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Fred and Sandy Archibald.

Adamo Estate Winery

793366 3rd Line EHS,
Mono, ON L9W 2Z2

The 25 acre vineyard is nestled in the fertile, rolling hills of Hockley Valley featuring over 23,000 vines. the winery is owned by Mario Adamo.

Born in Calabria, Italy, and arriving in Canada when he was 18 years old, Mario Adamo followed the path to where his passion for food could shine. In 1972, Mario and his wife Nancy started a thriving catering business, and in 1985, they took the opportunity to move their business and life to a location that really felt like home. It was then that Hockley Valley Resort was born, and has now evolved into a 104 room, four-season resort and culinary destination.

The Adamo family philosophy has always been driven by quality and hard work, beginning with Nancy and Mario, and following through to the next generation where Julie and John-Paul are now at the helm of the resort and building on that legacy.

The first wines were released in 2015. The vineyards have over 28,000 vines

Mono is 85 Km north of Toronto

Winemaker Jonas Hinterland

Algoma Highlands

1 Pinewood Drive
Wawa, ON, Canada P0S1K0


Algoma Highlands Wild Blueberry Farm and Winery is owned and operated by Trevor and Tracy Laing located in Wawa, Ontario. Wawa is a township in the Canadian province of Ontario, located within the Algoma District and associated with Wawa Lake. Formerly known as the township of Michipicoten, after a nearby river of that name, the township was officially renamed in 2007 for its largest and best-known community of Wawa.

In 2011, they sold both fresh and frozen berries, and in 2013 they entered the value-added market selling jam, barbecue sauce, and syrup. Later they added wine.

The family farm has 640 acres with a sand base being old Lake Superior beach front from times gone by.



Applewood Winery

2055 Saintfield Road Scugog,
Port Perry, ON, Canada L0C1H0


This family operated winery was orginally located in Stouffville just outside of Toronto. It is owned by the Passafiume Family and began as one of the very first pick-your-own farms. The winery opened in 2000 offering fruit wines and mead. The winery specializes in unique fruit blend wines. One very popular wine is Eloras Harvest a medley of five summer fruits and honey.

Matt and Stephanie moved the to Seagrave by Lake Scugog close to Port Perry, 84 kilometres  north east of Toronto.

Other attractions at winery include: pick-your-own fruit - purchase jams - hay wagon rides

At the 2020 All Canadian Wine Championships they won Best Fruit wine of the Year for their N/V Madrigal Meade 

In 2022 they won for their cider,Mead and Fruit wine.

They produce cider. mead and fruit wines

Winemaker: Matt Passafiume
Philosophy. Traditional, balanced chemistry with applied simplicity

Archibald Orchards & Estate Winery

6275 Liberty Street North
Bowmanville, ON

Archibald's is nestled in the picturesque Oak Ridges Moraine. Since 1983, visitors to Archibald's have enjoyed a taste of country! From apples fresh off the tree - to pies still warm from the oven; from cider right off the press - to most recently, fruit fermented into award winning wines - there is something for every palate at this fourth generation family farm. Your hosts are Fred and Sandy Archibald.

Bowmanville is located 15.2 km east of Oshaw along the North side of Lake Ontario

Winemaker: Fred Archibald
Philosophy: Great wines are grown.. it is important to be in control of all the steps, from the site selection and varietal choices to final blending and balancing.

Boreal Berry Farm and Winery

748 Little Brule Road,
Warren, Ontario

The winery is located on 160 acres at the edge of the boreal forest; it sits on a rich silt loam, our land was originally a floodplain for the Nepawassi River, the main waterway joining Lake Nipissing and Georgian Bay. The owners are Greg and Mira Melien.

Winemaker Greg Melien has a passion for crafting innovative and distinctive wines and ciders that showcase our unique terroir. Greg 's dedication to organic farming and environmental sustainability show in the quality and attention to detail in his winemaking. He is not only a winemaker but also an orchardist, and therefore spends considerable time working with his orchard manager to produce the highest quality fruit for our world class handcrafted artisan wines and ciders.

