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Priest Creek Family Estate

My next stop would be Priest Creek one of the newer wineries located in East Kelowna or as some like to say South East Kelowna. East Kelowna is a more rural area of the city.

Darren and Jane Sawin are part of the great migration of residents of Canada's prairie provinces who visit the Okanagan and fall in love with its natural beauty. Darren and Jane are both from Saskatchewan, who found themselves in Calgary with a home renovation business.

Darren always wanted to be a rancher his heart was in the farmlands In 2010 they moved their home and business to the Okanagan and in 2015 bought property 2.5 acres of Gewürztraminer plus an additional 7 acres Some of which they planted pinot Noir.

The name Priest Creek was chosen to pay tribute to the heritage of the land. This Estate was part of a parcel of land farmed by the Mission in the mid 1800’s. Priest Creek runs behind the property and runs into Mission Creek where it is said Father Pandosy planted the first grapes in the valley for wine.

I wandered around the property before going inside. I discovered a patio located at the back of the tasting room.

They feature a well designed tasting room.

My tasting started with the 2022 Gewurztraminer. Some complex flavours and just a little too sweet.. Next came the 2022 Pinot Gris with notes of Peach and a little apple. The 2022 Gold Rush Cabernet Franc was quite good

Our Okanagan Trip 2023


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