Blackwood Lane Vineyards and Winery

Bonus Vita et Bonus Amici

There is something special about going to Blackwood Lane (25180 8th Avenue, Langley, BC). It begins with a drive through the beautiful countryside of the Fraser Valley upon arriving at their classic iron gate before proceeding up the narrow tree lined lane to the winery.

Blackwood Lane Winery

On this warm September evening we were joined by our friends Ken and Jane who are serious wine connoisseurs. The winery's tasting room was extremely busy when we arrived so we headed to the patio. The patio is a new addition to the winery this year, it was designed by Carlos Lee, the owner and winemaker at Blackwood Lane. His attention to detail is amazing, from the pizza oven to the gas fire pits. The spectacular views are an added bonus.

patio at Blackwood Lane Estate Winery

Kimberley Gislason, Chef Extraordinaire

The patio's stonework is amazing, complete with a stone waterfall. The main view upon exiting the tasting room is south but east and west views are there as well. Mount Baker can be seen to the southeast and the western view provides incredible sunsets.

Southeastern view from the patio

Looking south from the tasting room approach

Looking west from the patio, perfect venue for a wedding

Entrance to the Tasting Room from the patio

Kim delivering one of her specialty pizzas to us

Pizza at Blackwood Lane winey

Now to the real reason for the visit, wines! Carlos has recently released two white wines that are perhaps his best whites to date. A 2014 Chardonnay and a 2016 Viognier. We started with the Viognier a perfect wine for the summer patio with its refreshing honeysuckle flavours. Ken and Jane selected the Vicuna Roja a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from the Osoyoos vineyards. A hearty wine with excellent wild berry aromas, intense flavours, good finish, they were pleased with their choice. Barbara I went on to enjoy the smooth tasting Chardonnay, I knew I would make a white wine drinker out of her one day! Her feeling on the Viognier was "if anyone didn't enjoy it they had no taste buds!" Put it on your list to make a visit before summer has disappeared for another year.

Carlos joined us after his busy day in the tasting room

Carlos Lee
Carlos and Kim

As night approached we continued to linger on the patio enjoying the warmth and ambiance from the gas freplaces. Next time we will bring marshmallows! Thank you Carlos and Kim for making the evening of September 16, 2017 a memorable one for the four of us

Blackwood Lane Vineyard and Winery is currently open Wednesday-Sunday 11:00 A.M to 5:00 pm. Pizza, cheese boards and more are served. There is musical entertainment and other events on various evenings, check their website for information.

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