Mira Melien's extensive background in economics and finance gave her the background needed to take on the role of sales and marketing for Boreal Winery. As an experienced Management Consultant, Mira handles the Boreal Winery brand, and the Absolute 0 Ciders and Syrups, and Boreal Escape Room team corporate reviews.

They produce fruit wine using northern hardy fruits, sustainable low carbon footprint using natural, bio dynamic methods.

They are North America's only haskap winery, and the largest commercial haskap orchard in Eastern Canada. 160 acres with haskap, Saskatoon, cherries, lingonberry, aronia, sea buckthorn

In 2013 we were awarded The Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence, an award that recognizes innovations that improve existing products, create jobs and drive economic growth.

Greg Melien's devotion to quality was recognized with a Gold Medal in the All Canadian Wine Championship in 2015.

Winemaker: Consultant Dominic Rivard, winemaker Greg Melien
Philosophy: Natural, authentic and hand crafted

Central Valley Winery

65 Milburn Rd
Hamilton Ontario


A virtual winery making all types of wines using grapes from California , Ontario and other regions. rom Italian grapes, Nero D'avola, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malvasia Aromatica, Malvasia Velvet and a unique dessert wine called 'Sun Wine'. From California, our Silver Edition wines include Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Locally, VQA wines that include Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Vidal.

They also produce fruit wines.


Cheeky Duck Vineyards

1786 Youngs Point Rd
Lakefield , ON KOL 2H0

Located North of Peterborough on the west side of Katchewanooka Lake. The vineyard is nestled on a sprawling five acres of land, surrounded by nature. 

They started as Kitchen Farmacy a restaurant. Josh Keepfer, the Head Chef and Founder of Kitchen Farmacy, brings a delightful blend of international culinary experiences and charming finesse to the kitchen. Hailing from Wales, Josh has fine-tuned his skills in some of the world's most esteemed culinary destinations, including Venice, London, and Charleston. With a background in award-winning restaurants, Josh is a true master of culinary artistry.

Josh and his wife Chas have three children.

Cox Creek Cellar Inc

7687 Wellington 22
Guelph, ON

Located near Guelph, owned and operated by the Trochta family. The winery is named after the creek running through the property and traces its winemaking back 200 years into European history. Cox Creek was founded by Mrs. J Jerry Trochta as part of her dream to continue her winemaking heritage. The estate winery is the culmination of her family's hard work and the bounty of the surrounding area. The winery construction started late July 1998 and was completed in time for the November 20 1998 Grand Opening.

Cox Creek Cellars incorporates scenic landscape pictures from around the vineyard property, present on each and every label. Cox Creek Cellars has also been awarded 14 medals in the past 24 months, from Intervin International, Fruit Wines of Canada and the Toronto Wine and Cheese Show.

Cox Creek Cellars Inc. uses natural farming techniques to produce wines of merit and appeal. Their goal is to redefine the nature of fruit wines in Ontario. Committed to integrity and customer satisfaction. The winery is committed to innovation and new product readiness. Cox Creek Cellars is the first fruit winery in Ontario to incorporate chestnut barrels in the aging of their Black Currant and Pinot Noir wines.

They make cider

Cox Creek Cellars has been fortunate enough to contribute and be involved in many different community events and causes, such as, the Fergus Highland Games, The International Plowing Match, Canadian Cancer Society (Warrior race / MudMoiselle), The Taste of Guelph, Women in Crisis and many more. 

Domaine Perrault Vineyards

1000 Perrault Road
Navan ON K4B 1H8

Located east of Ottawa owned by Denis Perrault who began growing grapes in 1999. He originally planted 1 acre consisting of 1,000 vines of approximately 10 varieties of hybrids in consultation with a vine expert from the University of Guelph. In the spring of 2005, an additional 5 acres (5,000 vines) were planted to start the winery Domaine Perrault with a production capacity of more than 11,000 bottles.

The winery opened in 2006 operated by Denis, his wife Lyse and their two daughters Anne and Dominique.

The eagle is the symbol of the Perrault family emblem For the Perrault family, the bald eagle signifies “champion” or “leader” because eagles just like leaders, do not flock.

