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Ponderview Estate Winery

925 Line 2 - R.R. 2
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0

Ponderview Estate Winery

The Puglisi Family winery is located in the Four Mile Creek Sub-Appelation near the charming town of Niagra-on-the Lake. The town is known for its wineries and the summer Shaw Festival, a series of theatre productions. The flower-filled, tree-lined old town features 19th-century buildings, mainly along Queen Street. It is also know for its numerous wineries.

Ponderview Estate Winery is also know for its attractive facilities and fine wines. PondView Estate Winery sits on a 50 acre grape farm that has been tended to by the Puglisi family since 1974. The Puglisi Family were producers of wine in Italy before Giuseppe Puglisi emigrated to Canada in 1965, he brought with him his passion for grape-growing and wine-making. His son, Luciano (Lou), who has been passed the torch and now carries on the family tradition with the beautiful PondView Estate Winery. Luciano and Adriana Puglisi are owners their son is the winemaker.

Luciano (Lou), was crowned 2008 Grape King, a Ministry of Agriculture award for the finest vineyard operator in Ontario.

They named their estate vineyard Bella Terra meaning beautiful land .Philosophy: "Great Wine is a Harmony of Earth and Vine Our wines are a reflection of our "Bella Terra" our "Beautiful Earth". We are proud of the very unique and fertile terroir that flows through all our wines

Ponderview tasting room

recent visitors to the winery wrote

Pondview was honestly the closest thing I've experienced to the warmth and openness of the family wineries I regularly visit in France in North America, with the possible exception of St. Hubertus in Kelowna, BC. Their sales clerk was immensely patient with us, and even though they were supposed to close at 6 they ended up staying open an extra half hour while we worked through a tasting, a bit of an education about their winery, wines, and history, and eventually putting in an order with them.

The woman who lead our tasting was fabulous. Very engaging, and knowledgeable. Made it a great experience! Everyone in our party liked at least one wine so much we bought it, and there was none we tasted that we didn’t enjoy. The bubbles especially are top notch!

Luciano Puglis
Luciano Puglis photo credit Savoy

Mrs. and Mr. Giuseppe Puglisi

Look for the Bella Terra Cabernet Franc GOLD MEDAL InterVin International Wine Awards 2018


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