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Ex Nihilo

Exploring Lake Country I came across Ex Nihilo. The lovely ground was very inviting but the greeting by the lady I came to know as Kayleen was even nice.

A 14 acre property located on the southwestern facing slope that overlooks the beautiful Lake Okanagan. This vineyard, due to the effects of its microclimate, slope and soils, is considered one of the best sites in the world to produce premium icewine. The Rolling Stones Icewine is crafted in limited quantity from grapes grown exclusively from this site. The wineries name comes Frederick Hart’s ‘creation’ sculpture, Ex-Nihilo. Ex Nihilo translation, a Latin word meaning 'out of nothing

I was given a choice to sit either inside or on the patio. Been a beautiful day I chose the patio.

The winery is owned by Mike and Janet Azhadi, Mike's experience spans over 40 years in business, engineering, and manufacturing. During this period Mike has worked with the largest global corporations in hospitality industries. Specifically, he worked in restaurants and manufacturing environments in worldwide executive leadership and ownership capacities.

Janet has worked in the Health Care Industry as a registered nurse, leader and educator for over 30 years. She is passionate about improving people's lives and focuses her time on her family as well as local and international philanthropy causes.

Jim Faulkner is the winemaker with Jory Lumly the assistant Winemaker

The Dining Room at Ex Nihilo
The Dining Room at Ex Nihilo

The 8000 sq ft Mediterranean style winery and tasting room designed by Jeff Harder. Ex Nihilo specifically designed the tasting room to showcase local artists. The connection between wine and art is evident throughout the valley, and Ex Nihilo has established itself as a premiere destination for fine wine and fine art. 

My tasting was most enjoyable with the delightful Kayleen. The Merlot was excellent as was the 2019 Pinot Noir . The 2021 Riesling amazing and the Pinot Gris 2021 one of the very best I have ever enjoyed.


Thank you Ex Nihilo I had a Fantastic Time.

Our Okanagan Trip 2023

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