Winemaker: Bernard Martineau

Downey's Farm Market

1362 Heart Lake Road
Brampton, ON

Starting as a produce farm owned by the Downey Family since 1920, expanding into a market and then into producing fruit wines. Downey's has been extremely successful, in 2003 they were named the Fruit Winery of the Year at the Canadian Awards.
Operated by John and Ruth Downey along with their five children.

The Downey farm / market (215 acre) has been owned and operated by the Downey family since 1920. The farm is located on Heart Lake Road, North of Brampton, Ontario.

The farm is a family operation, headed by John and Ruth Downey, and their youngest daughter, Darlene and her husband Nathan. Their oldest son, Greg, grows crops for the farm, and operates Downey's Strawberry & Apple Farm, sister farm to Downey's.  Their other children, Ian, David, and Donna, continue to help out during busy seasons and festivals when not working at their full time careers.   

Garland Sugar Shack

5930 Garlandside Road
Vars Ontario

Vars is a compact rural community in Cumberland Ward in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The sugar shack is owned by Ivan & Jocelyne Garland. They  have a passion for all maple/sugar products. Maple syrup, maple butter, maple sugar, maple jelly, maple cones, maple candies, maple popcorn, maple cotton candy, maple tarts and of course Maple Wine



Heritage Estate Winery and Cidery

421 Penetanguishene Road
Barrie, Ontario


Monday Jan 17, 2022, ZB Hospitality Group Inc. will be taking over the reins.

Heritage Estate Winery & Cidery is situated in the heart of Simcoe County. The project started in 2014 to date 17,300 grape vines have been planted, and 1250 fruit trees (1000 apple and 250 pear) have taken root.

Reds: Marquette, Baco noir, merachel foch, Lucy kulhman
Whites: Vidal, guisenheim, oscealo Muscat and NY Muscat, petit milo, Frontenac gris

Peter McArthur, owns and operates the orchard and vineyard with his wife, Jocelyn. They have two ciders  Dragon’s Gold and Eden’s Apples. he imagery on the products is inspired by (the HBO hit series) Game of Thrones because Peter just loves that show.

Your signature wines? Apple wines: still and sparkling, cran apple Sangria. Making a blueberry apple Sangria currently. Baco Noir, Vidal and Front gris

Winemaker: Patrick Garrett
Winemaking Philosophy: Make good quality, crisp wines and ciders. We believe in the pasteurization process for our ciders to produce a good quality product! 


Inasphere Wines

1454 Front Rd,
St Williams, N0E 1P0

Inasphere Wines


The legacy of the Inasphere property began with co-owner Ryan Bosgoed grandfather, who came to Canada from Holland. Located near the shores of Lake Erie in Norfolk County, you will find the Bosgoed family growing Ontario produce, estate grapes, and offering the best that Norfolk County 

Grape varieties including Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Riesling and Pinot Grigio


Jabulani Vineyard & Winery

8005 Jock Trail
Richmond , ON

Located near Canada's capital city Ottawa Janet and Tom Moul began their adventure in 2005 when they purchased the land by Jock River. Jabulani is a Zulu word that means rejoice, the spirit of happiness, to celebrate always. Tom is originally from Africa (Zimbabwe and later South Africa) and when we saw the land he said "I feel Jabulani!!" and it stuck.

Jabulani now has 11,000 vines with 7 varieties of cold climate grapes. The doors opened in 2011 after creating wines from our first harvest. Of 6 products for 2011, they sold out of 5 by the time the doors closed in September! ( open from June to Labour Day).

The winery is licensed to sell wine by the glass.

signature wines? Marquette Shiraz Barrel Select 2010, Jerepigo (fortified white wine)

Winemaker: Tom Moul
Philosophy: To make a wide enough range of products to produce something for most pallets without compromising quality.


Kawartha Country Wines

2275 County Road 36
Buckhorn, ON K0L 2J0


Nestled in the heart of the Kawarthas, a very popular tourist and recreation destination north east of Toronto
The wine making facilities, tasting room and gift shop are housed in a restored log cabin built in 1866 complete with the original square hewn logs and pine floors. They make mostly fruit wines grape wine and maple syrup wine.

