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The wine industry in Canada is confined to a few localities such as the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario and the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia where climatic conditions for the cultivation of grapes and berries suitable for wine are favourable. In this industry in 1939 there were 36 establishments, located by provinces as follows: Quebec, 1, Ontario 27, Manitoba 1, Saskatchewan 1, and British Columbia 6. These plants reported a capital investment of $7,169,685, an average employment of 634 persons who received $906,340 in salaries and wages, and a net value of production amounting to $4,040,897. Wines produced during the year and placed in storage for maturing totalled 3,998,232 gallons with an inventory value of $1 0 185,216, while the fermented wines bottled or sold in bulk during the year totalled 3,424,668 gallons valued at $5,058,130. Other products were valued at $195,943. In order to avoid duplication, however, the prime cost of wines produced in previous years and which were bottled or shipped in bulk during 1939 must be deducted from the gross value of production in order to arrive at the value of new products made by the industry in 1939.

The following is a list of wineries reporting in 1939


Bright, T. G. (Quebec) Limited 28th Avenue, Lachine


Acme Wine Company Limited -889 Queen Street West, Toronto
Barnes Wines Limited - St. Catharines
Bordeaux Wines Limited - Niagara-on-the-Lake
Bright, T. G., & Company Limited - Niagara Falls
Canadian Wineries Limited - R. R. No. 3, Niagara Falls
Canadian Wineries Limited (Lincoln Division) - St. Catharines
Danforth Wines Limited - 1076 Lake Shore Road, New Tororto
Grimby Wines Limited - Grimsby
Hamilton, J. S., & Company Limited - 44 Daihousie Street, Brantford
Hillrust Wine Company Limited - R.R. No. 4, St. Catharines -R.R. No. 4, St. Catharines
Huehnergard, Bruno, (The Kitchener Winery) -R. R. No. 3, Kitchener
Jordan Wine Company Limited - Jordan
Jordan Wine Company Limited - St. CatharirLes
London Winery Limited - London
Fred Marsh Winery Limited - 749 Park Street, Niagara Falls
National Wine Company Limited, (Canadian Wineries Limited) - 27 Brock Avenue, Toronto
Old Battlefield Wine Company - R. R. No. 5, Hamilton
Parkdale Wines Limited - 183 Bathurst Street, Toronto
The Peerless Wine Manufacturers Limited (Canadian Wineries Limited) - 448 Queen Street East, Toronto
Royal City Winery - 32-34 Wilson Street, Guelph
St.Catharines Wine Co. of Canada Ltd. - Woodburn Avenue, St. Catharines
Sunnybank Winery (F. L. Furminger) - H. H. No. 2, St. Catharines
Thomas, Alex., (Cooksville Wine Vaults) - Cooksville
Turner Wine Company - 106 Front Street East, Toronto
Twin City Wine Company (Pietro Belluz) - Fort William
Welch Grape Juice Company - St. Catharines
The Welland Winery - 268 King Street, Wellarid


Trossi, G - 485 St. Jean Baptiste St., St.Bonifac


Bright, T. G. (Western) Limited - 1560 Toronto Street, Regina

Britsh Columbia

Calona Wines Limited Kelowna
Growers Wine Company Limited 1531 - 15th Avenue West, Vancouver.
Growers Wine Company Limited Lake Hill
Richmond Wineries, (Growers Wine Co. Ltd.) Steveston
Victoria Wineries (B.C.) Limited 1404 Store Street,
Victoria Viceoria Wineries (B.C.) Limited Lake Hill




London Winery Label



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