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Nagging Doubt is one of East Kelowna's newest wineries. The owners are Rob and Abby Westbury

Rob Westbury is a local Vancouver businessman with a long standing interest in wines.  The seed was planted to pursue a career in wine and winemaking after a long term assignment in San Francisco 7 years ago.  After completing several levels of sommelier training at night, Rob, along with wife Abbey, decided to take the plunge and start a winery, using a custom crush model to build skills and a brand.

I first met Rob a few years back on a BC Ferry. He recognized me! Barbara and I were glade to see he was able to pursue his dream. The winery maybe small but the wines are quite good! However we received our best greeting from Clover and Pinot the winery dogs.

Armed with a degree in psychology from the University of Alberta, Rob spent many years touring Canada as the drummer in an acclaimed punk band, before trading his drumsticks and Doc Martens for a master’s degree from Northwestern University. After graduate school, he joined the rat race. 

 Rob turned his efforts to studying the artistry and science of winegrowing and winemaking. Many years of simultaneously apprenticing with innovative Okanagan winemakers, earning his Viticulture and Enology certificates from Washington State University, planting the Nagging Doubt estate vineyard from scratch, and learning the business of wine on the job have helped Rob earn his place among the industry’s hardest-working talents.

Abbey’s childhood dream was to be Indiana Jones. So she worked on some archaeological digs and earned her degree in Radio-Television-Film and Italian from Northwestern University. Of course.

Professionally, she’s worked in film and TV post-production, all sorts of quirky museums, and as a content creator for the marketing and cultural heritage industries.

The name -Nagging Doubts are the thoughts we all have - sitting in the backs of our minds, goading us on. Yet, the daily grind always seems to take precedence. Even so, those thoughts persist.  Starting this winery has been our Nagging Doubt…a dream we have had for years that has finally come to fruition

Abby conducted our wine tasting starting with 2012 Sallows Road off Dry Siegerrebe. An outstanding wine most impressive.

The 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon started with a very good aroma with notes of Blackberry, Black current and traces of licorice.


Their red blend The Pull consists primarily of Merlot (56%), with Cabernet Franc (16%), Cabernet Sauvignon (15%), and Malbec (13%) Feating dark berries a great wine.

Put Nagging Doubt on your list of Wineries to Visit.

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