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Skaha Bench sub-GI

The sub-Geographic Indication (sub-GI) is located along the east side of Skaha Lake spanning a total length of approximately 10 km in a north south direction and an area of just under 365 ha. As of 2016, the delineated area contained approximately 75 ha of vineyards, split evenly between the northern and southern portions of the sub-GI. The delineation also encompasses areas of rock outcrop, a large residential area (Heritage Hills estates) and significant areas of orchard lands. The proposed sub-GI is composed of a single landscape element – the Late Pleistocene aged glaciolacustrine terrace (bench). The origin of the glaciolacustrine terrace and the nature of its surface relate to the period at the end of the last ice age during deglaciation when the temporary Glacial Lake Penticton existed some 12,000 to 10,000 years ago on the floor of the Okanagan valley including the area currently along the east side of Skaha Lake.

As the Bench is predominantly west facing and receives direct afternoon sun during the growing season, the bedrock outcrops absorb solar radiation during the day and radiate heat at night a process thought by growers to benefit wine grape production. The lake provides a moderating influence on the climate of the outer terrace surfaces, cooling during the heat of the day, providing a degree of warming at night and in the fall through spring season

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Principal cultivars grown in the proposed Skaha Bench sub-GI.

% of total acreage (approx.)
Chardonnay 17
Merlot 12
Pinot gris 12
Pinot noir 10
Pinot blanc 10
Syrah 8
Cabernet Sauvignon 6
Cabernet Franc 6
Gewurztraminer 5
Sauvignon blanc 4

Skaha lake

source - BC Wine Authority

Skaha Lake area wineries

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