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Christine Coletta and Steve Lornie’s impromptu decision to forgo retirement and journey into the wine business. The pair first launched Haywire in 2009 as a tiny virtual wine brand. In 2011a permanent home for Haywire was established on Switchback Vineyard in Summerland with the opening of Okanagan Crush Pad. Haywire offers lively, texture-driven wines, most which are vineyard designated using grapes from our three vineyards.

In 2023 they changed directions renaming the Okanagan Crush pad to Haywire Winery and concentrate their efforts into producing only their own Wine. However they also decide to take one more huge step the development of Garnet Valley Ranch.

Craig Pingle - Paula  Haywire Winery
Craig Pingle - Paula

We were greeted in the parking lot by our host Craig Pingle General Manager for Haywire and Garnet Valley Ranch. At the entrance we were greeted by Paula. Who would conduct our tasting.

Haywire tasting room

I took the opportunity to visit the production area and found winemaker Matt Dumayne. Who gave me a quick tour of their concrete tanks.

Matt joined OCP in 2013 taking on role of Chief Winemaker. Matt received his winemaking training in New Zealand and has worked over 30 vintages around the world increasing his knowledge and perfecting his craft. A harvest internship at Nk'Mip Cellars Winery set Matt's determination to make wine in the Okanagan which resulted in him moving from New Zealand in 2010. He and Production Winemaker, Katrina D'Costa, oversee all Haywire and Garnet Valley wines.

Haywire winery  wine flight

It was now time to taste a few wines. We started with the 2021 Haywire Pink Bub Sparking wine. It featured strawberry notes and fresh apple.

Next came the King Family Pinot Gris 2022. Barbara really enjoyed this wine featuring tropical fruits and pear

A very good 2021 Chardonnay followed with a nice minerality and light fruit flavours.

We both enjoyed the Garnet Ranch 2020 Pinot Noir. The one that really impressed Barbara was the 2020 Gamay.

It was now time to Explore Garnet Ranch.

Our Okanagan Trip 2023

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