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The View Winery and Vineyard

Ward Cider

Barbara Bell at the View Winery

Barbara and I were invited to return to the View Winery and Ward cider for a special tasting in the Orchard. It was a very memorable experience.

Wards Cider Orchard

Wines of Canada at Wards Cider

It was a lovely picnic spot, so relaxing!

Since 2006 Jennifer Turton-Molgat has proudly led The View Winery and Wards Cider

Since 2006 Jennifer Turton-Molgat has proudly led The View Winery and Wards Cider. A very nice chatuteri board was provided to enjoy with or tasting experience. The View Winery is a family owned estate winery overlooking the city of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake. In honour of our apple growing history we also craft Wards Cider. Tucked into a charming 1920`s era vintage building, our wine shop is an eclectic and inviting stop for any wine tour ( See the Soroptimist visit to the Winery). 

The first wine we experience was the 2022 White Rhino a Blanc de Noir from Pintoage and Pinto Noir. The grapes for this Blanc de Noir were gently and slowly whole cluster pressed using a special Champagne technique to extract as little color as possible from the skins.  The resulting juice was cold settled for two days and transferred to 1 stainless steel tank and 5  neutral French Oak barrels for fermentation with 5 different selected yeast strains Alchemy1 (tank), Oneoferm extream, QA23, Vin13 and VL3 (barrels) for maximum complexity.  Following completion of primary fermentation, the tank was stopped with some residual-sugar, the barrels were taken to dry and aged sur lees for 4 weeks with daily battonage. A tip of the hat to winemaker Kristy French.

From the Elements collection came the Pinot Gris 2021. A excellent full of flavour. Perfection in a bottle;

The newly released Pink Rhino was next. Once again winemake Kristy French went through a complicated (t0 Me) proceed to produce a wonderful wine.

Ah! Wow the 2022 Gewürztraminer. With half the vineyard planed in Gewürztraminer you can taste why. So light so smooth It just flows over the tongue.

Ward's Orchard Rage

It was now onto to some very good Ciders. Wards Orchard Rose was very good as was The Dry Hopped. The Dry Hopped Cider is infused with bright Citra hops. It has enticing, hop forward, floral aromas and tart lemon citrus flavours which perfectly complement a refreshing, dry, crisp finish.

My favourite cider of all time is Ward's Picker Hut -World Cider Championships Awards 2019 – Gold


My husband and I went dancing. We danced until my red pumps started to pinch. After heading home and finishing a bottle of Merlot, he playfully removed my shoes and stuffed the heel of one shoe into the empty bottle.

And there it was, with an overturned glass beside it, an image of our own making. It spoke to us of our love of wine, born by accident during a fun and carefree moment.

~ Jennifer Turton-Molgat

Jennifer Turton-Molgat-bob Bell

It was a wonderful day at the View Winery and Wards Cider. Thank you Jennifer and Team! Read More

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