Wines of Canada
By Robert A Bell


Niagara-on-the-Lake Map

The Birthplace of Modern Canadian Winemaking

Niagara-on-the-Lake is home to some of the oldest and most established wine producing vineyards in Canada. It is considered to be the Birthplace of Modern Canadian Winemaking. The Ontario wine industry by no means started in Niagara-on-the Lake. Numerous wineries opened through out Ontario prior to 1935 many in near by Niagara Falls and St Catharines . In 1935 Bordeaux Wines LTD build perhaps the first NOTL winery. In 1953 they were bought by Chateau-Gai;

Inniskillian House of Wines Inc was licensed in 1974 in NOTL. starting the modern Era. However Lailey winery was growing grapes here in 1973. William Lailey(a pioneer of Canadian viticulture) planted and propagated some of Niagara's first French hybrid varieties 1950. Opa Epp The history of Cattail Creek Estate Winery goes back to 1956 when Opa Epp had finally saved up enough money working odd jobs to purchase a farm in Niagara on the Lake.

Château des Charmes was founded in 1978 by Paul Bosc, a fifth-generation French winegrower. Paul and his young family arrived in Niagara in the 1960’s with the idea that growing our own grapes was the best way to make fine wine. 

Dr. Joseph Pohorly was one of the first winery owners in Niagara. He founded Newark Winery in the Village of Virgil in 1979, one of the three original cottage wineries that opened in Niagara in the '70s and laid the foundation for the growth of the new Ontario wine industry.

47 wineries and counting

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a town in Ontario, Canada. It is located on the Niagara Peninsula at the point where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario, across the river from New York, United States. A charming historical town set by the Niagara River and Lake Ontario, historic Niagara-on-the-Lake captures attention with its Georgian and Victorian-styled buildings, water front park and surrounding fields of grapevines. Many of Ontario's finest wineries are located here.

 The town played a major role in establishing Canada as a new country. Many firsts occurred here, such as Canada's first newspaper. The town has numerous museums and heritage homes to reflect its history, including the Laura Secord Homestead.

The centre of town is composed of artists' studies, craft shops and fine restaurants, along with numerous guest houses and B&B's. The town is home to the Shaw Festival - a months–long series of theatrical productions featuring the works of George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries.

Visitors flock to dozens of nearby wineries, including those making the world's largest volumes of Icewine . The town is also known for its gardens, art galleries, antique shops and golf courses.


Between the Lines

991 Four Mile Creek Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Between the Lines

Yannick and Greg Wertsch have spent their life among the vines starting as children in the terraced vineyards of their grandfather, then on the 45 acre estate in Niagara for the past twelve years before opening their own winery in 2011.

Yannick started home winemaking in high school, then studied winemaking and viticulture at Niagara College. He traveled to Weinbauschule University in Weinsberg, Germany to further his studies

The vision for Between The Lines is to continue to build a winery rooted in the principles of innovation. We want to challenge the boundaries of Niagara winemaking and offer our guests and drinkers a dynamic experience. Regardless of what is going on at the winery, the best part of my day is taking visitors on tour of our property and walking them through a wine tasting. The looks on their faces when they taste that one wine they’ve been looking for is what makes this all worth it.

They claim the first sparkling wine in a can- Outset

Winemaker: Yannick Wertsch

Philosophy: Great grapes make great wine, that’s why the best winemakers are farmers first


Big Head Wine Co

304 Hunter Road,
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Big Head Wine Co

Located at Hunter Farms in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Andrzej (Andre) Lipinski a successful winemaker and consultant in Ontario who opened his own wine company featuring Big Head Wines. The name Lipinski draws from his childhood, a self-deprecating salute to his, well, big head!

The Big Head label is a silhouette of Lipinski's head and an elaborate graphic superimposed in his brain of the winemaking process he has developed .

Focusing on wild fermentation and the appassimento winemaking method (kiln drying of the grapes), Big Head Wines is producing small-batch artisanal wines.

Winemaker: Andrzej (Andre) Lipinski

Burnt Ship Bay

925 Line 2, RR 2
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

The winery opened in 2014 and is owned by the Puglisi and Morgenstern families. A former Grape King, Luciano Puglisi partnered with Marcel Morgenstern in this new winery project, with all grapes locally grown. The company's winemaker is Fred DiProfio.

Burnt Ship Bay Winery is named after a little bay in the Upper Niagara River, where in 1759, during the Seven Years' War, it became the final resting place for some treasure-laden French ships.