The winery and tasting room is a beautiful destination in its own right. Offering a truly Canadian experience, our wine making facilities, tasting room and gift shop are housed in an 1866 authentic pioneer log cabin and 1889 board and batton house, complete with the original square hewn logs and pine floors. The two buildings were moved to their current location and lovingly restored to create an incredible cottage country destination in the Kawarthas.The winery is also surrounded by 22 scenic acres and the grounds boasts a beautiful orchard, stately maple trees, two giant inukshuks, and the land is planted to raspberries, black currants, red currants, grapes, and rhubarb!

The town of Buckhorn is located at the north end of Buckhorn Lake.

John Rufa, owner and vintner, comes from a long tradition of family winemaking. Years of practical experience and the study of Enology have prepared John well to be a winemaker.

Today, they produce 40,000 liters a year, and have 50 different delicious wines and ciders, ranging from dry and semi-dry to sweet dessert and ice wines.

Winemaker :John Rufa

Philosophy: Great wines, for all occasions can be made from Ontario Fruit". 


Kin Vineyards

2225 Craig's Side Road
Carp, ON

kin winery

THe winery is located on 47 acres in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. KIN Vineyards tends two vineyards nestled along the Carp Ridge, adjoined by the Carp River, and resting upon the grey limestone of the Ottawa Formation. Each vineyard supports a distinct terroir, a unique personality, and a tremendous potential for remarkable wine. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They also make a cider.

Christoper Van Barr and Lorraine Mastersmith are the owner. Consultant is Bruce Gamble.

Winemaker: Brain Hamilton
Philosophy. Brian's approach to winemaking fits hand-in-glove with KIN Vineyards' goal to produce the finest wines in a way sympathetic to the land

Les Vergers Villeneuve & Blueberry Farm

1341 Rollin Rd., St.
Pascal-Baylon, Ontario.



Les Vergers Villeneuve and Blueberry Farm is a fourth-generation family farm near the village of St.-Pascal-Baylon in the bilingual rural heartland of Eastern Ontario. Owned and operated by EOAN president Michel Villeneuve and his wife Carrie McKay, the 40-acre farm produces a wide range of tree and soft fruits–pears, blueberries, apples, grapes, raspberries and cherries, much of which is made into wine. The land for the farm was originally cleared by Michel’s great-grandfather Jules in 1857, and Michel and his wife still live in the original farm dwelling that has been expanded considerably over the years. However, Michel started as a commercial fruit farmer in 1998 after purchasing the farm from his grandfather Léo. He expanded it in fruit wine production after he retired as the computer systems director at Transport Canada in 2016. Carrie, a retired teacher, helps on the farm in the background. 

 Les Vergers Villeneuve et Blueberry Farm est une ferme familiale de quatrième génération située près du village de St.-Pascal-Baylon, dans le cœur rural bilingue de l'Est de l'Ontario. Propriété du président de l'EOAN, Michel Villeneuve, et de son épouse Carrie McKay, cette ferme de 40 acres produit une large gamme de fruits d'arbres et de fruits à baies-poires, bleuets, pommes, raisins, framboises et cerises, dont une grande partie est transformée en vin. Les terres de la ferme ont été défrichées par Jules, l'arrière-grand-père de Michel, en 1857. Michel et sa femme vivent toujours dans la demeure d'origine qui a été considérablement agrandie au fil des ans. Michel a cependant commencé comme producteur commercial de fruits en 1998 après avoir acheté la ferme de son grand-père Léo et l'a élargie à la production de vin de fruits après avoir pris sa retraite en tant que directeur des systèmes informatiques à Transports Canada en 2016. Carrie, enseignante à la retraite, aide à la ferme en arrière-plan. 

The tasting room is located in 165-year old ancestral Villeneuve home.


River House Vineyard

221 Davern Lane,
Maberly ON, K0H 2B0



Opened in 2023 opened by John Fournie who gave up his desk job to be a farmer.

