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Domaine Queylus

3651 Sixteen Rd.,
St Anns, Ontario 

Located in Ontario’s renowned Niagara Peninsula. They have 40 acres (16 Hectares) spread over three applellations, Lincoln Lakeshore, Beamsvlle: Twenty Mile Bench, Jordan; and Vinemount Ridge, St Ann's. They produce a select varietals of grapes These varietals are Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay.

The vines are grown organically in order to respect the terroir and to protect the fragile soils of the “Bench” region for generations to come. Neither synthetic herbicides nor pesticides are used. In addition, all the vineyards are equipped with nets to prevent potential disease caused by birds.

The winery is owned by twelve partners from Montreal; friends whos dream and their passion for wine, vineyards and terroir was fulfilled. The name is in honour of Gabriel de Queylus who oversaw the first vinification on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Thomas Bachelder

Gilles Chevalier is a co-founder and president of the estate. Gilles Bussière is vice president. The winery maker and winemaker responsiable for all areas of wine production is Thomas Bachelder.

At Domaine Queylus, the grapes are harvested and sorted by hand, 100% destemmed, followed by the cold maceration process when the natural, indigenous yeasts from the vineyard on the grapes is the active ingredient. The fermentation process then slowly begins, lasting over several days, thus allowing for the full-bodied, complex aromas to emerge. By springtime, the new wine has achieved its malolactic fermentation.

Pinot Noir Tradition, 2011 won the Lieutenant Governor Award in 2014.

The winery is open year round Thusrsday through Sunday


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