Puglisi was named Ontario's Grape King in 2008 and also owns PondView Estate Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Their wines are the official wines of the Hockey Hall of Fame . Signature wines include Chardonnay and Vidal Icewine.

Winemaker: Fred DiProfio.


Byland Estates

834 Line 3 Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Byland Estate Winery is a 13-acre vineyard owned by Jackson Bai since 2015. Acquired from Italian veteran, Frank Di Paola, whom has over 3 decades of grape growing experience, this vineyard has provided high quality grapes for Magnotta Winery (third largest Ontarian winery) for 25 years. The vineyard always grows high-quality wine grapes, with a spiritual inheritance of strict management, standard operation and the pursuit for perfection.

Byland Estate Winery gets its name from being synonymous with the Niagara Peninsula of Canada. The scenic label image is sourced from the hometown of the owner, Jackson Bai, in memories of the Bai family in China. He used the term "Byland" as the name and logo of the winery to reflect the spiritual imprint left by the two countries, and to return what nature has given.

Caroline Cellars

1028 Line 2
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

One of the newer wineries on the Niagara Peninsula. Owned and operated by the Lakeit family (Rick, Frieda and their children: Rick Jr., Justine, Stephanie and Jaclyn) of Lakeit Farms, who have owned the vineyards where Caroline Cellars is located since 1978. Caroline Cellars was built and named in honour of the late Caroline Lakeit, a beloved mother and grandmother.

The winery includes a Special Events Loft for special occasion events, such as wedding receptions, wedding or baby showers, stags and does, business events, anniversary parties, charity events, or whatever else you decide to celebrate. Free tastings are available at the Wine Boutique. Try their 2001 Late Harvest Riesling which won a silver medal at the Ottawa Wine and Food Show 2002

Winemaker: Richard F Lakeit

Philosophy: To provide quality wines (in accordance with VQA standards and approval) at a pleasing price. Our goal is to make Ontario wines accessible to all, and to see Ontario wines on tables throughout North America.

Charles Baker Wines

2059 Niagara Stone Rd.

A virtual winery producing only Riesling wines. Started in 2005 as Ontario's first virtual winery; this pioneering effort in Ontario focuses entirely on making wine from one grape- Riesling. With winemaking based at Stratus, Charles Baker has the flexibility to focus on capturing the essence of the Niagara Escarpment through this great grape. This ‘virtual' winery is loosely based on grassroots winemaking ventures flourishing in wine regions around the world. By producing wines harvested exclusively from single mature vineyards of Riesling, this project brings the passionate efforts of independent grape growers to market. The grapes are grown at Picone Vineyard located on the Twenty-Mile Bench.


Chateau des Charmes

1025 York Road
St. David's Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Wine master Paul-Michel Bosc a French grape grower came to Canada and started his family vineyard in 1978. The winery has 270 acres under cultivation in Niagara-on-the-Lake, claiming to be the first in Canada to plant a vineyard exclusively to vifis vinifera.

Madame Bosc plays an important role in the winery, a teacher by profession, she devotes much of her attention to producing a highly educational and enjoyable winery tour. The Globe and Mail once commented that " Château des Charmes boasts one of the best tours any oenophile is ever likely to take, Napa Valley and Champagne districts included. Paul Bosc's winemaking style is Burgundian. Noted wines are Brut (V.Q.A.) Sparkling Wine and their Riesling Icewines.

The Bosc family is very proud of their reputation as pioneers and innovators. As Hugh Johnson pointed out, Château des Charmes was the first winery in Canada to plant a vineyard dedicated to "vitis vinifera"- the European grape species that produces the world's finest wines. These include Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Gamay Noir and Riesling. Back in 1978, this was a controversial innovation but it has become the standard for the modern Canadian wine industry. "Paul did much to convince the industry that the future lay in vinifera varieties and his early Rieslings and Chardonnays were models for other wineries," wrote wine author Tony Aspler in his book Vintage Canada

The Order of Canada is the centre piece of Canada's Honours System and recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. Paul Bosc Sr. was honoured in 2005.

Paul Bosc Sr. was honoured with the Grape Growers of Ontario​ “Award of Merit” for 2017. The award was presented on behalf of his peers in recognition of the innovative contributions he has made to the grape and wine industry.