He sold his business and drew from his family’s rich history of farming — dating back two generations in the small eastern Ontario community of Maberly — to plot a course for a new career working with the land. Maberly is 82 km north of KIngston.


With the help of Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute Foundations in Winemaking program, Fournier is now seeing his dream come to fruition


Villa Conti 

Oak Heights Estate Winery

337 Covert Hill Road RR#1
Warkworth, ON K0K 3K0



Ian Fraser initially purchased his property in the rolling hills of Northumberland County to be a weekend getaway. He had always had a passion for wine and, in the spring of 2000, the idea of planting vines on the fertile land emerged becoming the County's first and only winery. Oak Heights is the name of the hamlet where the winery is located…it is a very historical name and the hamlet dates back to the 1700's

Production began in 2006, the Winery produced eight wines including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Covert Hill White (Vidal), Covert Hill Red (Chambourcin, Marechal Foch, Baco Noir), Meritage, and traditional method Sparkling Wine. There are 25.5 acres of vineyard on a 100 acre property.

Warkworth is 26.8 Km north of Lake Ontario

The beautiful estate property and surrounding hills provide a wonderful place to explore. There is also a comfortable lounge where light meals and wine can be enjoyed. Check winery website for hours

Signature wines: Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay

Winemaker: Mike Traynor
Philosophy: To make wines that emphasize finesse, approachability and an ability to match with food. To work with the fruit that we are given and craft them into a style that creates the best possible quality, and manage the wines in small lots with an emphasis on blending and complexity .

Oak Heights claims to be the only winery in the world to exclusively use 100% Canadian Oak Barrels.

Ocala Orchards Farm Winery

971 High Point Road
Port Perry, ON L9L 1P0


The winery is housed within the original structure of a century-old board and beam dairy barn. Ocala’s orchards and vineyards overlook a sprawling valley which leads to the town of Port Perry on the shores of Lake Scugog. This winery has grown out of four generations of orchard farmers based on the original 100 acres purchased in 1915. Irwin and Alissa Smith opened their winery in 1995. Ocala Orchards was orginally founded by George Smith in 1912.

Port Berry is located North of Oshawa.

Potter Settlement Artisan Winery

1445 Potter Settlement Road
Tweed, Ontario K0K 3J0


The winery was founded in 2000 by Sandor, Ken and Maureen Johnson on land that has been owned throughout the generations by the family since the early 1800's.

Hastings County's first winery-to-be, situated just north of Tweed, Ontario on Potter Settlement Road (nestled between Highway 7 and Highway 37 - linking Toronto and Ottawa). Located on the very edge of the Canadian Shield - 'Potter Settlement's' sandy, highly mineral terroir and organically-grown grapes offers a unique selection of delicious and intensely flavourful wines found nowhere else in the world.

The family winemaker Robin Johnson is a Brock University graduate in the Oenology and Viticulture program. He has worked making and selling wine in Niagara, Ontario. He has been employed by Constellation Brands, Thirty Bench, Flatrock, Colio Estates - as well as boutique wineries in British Columbia.

12 acres of vineyards. Grape varieties are: Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Vidal, Pinot Gris, Marquette, Frontenac Rouge, Frontenac Blanc, Frontenac Gris (Late Harvest Auslese), Petite Pearl, Pear

The winery recognized by the Grape Grower's of Ontario for being the province's "Northernmost Viticulture Area; being sustainable (organic) and for pioneering the first plantings of the Marquette, Frontenac and Petite Pearl grape varietals in the Province of Ontario."

applied for the Ontario Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation for our experimental efforts to plant these grapes in Ontario first - which has now expanded to 60 wineries in our province

Team members include ) Volunteer Cellar Hand is Betty Beatty. Volunteer Vineyard Manager is Norman Belleveau. Volunteer Publicist is Michael Smith. Gage Biernanke and Andrew Logan are volunteer Grounds Managers

