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Carone Vineyard

75 Roy Street
Lanoraie , Quebec
J0K 1E0

Vignoble Carone is a 22-acre premium estate winery located less than 45 minutes from downtown Montreal in the heart of the Lanaudière Valley, in the agricultural settlement of Lanoraie, Quebec. Owned and operated by
Anthony Carone

In 2002, the decision was taken to update the existing farmhouse and renovate most of the structure in order to facilitate the production of wine. Today, the winery consists of a modest 3,000 square foot building with a 250 square foot climate controlled cellar and a new 500 square foot fermentation room addition (constructed in the summer of 2004).

In 2004, current production volume reached approximately 1,000 cases/year which is based on a direct correlation to the number of existing grapevines in the vineyard. Carone produces mainly red wines from grapes grown on a 1.5 hectare plot.

Lanoraie a signature wine, a medium bodied red, produced from a field blend of Cabernet Severnyi, Frontenac and Landot. Lanoraie is full of dark ripe black fruit flavours with lots of smoky oak, liquorice and vanilla. This particular wine is aged in new American oak barrels for a period of 6 to 8 months before bottling.

Winemaker: Anthony Carone

winemaking philosophy .
To become Quebec’s top-ten wine company by growing premium wine grapes in the Lanaudière Valley and producing the finest New World wines.

The winery firmly believes that quality wines are born in the vineyard.
Our wines inheritably are created from combining Italian heritage to the Quebec terroir; an approach that delivers incredibly distinctive wines that defines the very best of the Lanaudière Valley.

Carone’s greatest asset is in its field-blended vineyard, where grapevines are trained low to the ground, spaced closely with one another and intermingled with other varieties at less than 2 feet intervals. Premium quality wine grapes are characteristically chosen for their obvious quality features as well as their climatic endurance.

The wines are skillfully crafted from field-blending, an age-old tradition, at harvest time, which supports the notion that winemaking begins in the vineyard and not in the cellar. These wines have higher levels of complexity and nuance and are a unique expression of the grapes.

Chapelle Ste. Agnès Vineyard

2565 Chemin Scenic
Sutton Quebec JOE 2K0

450 538-0303

Located in the Sutton Mountains of Southern Quebec, the Chapelle Ste. Agnès Vineyard was established in 1997 by Henrietta Antony, a Montreal antique dealer. The Vineyard is named after a stone chapel built several years earlier on the same site, and consecrated to St. Agnès, a thirteenth century Bohemian saint. The Vineyard has over 7000 vines and is focused on the production of ice wine and other sweet dessert wines.

Author John Schreiner states. There is no Vineyard in Quebec with a setting more beautiful than Chapelle Ste. Agnès

The Vineyard is built on a steep hillside, with massive stone walls supporting 18 terraces. Thousands of tons of stones and gravelly soil were used to create the Vineyard. The rows of vines follow the gentle curve of the hillside, creating a veritable amphitheatre

The Chapelle Ste. Agnès Vineyard is largely cultivated by hand. The vines are planted close together in an Alsatian manner. To enable the vines to survive the harsh winter, most vintners in Quebec cover their vines with earth, a technique known as hilling. At the Chapelle Ste. Agnès Vineyard, the vines are spared the stresses of hilling and de-hilling. Instead, every autumn, each vine is individually wrapped in a coat of insulating material. In addition, the Vineyard is cultivated organically, without herbicides or pesticides.

The chapel was founded by Henritte Antoney. The winery was planted in 1977 under the direction of Christian Barthomeuf .


Coop Des Producteurs Viticole Bourg-Royal ,

1910 rue des Érables
Charlesbourg, Québec

As the name suggests, this is a cooperative with one vineyard, one winemaker but numerous owners. It is one of the oldest in Québec's modern wine history beginning in 1982. The winery is testing over 350 varieties. The Winemaker Gilles Tremblay, believes in classic white wine fermentation with a bit of pelliclaire maceration (skin contact). As for the Reds, he prefers a Beaujolais-style approach.

Winemaker: Gilles Tremblay
Philosophy: Classic white wine fermentation with a bit of skin contact. For the red a Beaujolais style approach.

Domaine Royarnois

146, chemin du Cap-Tourmente
Saint-Joachim (Québec)
G0A 3X0

Located in the emerging wine region of Montmorency, east of Québec City in front of Île d'Orléans along the mighty St Laurent River. Nearby is the Cap Tourment wildlife reserve which explains the snow geese on the winery's label.
R. A. Harnois is the Winemaker who feels making a high quality wine is the reward of good grapes and exact quality control.

Vignoble Angell

267, 2ème Rang Ouest
Québec (Québec)
G0R 3S0

Vignoble Angell

A small winery with 5 acres of vines. With an additional 20 acres planted with strawberries and raspberries. Winemakers are Nick Raymond and Manon Boulet.

Une bonne occasion pour organiser un pique-nique et visiter la cave à vin dans une maison patrimoniale datant de 1813.

Vignoble Bourg Royal

1910 Rue des Erables
Charesbourg QC

The winery operates under the guidance of Jorj Radus. Along with his partners they have restored the vineyards which began back in 1980. He is believed to be the first to make a Cranberry Icewine he calls L'Ame de Dracula .

Vignoble De la Riviere du Chêne

807, River North, St-Eustache,
Québec, Canada J7R 4K3 Quebec, Canada J7R 4K3

Opened in 2000 by Daniel LaLande and Isabelle Gonthier.  Located northwest of Montreal,
in the Lower Laurentians, the vineyard18 hectares. is situated in climate zone 5a near the 45th parallel. Many of their wines are flavoured with Maple Syrup. Translated the name is Vineyards of the Oak River.

Depuis 1998, une équipe de travail s'est développée et les valeurs de l'entreprise se sont ancrées : respect, franchise, rigueur et professionnalisme. Au domaine, nous nous sommes engagés à vous offrir un vin du Québec authentique, vinifié dans le respect de la pure tradition, de notre climat et de notre terroir.

Winemaker: Richard Bastien

Vignoble Îsle de Bacchus

1071 chemin Royal
d'Orléans, Quebec
G0A 1N0

One of Québec's newer wineries founded by partners Alexandre Bouchard, Donald Bouchard, Jean-Louis Cr ê te, , and Pierre Lemieux. Located on an Island in the St Lawrence River Îsle d' Orléans. In 1934 the island was originally named Îsle de Bacchus by explorer Jacques Cartier.

The vineyards are located on the island's western slopes providing one of the provinces longer growing seasons.

Vignoble Le Moulin du Petit Pré

7007 avenue Royale
Château-Richer, Quebec

Located just outside of Québec City the winery opened in 2001. There is an ancient mill on the property originally built in 1695 . Owners Pierre Rousseau, Julien Bédard, Denis Jobin, Rosaire St. Pierre, and Jean Villeneuve

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