Amelie Boury Vice president Winemaking and Director of Oenology at Chateau des Charmes

"Making wine is not what we do it's who we are".
-- The Bosc family


Winemaker: Amelie Boury / Paul Bosc Sr.
Philosophy: To make wines in the French style by virtue of their heritage.

Their wines can be purchased throughout Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan and Hawaii

Colaneri Estate Winery

348 Concession 6 Rd
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Over thirty years ago the Conaneri family who immigrated from Italy acquired 40 acres of vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake. They began as growers producing their first vintage in 2008. Mike, Nick and Betty Colaneri are the owners. The winery is located on the St. David's Bench.

The magnificent and perhaps Ontario's largest winery was designed by Nick Colaneri. The concept was to construct a huge C-shaped structure, to represent the C in Colaneri, and to base the design on their Italian roots. The barrel cellar is where the true beauty of this winery is seen. It's a huge, two-pronged cavern that curves gently under the main structure. The winery opened in 2010. (Tasting fees apply)

Each family member has chosen a varietal and had labels designed especially for them. Customers love hearing the stories behind each of the labels and the family story. much at home as though they are visiting family.  The wines are full-bodied wines made in the traditional Italian appassimento method including a large portfolio of red, white and dessert wine .A new series has also been introduced made in the “recioto” style of making dessert wines.

The winery makes full bodied wines. The majority of the wines been produced in a appassimento style.

Winemaker: Andrzej Lipinsk

Philosophy: It is the mission of the winery to produce the highest quality premium VQA award winning wines in the region while maintaining our heritage and traditional values with integrity to our customers.

De Moura Winery Way

545 Niagara Stone Rd (Hwy #55)
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
L0S 1J0

Fernando De Moura is the owner of The De Moura Winery Way, born in Madeira, Portuga. He believes in the Old World traditions from the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira Island. On 10 acres they grow Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Chardonnay varietals.

 Fernando has three adult children – the first is Paullett, the middle-child is Cherish and finally there is Dref. Various wines are named after them.

Winemaker: Fred De Moura

De Simone Vineyards

865 Niagara Stone Road


De Simone Vineyards is located in the heart of Niagara-On-The-Lake within the Four Mile Creek Appellation.  Situated on 40 acres of land, the boutique winery focuses on quality from the vineyard to bottle.  Each and every wine is produced 100% from estate grown fruit.    Currently they have 6 varieties planted which include Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling and Vidal.

Vince De Simone is the owner. In 1967, the De Simone family immigrated to Canada with only a few dollars in their pockets.  Vincenzo’s parents worked long, hard hours to provide for their family, eventually opening three variety stores in the city of St. Catharines.  In 1991 they purchased the farm of their dreams and worked the farm, opening a family run fruit stand that still exists to this day. 

In 2010, Vince and his father hand planted their first vinifera grape vines; three rows of Cabernet Franc.  After seeing the success of the new vines, they continued to plant the rest of the vineyard.  Today there is over 6 acres planted of various varieties.

Vincenzo also studied winemaking at Niagara College, graduating in 2011 from the Winery and Viticulture program. Vincenzo strongly believes in the saying “great wine is made in the vineyard”, and is very knowledgeable in both viticulture and winemaking practices.

Winemaker: Vincenzo Robert De Simone

Diamond Estates -The Winery

1067 Niagara Stone Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake ON
L0S 1J0

Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd. was formed in early 2000 by combining Boka Wines & Spirits Ltd. of Toronto with the acquisitions of Birchwood Estate Wines and Lakeview Cellars Estate Winery Limited, each in the Niagara wine region. Founders Andrew Green and Murray Marshall had known each other for years through amateur baseball and this, combined with their commitment to quality, inspired the name "Diamond".

Lakeview Wine Co. is home to a wide selection of top-selling VQA Ontario wines, including Lakeview Cellars, EastDell, 20 Bees, FRESH Wines, McMichael Collection and Canadian acting legend Dan Aykroyd’s line of wines.


2000 Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits agency purchased two small Niagara Wineries – Lakeview Cellars & Birchwood Estates.

2005 – Diamond Estates merges with Niagara Cellars Inc. (EastDell Estates & Thomas and Vaughan wineries). New partnership with Canadian acting legend Dan Aykroyd, Diamond begins crafting Dan Aykroyd wines.

2006 – Dan Aykroyd invests $1 million in Diamond Estates.

2008- Purchased 20 Bees Winery in NOTL a 43,000 square foot winemaking facility, 29 acres of land, purchased De Sousa Wine Cellars in Beamsville.

