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Averill Creek 
Duncan BC

Averill Creek Vineyards

6556 North Road
Duncan BC.

Averill Creek was established by owner Andy Johnston, who formerly worked as an MD, and wine educator in Edmonton. By the late nineties, he was ready to dive completely into his greatest passion. The winery is located just outside of the city of Duncan on Vancouver Island. f Duncan has a population of just under 5,000, it serves the Cowichan Valley which has a population of approximately 84,000

Andy Johnston Averill Creek Winery

Having grown up on a Welsh hill farm, Andy's return to his agricultural roots has brought him full circle, and proved a natural transition. Lured by its climate and its great potential for Pinot Noir, Andy ultimately settled in the Cowichan Valley, selecting and planting our site on the side of Mount Prevost in 2001.

The Averill Creek Winery takes its name from the pretty little creek that cuts through the vineyard as it runs down the southern slopes of Mount Prevost into the Cowichan Valley.

The 40 acrea vineyard is surrounded by old-growth forest, which provides not only protection but a range of growing conditions, and hence character in the fruit, owing to varying amounts of sunlight and shade in different plots. The vineyard is situated on Royston-Qualicum soil: a blend of glacial stone, clay, and old-growth organics, which allows sufficient drainage and root penetration. In the vineyard, we take cues from both organic and biodynamic principles, taking both a permacultural and regenerative farming approach, with particular emphasis on soil.

Brent Rowland is the winemaker, he has work over 22 harvests. Brent gradated with distinction from the University of Adelaide's Oenology & Viticultural program in Austrailia.

Averill Creek only uses screw tops to seal its wine. Andy believes this is the best way to preserve the natural quality of the wine over a long period of time. The winery's most recent launches include Prevost, a barrel-aged blend of maréchal foch, merlot and cabernet foch, and a blackberry dessert wine called Cowichan Black

Andy Johnston - Brent Rowland
Andy Johnston- Brent Rowland

Averill Creek is a great winery to visit. The have a snack menu available that rotates. Recently they have been offering cheese & olives, pâtés, mussels and octopus conserves .

Cowchan Valley

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