Their signature desert wine is a Frontenac Gris Late Harvest Auslese

Our property straddles the transition between the Great Lakes Lowlands and the very start of the Canadian Shield which rises 300 feet/100m on our land. We are, to our knowledge, one of the only wineries in the world
that has a vineyard growing on a mineral esker. Hastings County, where we are located, is known as 'The Mineral Capital of Canada.' Our 'terroir' is truly mineral here - what with samples of silver, garnet, tourmaline, sulphur,
sodalite, iron and gold found on our property. So much so that the Queen's University Geology department makes an annual visit to our property to give their first year students a "crash course' in geology. We were also filmed
in the TV Ontario documentary 'The Land Between' which discusses the natural ecotone of the geological land transition. The glacial deposits are what make our soils one-of-a-kind - truly mineral, which gives our wines from grapes
grown on our land an unparalleled complexity and depth - the gold standard for all wines. We are, in fact, to our knowledge the only winery in the world that boasts a small gold vein in it's wine cave that we dynamited into the Shield
some years ago. Our winemaker consultant is a family member, Robin Johnson, who graduated from the COVVY enology, viticulture and chemistry winemaking program at Brock University. This is very much a family operation.

We will always be small and high-end family-owned winery. That's the way we want to keep it as it gives us a greater control over the quality of our products. This is a small family business and a lot of pride is at stake as we have been located here in our valley for over 180 years and through 2 world wars. We are not a business
conglomerate or a faceless, nameless corporation that mass produces junk. When you come here, you are guests at our home and our wines, for the most part, are made from grapes from our land. We are the sons and daughters of Hastings County and we know that we provide a unique, mineral terroir to our wines that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

Winemaker: Robin Johnson (consultant), Sandor Johnson and Kelsey Moore
Philosophy:"artisanal, small-batch, high-end, natural, hand-picked and handmade organic wines."

Rolling Grape Vineyard

260 County RD. 2
Bailieboro Ailieboro
K0L 1B0

Joanathan Drew and his partner Katie Dickson began planting his vineyard in 2012. He chose to put his vineyard right in the middle of the family farm. They grow a variety of grapes including Marquette, Frontenac Petite Pearl, Vidal and we have added some test plots of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc.

Bailieboro is east of Toronto and south of Pete borough benefiting from Lake Ontario. It sits just north of the west end of Rice Lake

Smoke Ridge Vineyards

10090 Cameron Road
Mountain, Ontario
K0E 1S0

Located only 25 minutes from Ottawa (South Mountain, Ontario), Smoke Ridge Vineyard is a local family owned and operated winery established in 2007. Specializing in northern varietal grapes, such as Frontenac Noir Abbreviates, St-Pepin, Louise Swenson, Marquette and Frontenac Gris. The winery is owned by Paul and Deborah Le Blanc. The origins of the name for Smoke Ridge Vineyard comes from the owner and owner's father who are nicknamed Smoke

The wineries name was fully entrenched the day the family woke to a picturesque mist across the rows of newly planted vines giving a smoky feel to the ridge where they're planted. This name seemed even more appropriate when some of the wines they first produced had a smoky flavour to them.

Smoke Ridge specialize in cold hardy grapes which can withstand temperatures down to -35 degrees, not unusual for our area in January and February. These grapes produce distinctive wines which they blend with either their own production, or some imported more traditional vinifera to compliment our grapes.

Signature wines: Rosé, Rosie Cheeks and Red, Cabernet de Montagne.

Smokie Ridge Vineyard owes its success to the people who are involved. What began as a family business has remained that way – and has grown to include extended family and a wonderful close knit group of enthusiasts. The LeBlancs plan to add a stable, lodging, and a destination venue for special events, continuing to enhance the leisure industry in this area and provide a unique and beautiful attraction for Ottawa and surrounding communities.

Winemakers: Paul, Claude and Maurice LeBlanc. Assisted by John David and John Simpson
Philosophy: The two values behind our winemaking are “Craftsmanship and Innovation”. A great wine is a balance of art, science and alchemy, both in the vineyard and the winery

Scheuermann Vineyard & Winery

82 Bedford St
Westport , ON


Located north of Kingston and south of Ottawa. Where the Canadian Shield and limestone meet is where our cherished vines thrive. Westport is located between Westport Sand Lake and Upper Rideau Lake, 58.8 km north of Kingston.

The winery is owned by the Scheuermann's along with there 5 children.

