Pelee Island


A small Island located in Lake Erie. The Island is Canada's most southern land mass.
The climate on these islands boasts the highest heat units in the country, and the longest frost free season in Ontario. Along with the aforementioned differences, are many others, the foremost being the condition of isolation. To this place apart settlers came to make a living, one defined by difficulty and perseverance. A community evolved, one that reflected the setting-in social and in economic ways, but importantly too, in habit of thought.

Soil type: Toledo and Brookstone clay over a limestone base impart distinct Pelee Island features to our wines.

Avg. rainfall: 800mm

Avg. Heat Units: 1,591

Avg. Frost Free Days: 195


Some climatological data Europe and North America (for comparison)

Pelee Island Ontario , Canada Macon Burgandy , France

Latitude: 41.5 degrees north Latitude: 46 degrees north

Elevation: 174 meters above sea level Elevation: 216 meters above sea level

Frost Free Days: 196 Frost Free Days: 200

Heat Units: 1,591 Heat Units: 1,220


Anderson Valley Mendocino, Asti Piemonte , Italy

California , U.S.A. Latitude: 41 degrees north

Latitude: 41 degrees north Heat Units: 1,706

Heat Units: 1,394


Geisenheim Rheingau , Germany

Latitude: 50 degrees north

Elevation: 109 meters above sea level

Frost Free Days: 197

Heat Units: 1,040

In 2013 The AVA status of Pelee Island was removed and it was placed under the Lake Erie North Shore

Please see History of Pelee Island



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