2009 – Consolidated Lakeview Cellars Winery to 20 Bees Winery.

2010 – Open first “Diamond Estates The Wine Store” in Toronto, Ontario.

2011- Consolidated EastDell Estates to 20 Bees Winery and launched NHL Alumni Hat Trick Wines.

2012 – Re-branded 20 Bees as Diamond Estates The Winery.

2012 -Re Branded as Lakeview Wine Co

Signature wines: EastDell Estates Black Cab, and Lakeview Cellars Reserve reds. Also known for Dan Aykroyd and NHL Alumni partnerships.

Icewines and dessert wines are produced

Diamond Estates the Winery has plans to build an architecturally impressive retail and hospitality facility. They help support 25 Ontario growers. producing Approximately 200,000 cases annually.

Their wines are sold in Eastern and Western Canada with importers in China, USA, Germany, South Africa

Winemakers: VP -Tom Green- Jason Roller & Scott McGregor
Philosophy: high quality wines at a reasonable price point


Domaine Vagners

1973 Four Mile Creek Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Wine lover Martin Vagners is the Canadian head of Scott Laboratories, a company that has extensive involvement with the wine industry, selling yeast strains, fermentation, and processing compounds and a variety of other products.  Having purchased a 7-acre section surrounded by peach orchards in 1990, he immediately planted 2.5 acres of traditional Bordeaux varieties (Caberent Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot) adding a little over an acre of Gewürztraminer; Pinot Gris and Riesling in 1993.  In 1995, he planted 1.2 acres of Pinot Noir , and in 2001 filled in a tiny section with .10 acre of Muscat Ottonel. He also planted about 500 Pinot Gris plants and 100 Pinot Blanc vines to make sparkling wine, but these are not very cold-hardy.  All varieties are cultivated at the relatively high density of 2,000 vines per acre.  The vineyard is flat, with sandy soil, and situated 20m above and 2km south of Lake

Creek Road Red won a silver medal at the 2000 All-Canadian Wine Championships

Winemaker: Martin Vagners
Philosophy: Country wines, hand crafted, 100% hand picked at the right time.


1829 Concession 4,
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Fabian and Stephanie Reis – along with Erwin Wiens have purchased and taken possession of Rancourt winery.

Fabian Reis make icewines for Ziraldo Icewine  then started his own label Ferox. Erwin is a longtime grape grower for Peller – and has won grape grower of the year from Peller three out of the past seven years.

Its 25 acre vineyard in the heart of the Niagara Lakeshore sub-appellation produces outstanding grapes for Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Riesling and chardonnay.

Winemaker: Fabian Reis

Frogpond Farm

1385 Larkin Road, RR 6
Niagara-on-the-Lake ON L0S 1J0

Frogpond Farm is the first certified organic winery in Ontario. Owner/winemaker Jens Gemmrich and Heike Koch believe in working in harmony with nature by trying to establish a balanced environment both in the vineyard as well as in the wine making process.

The winery has 30 acres planted with Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, Gamay Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling Vidal. All grapes are hand-picked and crafted into lively genuine wines using only gentle traditional winemaking techniques.

The winery uses Bullfrog power. Bullfrog sources power exclusively from generators who meet or exceed the federal government's Environmental Choice M Program EcoLogo M standard for renewable electricity.
The power comes from clean, emission-free sources like wind power and low-impact water power instead of carbon-intensive sources.

Signature wines: Riesling, Cabernet Merlot

Winemaker: Jens Gemmrich
Philosophy: Oenology deals with the relation of living organisms to their environment and to each other. At Frogpond Farm we do not use insecticides, herbicides, synthetic fungicides or chemical fertilizers. All our wines are organically grown, and are certified by Pro-Cert Organic.


15608 Niagara Parkway,
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
L0S 1J0


Ginseng is a human shaped root that is one of the most popular healing herbs in the East and West and has been used as a general tonic to combat weakness and give extra energy. Ginseng, prized for millennia, has an ancient history with a wide range of therapeutic uses. The genus name Panax is derived from the Latin word "panacea" meaning "cure-all" and named by German scientist C.A. Meyer in 1842.

Ginsenex ginseng wine is 100% pure ginseng wine made from North American ginseng (Panax Quinquefolium). It is made by fermenting ginseng roots as a base ingredient.