In the fall of 2010 they had the honour of meeting winemaker and vintner Norman Hardie.  They put themselves in his presence and participated in his harvest. Norman became their mentor and they became his apprentice.

In the spring of 2015, they transformed our garage into a garagiste winery in hopes of opening our doors that summer.  


Stone Crop Acres Winery

5242 Smith Road
Morrisburg, Ontario

Located in Morrisburg, Ontario along the St Lawrence River south of Ottawa. Stone Crop acres is a small family owned winery. Norene Hyatt-Gervais and Marc Gervais. moved to Morrisburg in 1989 so that Norene could purchase “The Morrisburg Animal Hospital”  Norene worked as a small town companion animal veterinarian for over 20 years getting to know and love her new community and raising their four children there.

Norene dad ( Paul Hyatt )love of wine introduced her to grapes and wine. As a child she would stomp the grapes bough home by her dad under her feet.

In 1989 when Marc and Norene moved to a 70 acre rural property outside of Morrisburg.  Their first experiences digging holes to plant trees and gardens soon earned the property the moniker “StoneCropAcres” and it’s been called that for the last 28 years.   What an awesome coincidence that stones are great for vineyards!

2007/2008 Norene, Marc, friends and family planted 5 acres of cold climate grapes. For three years, Norene left the veterinary hospital where she worked, drove to Ottawa and attended evening and weekend classes to become a certified wine sommelier. In 2016 when the property next door to Norene and Marc’s family home became available so they purchased it from their neighbours of 28 years and began transitioning it into a winery and tasting room.

2019 South Dundas New Business Award of Excellence



Thomson Farm Winery

4057 Third Line West
Sault Ste. Marie ON,
Canada P6A 5K8

Wally and Martha, with the help of their 5 children, started out with the traditional farm setting, featuring 140 acres of potato’s and various vegetables and livestock consisting of pigs, chickens and cattle. After a number of years with bad weather they turned to fruit farming planting strawberries first. By 1996 they had over 20 acres of strawberries and added a snack bar and gift shop for families to enjoy. After nearly 40 years of farming, Wally and Martha were looking to slow things down and pass on the family farm to their grandson Brad.

As time went by Brad added fruit wines and cider to their product list. A very old barn serves as a tasting room.

Triple Boget Brewing Co.

London Ontario

Founded in 2014 by Geoff Tait (the guy who brought you Quagmire Golf) and his wife Megan. Its a beer company first that decided to make a white wine and sell it in a can. A VQA Vidal Blanc.

Vignoble Clos duVully

2501 Magladry Road.
Ottawa, Ontario, K4B 0H3


The vineyard are located on the outskirts of Navan, 15 minutes south east of Orléans east of Ottawa. Five thousand cold climate vines are grown on a clay-loam slope planted between 2008 and 2011. In 2013 owners Jan-Daniel Etter and partner Anne Grenon transformed an old dairy barn into a winery and wine store. They opened the doors in May 2016.

Jan learned the basic about growing grapes and making wine by working on the family vineyard with his cousin and uncle from 2005-2011 in Vully Switzerland.

 Ann a registered nurse began working in the vineyard with Jan-Daniel in 2012, and decided to learn more about grape growing. To continue developing her knowledge she decided to work in Hawke`s Bay, New Zealand in 2012 and again in 2014.

Villa Conti Oak Heights Estate Winery Inc

337 Covert Hill Road, RR #1.
Warkworth, ON K0K 3K0


Warkworth is located between Prince Edward County and Peteborough. Tommaso Conti and Bambina Giannitti bought the property in 2015 and harvested the grapes to produce their inaugural vintages the same year. They include Cabernet Franc, Baco Noir, Marquette and Frontenac Gris. 

Born and raised in Pico, a historic town in the Lazio Region near Rome, Tommaso is the fourth generation of a farming and wine making family. His parents and relatives continue the traditions to this day. Tommaso learned how to make wine, cheese and olive oil when he was young, and has nurtured his passion for food ever since. He trained to be a chef in Italy and worked in the food and wine industries for 10 years before he first came to Canada. Tommaso has co-owned restaurants in Italy and Ontario, including Tommaso’s Trattoria in Toronto, and has often dreamed of opening a winery. At Villa Conti, that vision has become a reality.

