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The Stutz Family

from Switzerland to Nova Scotia

(left to right)

Cäcilia, the unwavering wine shop host; Jürg, the modest winemaker; Anna, the green thumb; Hanspeter, the visionary; Beatrice, the authentic smile and Le Caveau restaurant manager; Jason, the straight-shooting Le Caveau chef.

Some refer to them as immigrants from Europe, true but even more important they are part of the millions of people who came to Canada to create a better life and they have done so helping our country grow and prosper. The Stutz family has played a major role in the success of the Nova Scotia Wine Industry.

Domaine de Grand Pré winery

Domaine de Grand Pré winery was built on love and passion for Nova Scotia and exceptional wine and food. Hanspeter Stutz, owner and father, is a visionary who first took a leap of faith in 1994, trusting that something special could be established to grow the Nova Scotia wine industry. He wanted to create a world-class destination while building a future for his family. The winery was build with the help of his son Jürg, a Swiss trained winemaker, accompanied by his wife Cäcilia.

Hanspeter Stutz

The winery was founded in 1978; the first winery in Nova Scotia. In 1993, Swiss businessman, Hanspeter Stutz, bought Grand Pré. As a banking executive in Switzerland, he had dreamed of opening a winery in the Annapolis Valley after visiting Nova Scotia on behalf of a client. In 1992 he lost his wife to cancer, and decided to make the move. “Now we do something together,” Hanspeter told his then 19-year-old daughter, Beatrice, and 20-year-old son, Jürg. “Here is a new world where we can be creative. There will be no time to think about anything else.”

Stutz was undaunted by the challenge of purchasing and restoring the vineyard. Now, with his vision and determination, Mr. Stutz has successfully established Domaine de Grand Pré as a proud and viable winery. It is a family business with son Jürg winemaker, daughter Beatrice manages the restaurant Le Caveau. Beatrice husband is Chef Jason Lynch. 

It took five years to replant restore the vineyards. Together they renovate a ramshackle farmhouse and outbuildings, Beatrice honed her management skills supervising a pharmacy and also worked at a high-end restaurant, while Jürg went to wine school in Zurich, getting a degree in oenology.


Domaine de Grand Pré

Domaine de Grand Pré has a unique approach to winemaking. Unlike most New World wineries producing Old World wines, such as Chardonnay, Hanspeter believes wine producers should develop distinct varieties, styles and vineyard practices based on particular soils and climates. To achieve this, Domaine de Grand Pré has partnered with the Agriculture Canada Station in Kentville, Nova Scotia to develop unique Nova Scotian varieties.

The only winery in Nova Scotia that offers the full wine & dine experience. Award winning restaurant named Le Caveat; built in the original 1828 house. Grand Pre is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.The lush gardens and beautiful grounds falls under the guidance of Hanspeter partner Anne.

The winery has a very nice tasting bar. Tasting Fees apply. They produce icewine, port style wines and other dessert wines. The Domaine has a unique approach to winemaking. Unlike most New World wineries producing Old World wines, Hanspeter believes producers should develop distinct varieties, styles, and vineyard practices based on particular soils and climates.

jürg stutz
jürg stutz

signature wines are Tidal Bay, L'Acadie Blanc, Muscat, Ortega, Castel, Cabernet Foch

Domaine de Grand Pré, Grand Pré – Riesling, 2016 and - Domaine de Grand Pré, Grand Pré – Muscat Icewine, 2016 both received Lieutenant Governors Award for Excellence in Nova Scotia Wines.

Located along Nova Scotia’s Evangeline Trail in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

11611 Highway 1
Grand Pré, NS
B0P 1M0

I could never have done this alone. It is a good feeling to work as a family. We have established new roots in Grand Pré. We are not British—not Acadian—but our hearts are here now. This is our home.” Hanspeter Stutz

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