Vignoble Le Royer St-Pierre

182 route 221
St-Cyprien de Napierville, QC

Founded in 1989 by Robert Le Royer and Lucie St-Pierre. They wanted to grow Chardonnay and currently are testing over 16 varieties. Their testing also includes experimenting with different trellising systems on the same vine. Red wine is made ​​from Marechal Foch and St. Croix grapes

Fondé en 1989, Le Vignoble Le Royer St-Pierre est situé à Napierville à environ 45 km au sud-ouest de Montréal, tout près de la frontière américaine. Le Vignoble est heureux d'accueillir en tout temps les amateurs de vin. Sis au coeur de la Vallée du Haut-Richelieu, notre vignoble jouit d'un microclimat particulièrement propice à la culture de la vigne

Visitors are welcome and buffet meals are served.

Winemaker: Robert Le Royer.
Philosophy: Intensive techniques.

Vignoble Morou

238, route 221,
Napierville (Québec)
J0J 1L0 Canada

Owners Monique Morin and Étienne Héroux, founded the winery in 1987. They began with 18 varieties but narrowed that down, selecting 10 varieties of grapes, the most adapted and best quality yielding. They include 4 red varieties and 6 types of white vines. The only “vitis vinifera” grown at Morou vineyard is Gamay. Others are French, German, American and Canadian hybrids.

Winemaker: Etienne Héroux.
Philosophy: Small family vineyard, wines of superior quality and a warm welcome for visitors.


Vignoble Saint-Remi

812 route 203
Howick (Quebec)
J0S 1G0

Owned by Fabien Gagné, Yvon Gagné They are growers They do not produce wine



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