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50th Parallel Estate Winery

50th Parallel Estate Winery Photo by Robert A Bell

For a brief moment I though I was lost before coming upon this magnificent winery, almost isolated along the lake side.

The property has 61 acres. The major plantings in the 30-acre vineyard are seven Dijon clones of Pinot Noir. The 50 th Parallel vineyard also has blocks of Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewürztraminer . Curtis Krouzel and Sheri-Lee Turner-Krouzel are the Founders and forceful Management Team of 50th Parallel Estate.

The name ’50th Parallel’ was chosen to represent a unique and real physical location, a meeting place that people will understand the minute they see the property.

Sheri-Lee and Curtis Curtis Krouzel

Curtis is a first-generation Canadian who was born in Winnipeg.   Curtis was raised in Edmonton before coming to Calgary in 1997 and starting an oil and gas design and technology company. Similar in many ways but very different to building a vineyard.

“As I was creating businesses in Calgary, at night, in my spare time, I was always researching creating a world-class winery here in the Okanagan.  My bedtime reading is grapevine physiology and that is really dry reading.  It has been almost an 18-year-long vision trying to create something awesome and to find the right place to do it.

Sheri-Lee is also a highly successful entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in marketing, and a history of building great businesses in media, marketing, and fitness.

I spent the first twenty minutes of my visit photography the exterior of the winery.

While photographing the Block One restaurant a young man said " don't you want me in your photo" So I did.


Once inside I was introduced to Alex Director of Wines who guided me through a tasting of some very amazing wines.

The first selection was 2018 Blanc De Noir a very good Sparkling wine. This one featured hints of Raspberry. The Pinot Noir Rose 2022 offered flavours of strawberry,cherry with hints of organge. I wow by the 2021 Riesling the flavours were a "bolt" of summer.

Winemaker Matthew Fortuna has been with 50th Parallel since 2013 and shares the same infectious passion for Pinot Noir as Curtis and Sheri Lee.. 


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