Ginseng has a large therapeutic effect on the human body (the genus name Panax means 'cure-all') and the wine has unique flavours and aromas. This is done by extracting all the nutrients, aroma and flavour from the whole ginseng roots (juice, skin and pulp).

A scientific fermentation approach is used in every process of the winemaking which is different from the art of other wine making. Ginsenex ginseng wine contains more than 90 percent of ginseng's constituents which provides health benefits in addition to the characteristic taste and flavour of the ginseng.

The wine is produced at the Rief facilities by winemaker In Sung Lee. He has been making health wines for sixteen years and has obtained several patents for making wines such as Soybean wine(2003), Mushroom wine(2007) and Ginseng wine(2009). His interest in making health wines began following a bout with vocal cord cancer and lymphoma cancer (1989-1990).

Mr. Lee studied alternative medicine and received a diploma in "Natural Health Consultant" with highest honours from "Stratford Career Institute" in 1995. He also has written a book titled "Medicinal Herbs and Home Appliance" in 1996

Winemaker: In Sung Lee


Hinterbrook Winery

1181 Lakeshore Road,
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Canada L0S 1J0



 The ultimate creation of Hinterbrook was inspired by a conversation around the Nickel family table in 2009. It was from that conversation that Phil Nickel commitment to producing premium wines with the latest technology in an 
eco-onscious manner began to take shape. Hinterbrook’s grapes are handpicked, hand-sorted and gravity fed on one level. First vintage 1998.

The historic site that is the home of Hinterbrook winery was first settled in 1789 by the Servos family who were United Empire Loyalists.

They produce icewines. Brand name Nomad.

Signature wine: Franc Blanc, a white wine produced from the intensely red Cabernet Franc grape.

Philosophy: Our wines are driven by the sun; we are driven by quality.

Icellars Estate Winery

615 Concession 5 Road
Niagara On The Lake

 It was founded in 2010 by the ICEL family who pays tribute to their homeland Anatolia, now present day Turkey. The Anatolian civilization of Hittites called their lands 'Wiyana Wanda' meaning “Land of Wine”. The stag design is inspired by the wine drinking vessels used by the Hittites of Anatolia. Incorporated into their label is the Hittite sun disk – a symbol of prosperity, fertility and celebration. 

Owned by Adnan and Elif Icel. The 60 acre fallow land was carefully selected by owners Adnan and Elif ICEL based on precise research of ideal growing conditions for premium vinifera varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petite Verdot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Viognier. Four Mile Creek sub-appellation provides the ample nutrients needed to produce high quality fruit for winemaking. 

Since August 2020, Icellars has started Organic Farming practices in all of its 60 acres and pursuing to be Certified Organic after completing the 36 months certification process. They follow Regenerative Farming practices. Icellars is also Certified Sustainable both in vineyard and winery practices.


Niagara Parkway
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Inniskillin, co-founded by Donald J.P. Ziraldo and Karl J. Kaiser, is located in the town of Niagara-On-The-Lake, Canada, on the Niagara Peninsula. Inniskillin was granted the first estate winery license in Canada. The name Inniskillin is Irish and is derived from the famous Irish regiment, the Inniskilling Fusiliers. Colonel Cooper, a member of this regiment, served in North America in the War of 1812. On completion of his military service, he was granted Crown land which he named the Inniskillin Farm

The first Inniskillin winery was housed in an old packing shed at the family nursery, two kilometers (km) from its current location. As the popularity of their wines grew it was necessary to enlarge the winery 1978, Inniskillin relocated to our present site, The Brae Burn Estate

In 1991 Donald Ziraldo traveled to the Grand Pix d'Honneur Show bringing only their 1989 icewine. It was was the award hear around the world win Inniskillin won the gold.

Senior Winemaker Bruce Nicholson has been recognized as one of the best winemakers globally by International Wine and Spirits Competition, London, England. Jackson-Triggs Okanagan has been named Winery of the year by Wine Access Magazine for two consecutive years ( 2003-2004)

They also have a winery and vineyards in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley

Philosophy: Like all art forms, winemaking is an inspired mastery of technique and the harmonizing of complex elements.

Jackson-Triggs Vintners

2145 Niagara-on-the-Lake

One of the more noted names in the Canadian wine industry with wineries in both Ontario and British Columbia. The Ontario vineyards are located in the Niagara-on-the-Lake region. Every bottle of Jackson-Triggs wines bears the signature of the proprietors Alan Jackson and Donald Triggs. They believe that wine making is a delicate balancing act between art, science and nature requiring equal parts knowledge and intuition.

