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Grape Varieties
of Canada

Early Morning Harvest begins at Tinhorn Creek ~ Oliver

Photo by Ian Mounsey

Grapes, the only fruits on the Planet that become more interesting after
they have been squashed under foot. Fermentation of the wine begins
with the crushing of the grape.

Cliff and Gorge Vineyards
Cliff and Gorge Vineyards

Grapes fall into one of three categories 1) European or vinifera, 2) American or labruscana and 3) Hybrids.

Good examples of Vitus Vinifera are Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Noir. They are more common and make greats wines examples of labruscana are Concord and Niagara no longer considered a good wine grape.

Hybrides were developed to have superior hardiness and disease resistant. They include Baco Noir, Maréchal Foch, L'Acadie and Leon Millot

~ Nova Scotia
~ New Brunswick
~ New Foundland
~ Quebec
~ Ontario
~ British Columbia


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The information for these pages has been gather from a number of resources.. From winery owners to winemakers to Wikipedia and numerous other websites. If you have creditable information about a grape varietal grown in Canada please contact us. Grapes we are curently looking at - osceola muscat, St Laurent, Aurol and more.

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