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The sign on the road said Nostalgia winery this way so why Not. My wife been a Soroptimist likes to visit wineries owned by a woman. The Nostalgic boutique winery is located on the prestigious Black Sage Bench in Oliver. The owner and winemaker is Gina Fernandes Harfman.

She’s the fourth generation from her family to sink her hands into South Okanagan soil.  She’s a proud mom to son Jaxson, born in 2011, and daughter Vida, born in 2015. The family lives on the winery’s 17-acre property.

Gina attended Fine Art school in Kelowna, airbrush courses in Las Vegas and was working airbrushing and pinstriping hot rods and motorcycles. She made her first wines with grapes from her father Ken Harfman’s vineyard for a family function in 2009.

Gina is a classic car lover, and has a 1961 Chevrolet Bel Air fondly called “Ollie” after its previous owner. Those who have visited the property will remember her 1938 Chevy truck blooming with pink petunias in summer months. Following her love of hot rods, Nostalgia Wines is host to an annual Show, Shine ‘n’ Wine the second weekend of July. It’s an official Collector Car Appreciation Day event.

The patio provides a pretty terrific view

Our Tasting host was Jack Babcock who hospitality = Phot by Barbara Bell

Our Tasting host was Jack Babcock who hospitality and charming nature made a most enjoyable tasting experience.

Very single wine we tasted was five star quality. However I have misplaced my tasting notes. But we will taste more wines and relate our findings. To my surprise and pleasure they make an outstanding Kerner,

Our Okanagan Trip 2023

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