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Four Wheels Farm Winery

A 150 year old farm located in the Creemore Hills short distance from Georgia Bay. The farm is owned by Charles (Chuck) Magwood. Chuck is a nature enthusiast and photographer. Chuck discouver the propert twenty years ago and could not resist purchasing the property. It tok years to clear the land for farming. Chuck insist upon only organic methods.

He began planting the vineyard in 2011, including Vidal (icewine), Baco Noir, Marechal Foch, Pinot Gris and others. He has 5.5 acres with 4000 vines featuring 9 varietals.

The winery is built into the lower level of a 125 year old barn. Chuck, the vinter, does all the work himself.

Chuck also produces apple cider. 

Chuck Magwood.

Before becoming a farmer Chuck was a developer in Toronto best known for building the Skydome.

He became president and chief executive officer of Metro's domed stadium corporation.

As a developer Chuck was involved in leading construction of some significant regional malls, such as Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket, in the mid 1970s. After getting those malls built, he left Cambridge and formed his own company, Chartwood Developments, which worked on downtown redevelopment projects in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

He sold his compay and later started OMERS Realty. He bought and redeveloped a number of real estate. Projects included Yorkdale, Square One and BCE Place. Over the next eight years, he's worked on real estate projects, including the U of T's varsity stadium project. Partly he was motivated by loyalty to his alma mater, and partly, he was energized by sports.

So when he bought the undevlpoed property in Creemore Hills he was more than up to the challange. He now has apple orchard, cherry orchards, pears, maple syrup and of course a vineyard producing wines.

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