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Krause Berry Farm and Estate Winery

Since 1974

6179 248 Street, Langley, BC

Each year thousands of residents of the Greater Vancouver area and tourists from around the world flock to the very popular Krause Berry Farm this year alone on opening day there were 1200 visitors. They come to pick the berries, purchase vegetables,visit the market to select fruit pies and other delectable items from the bakery; their potato bread is a must try. Started over 40 years ago the property has evolved into a one stop destination, the recently added winery only adds to the fun.

The Market is stocked with country themed gifts, decor items, and their own line of jams, jellies, and preserves.  Products are made on site in the Farmhouse Harvest Kitchen, using fruits and vegetables grown on the farm. Currently they produce over 100 products from what they grow. There is also a cooking school on-site site that is quite popular.

The farm makes old fashioned ice cream, which is sold in the Market, Bakery and at the Porch Restaurant. The ice cream is available to enjoy on site or take home. Ice cream is just one of the many food items available at the farm. Freshly made waffles served at the KB Corra are extremely popular. Food service is also available in the winery. Prices are quite reasonable, 9.00 for a waffle loaded with fruit and whipped cream.

The Estate Winery and Restaurant are open 7 days a week from 10am - 5:30pm.  Friday nights the Estate Winery Restaurant is OPEN till 9pm with a Fresh Sheet Menu for dinner with items from their own property as well as being sourced from local farms. i.e. cheeses and meats.

Krause Berry Farm
Winemaker Sandra Lee Harcourt, Owners Alf and Sandee Krause
Notice the bar stools, they are real saddles!


Barbara and I paid a long overdue visit to the winery on Thursday, July 20th. Winemaker Sandra Lee Harcourt, owners Alf and Sandee Krause so generously gave of their time to bring us up to date on what has taken place since our last visit. We were delighted to learn they were awarded with Best Fruit Wine of 2017“ in the All Canadian Wine Championships  2017! Such a prestigious award for a 4 year old winery and we see why, or should I say taste why. Well done Sandra Lee!


We were joined by the delightful resident Tasting Room Manager Ted

Ted sports a Derby Hat as he assumes the role of an Old West bartender serving up great wines and good times in the winery. It is worth a trip just to see him strut his stuff!



The hospitality was amazing; we tasted their various selections, while enjoying a cheese and fruit plate chatting about the wines and the berry farm. This is a four year old winery that has been recognized in major wine competitions in Canada and USA. Their wines were most impressive, we can see more awards coming about in the future if they are anything like what we tasted on Thursday.

Krause Sparkling Raseberry

Our tasting began with two sparkling wines, Raspberry and Blueberry. The aroma on the blueberry was sensational, Barbara preferred the Raspberry; I went with the Blueberry both excellent on the pallet.. The Strawberry Sparkling won a medal at the Finger Lakes Competition in New York.


Barbara was also impressed with the Tayberry wine (tayberry is a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry, and named after the river Tay in Scotland) I also enjoyed its fruity flavour, the finish is amazing. Barbara marked this as one to take home.

Next up was the Eureka (Blueberry Reserve)   the Gold Medallist at the 2015 Finger Lakes Wine Competition. The wine is crafted with Reka blueberries. We have to tip our hats to Sandra Lee on this one, it bursts with flavours.

We then moved on to the dessert wines enjoying two Port style wines which my dear wife loved and the renowned Cassis, another favourite with her. Only ports originating in Portugal can use the name port on the labels: Al and Sandee have solved this by incorporating the cowboy boots onto the label and calling it Portoe which represents the toe of the boot. We tasted the Strawberry Portoe and Blackberry Portoes, the Blackberry was my preference. The beautiful boots pictured above were designed by Sandee and made in Texas and yes they are worn by the Krauses.


We finished off the amazing afternoon with the award winning Cassis (Black Currant) Dessert Wine. Oh so good! This wine came home with us thanks to the unexpected gifting from Sandee, special treat as the vintage was down to two bottles. Barbara said she is saving it for her birthday in November but maybe I can talk her into opening it on our anniversary in September.

Chef Jeremy creates eye appealing, delicious 3 course meals from food freshly picked from Krauses' gardens and fields (check website for details. on Friday Nights. This is a sample of their Friday night menu

Appetizer: Garden zucchini pasta, cucumbers, red onions, peppers, tomatoes and olives with a Greek feta dressing.
Main: Souvlaki chicken with tzatziki and couscous pilaf saute with garlic scarlette bean or Souvlaki prawns
Dessert: Berry tiramisu

The menu changes each week depending on what is available from the farm.

Krause Berry Farm and Winery

Krause Berry Farm and Winery is a major employer, contributing to the community. In the Summer they have over 200 people helping to make your visit an enjoyable one. Barbara first picked berries here many years ago driving out from Vancouver. She has seen the farm grow and expand without losing a beat only getting better and better. For me it's ice cream, pie and wine. Now that we reside in Langley we will be taking in some Friday night dinners. Thank you Krause family and staff for all that you do to make this a destination.

Krause Estate Cassis


Recent Awards:

2017 All Canadian Wine Championships

Double Gold Cassis (bottled in late 2016)
Fruit Wine of the Year 2017

2017 Northwest Wine Summit

Gold Tayberry Dessert
Silver Blackberry Portoe
Bronze Rhubarb
Bronze Sparkling Strawberry

2017 Great American International Wine Competition

Double Gold Blackberry Portoe

2017 Savour Northwest

Bronze Sparkling Blueberry

2016 Double Gold Sparkling Blueberry NWWS
2015 Double Gold Sparkling Raspberry ACWC
2015 Gold Tayberry Dessert ACWC

Note - Fresh strawberries at Krause Berry Farm disappear very quickly but you can find them in their outstanding pies and preserves

Krause Berry Farm and Estate Winery was featured in our Best Wineries to Visit

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