Tommaso introduced Bambina to the hospitality industry. She has co-owned two restaurants with him, one in rural Italy and Tommaso’s Trattoria in Toronto

Willow Springs Winery

5572 Bethesda Road
Stouffville, ON L4A 7X3

Willow Springs Winery, situated atop the geographical treasure known as the Oak Ridges Moraine. This 11 acre winery is owned by Mario and Julie Testa and is situated Just north of Markham and Toronto. Known for its award winning Vidal Icewines. Mario Testa is the winemaker.

They first Settle here in 1958 bbuilding a villa by a spring fed pond and planted Willow Trees. Their first production consisted of 700 bottles of Meritage, and was the beginning of their successful entrance in the wine business. Willow Springs is now a renowned establishment, with Meritage as their signature wine.

Willow Springs Winery was the first winery in York Region to receive VQA Ontario Certification and the first to produce VQA wines in the Oak Ridges Moraine.

They have a most impressive tasting room and  Pavilion

Windrush Estate &Winery

3100 Concession Road 3 Adjala
Palgrave, ON L0N 1P0, 

Located just north of Toronto and south of Lake Huron's Georgian Bay. The winery is owned by Marilyn Field along with her husband JC Penne and their son Ryan R. Pennie,. Marilyn Field, was the Creator and brainchild of DAREarts. Perched atop a high ridge, the 11,000 square foot Chateau Windrush overlooks the Hockley Valley.

Named for a delightful river in the Cotswolds of England

 The amazing views overlooking the Cotswolds and the Rhone Valley at Chateau Windrush, inspired the Fields to plant their first vineyard in 2017. The name "At 1,000 ft. elevation the rolling hills and breezes are reminiscent of the Windrush River in the Cotswolds."

One vineyard, first planted in 2018 of 5.4 acres
Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, (Dry) Riesling, Cabernet Franc

The wines  are being created by the legendary Vintner, Jim Warren, and award-winning Chief Winemaker, Jonathan Boyle.
signature wines: 2018 Classic Jim Warren Chardonnay + 2019 Jonathan Boyle Cabernet Franc

“Marilyn Field is a world acclaimed education innovator who empowers ALL children to be leaders.”
▪ 2003 Canada’s Meritorious Service Medal (awarded by Canada Governor General)
▪ 2003 The Queen’s Jubilee Medal (awarded by Ontario Premier)
▪ 2013 The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal (awarded by Ontario Lieutenant Governor)
▪ 2013 Caledon Walk Of Fame Inductee (unveiled by Caledon Mayor)
▪ 2014 Women Of Courage Award
▪ 2015 Brilliant Women Philanthropist Award
▪ 2020 Lifetime Achievement Cultural Award

J.C.Pennie, founded Windrush Corporation in 1984, which is the Winery General Partner with a background of international business start-ups from: restaurants, advertising, computer imaging, and wind energy which achieved sales of from $10.0 to $400.0 million, three of which became public companies.

We believe that everyone has the right to live happily, with pride and purpose to be their best selves, free of fear and oppression: to be truly respected and heard, no matter their race, culture or identity.

We commit to actions that come from listening to the unheard: that foster kindness and inclusion for all people. Continuing our past 25 years’ work of empowering at-risk children, we will donate 10% of our profits to provide opportunities for marginalized youth to realize their dreams and build the future. 

 Together, we can be the wind of change.


Winemaking Philosophy:
Use only the best grapes to make only the best of wines. (All our wines are VQA)

Vankleek Hills Vineyard

3725 County Rd 12
Vankleek Hill, Ontario  

A small winery located off the beaten path east of Ottawa in Vankleek Hills.

The vineyard has 4,500 plants on 5.5 acres-and, if placed end to end, the rows would stretch for 8 kilometers; growing Frontenac(red), Frontenac Gris(white) and Servengy (red).

Cows are featured on their labels.

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Willow Springs Estate Winery

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