Since Jackson-Triggs Vintners' inception in 1993, both its Okanagan and Niagara wines have been honoured with many prestigious and notable awards. The list soars above most Canadian wineries with over 675 awards won to date - including more than 450 and 225 in International and Canadian competitions respectively

The Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery was opened in July 2001 and is a state-of-the-art 47,000 square foot winemaking facility, set within a picturesque 26-acre vineyard. Annual production is approximately 100,000 cases. The winery also boasts an open-air amphitheatre that launched its first season in June 2002 and continues to attract mass audiences every summer.

The Jackson-Triggs product portfolio consists of VQA table wines, sparkling wines and Icewines that carry either the black Proprietors' Reserve label or the rarer gold Grand Reserve label. The Grand Reserve collection showcases limited edition, super-premium wines that are usually only available at the winery. Joining the Grand Reserve wines is an ultra specialty wine tier made exclusively from the fruit of the Delaine Vineyard, a unique, single vineyard located on the lakeshore along the Niagara Parkway .

The winemaking process under Rob Scapin, recently appointed Chief Winemaker for Jackson-Triggs, will utilize a gravity flow system thus minimizing harmful pumping of the young wine. Storage cellars are being built deep underground where natural ambient moisture and cooler temperatures will provide ideal conditions for barrel aging.

Their vision is to produce wines of exceptional quality and value that will put Canadian wines on the world stage. Every bottle of Jackson-Triggs wines bears the signature of its proprietors. They believe that wine making is a delicate balancing act between art, science and nature requiring equal parts knowledge and intuition.

VINCOR International, grew from pioneering origins in Chateau-Gai and Brights Wines to become the largest wine producer in Canada and fourth largest in North America. VINCOR is now better known by its individual "houses," Inniskillin Wines, Sawmill Creek, Braeburn Cellars, L'Ambiance, and most recently, Jackson-Triggs.

Winemaker: Marco Piccoli /
Philosophy: We want our wines to clearly present the character of the grapes.

Alan Jackson: "People's tastes continue to grow. We are now challenged to take the next step, and produce more complex wines, more interesting tastes. To do that, we need to build the resources, the experience with the grapes and the winemaking to produce higher quality wine to meet those expectations."

Named International Winery of the Year at the 2005 San Francisco Wine Competition

Joseph's Estate Wines

1811 Niagara Stone Road
(Hwy 55), RR#3
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0


Dr. Joseph Pohorly was one of the first winery owners in Niagara. He founded Newark Winery in the Village of Virgil in 1979, one of the three original cottage wineries that opened in Niagara in the '70s and laid the foundation for the growth of the new Ontario wine industry. Joseph himself was no stranger to wines. Born in Vineland, Ontario, he began life as a farmer's son and learned how to grow grapes and other fruit crops from an early age, gaining an appreciation and knowledge of the land, of our geography and climate, and of the unique characteristics that make this viticultural area special.

In 1983, Joseph made the first Icewine for Hillebrand and, in the process, became of the early Canadian Icewine pioneers. By the following year, almost every winery in Niagara was leaving grapes hanging on the vines to create the luscious nectar that would become the darling of the industry.

The winery was sold

Winemaker: Joseph Pohorly, Kathy Reid
To produce world class wines at an affordable price.


1096 Lakeshore Road
(between Firelanes 5 and 6) RR#3
Niagara-on-the-Lake ON L0S 1J0

The Konzelmann family first established a winery in Germany in 1893. Today more than 100 years later, Herbert Konzelmann continues the tradition in Niagara-on-the-Lake, produces wines that represent the culmination of four generations of penology. According to Herbert the morning dew that settles on the grapes gives his wine a uniquely delicate and fruity taste.

From its humble beginnings in Canada in 1984, this family owned winery now offers more than 30 different VQA varieties including national and international award winning wines and Icewines. The lakefront winery thrives on soil and climatic conditions similar to those of the Alsace region of France. This wonderful balance of sun, soil and moisture helps to produce wines with delicate, fruity characteristics, unique only to the 'lakeshore' appellation of Niagara.

Herbert explained that he moved his family to Canada was at a time when the wine industry was in its infancy stage. They arrived with ten 40 foot containers brimming over with winemaking equipment plus the family household possessions. “We took a big risk coming here. When I went to the Canadian Consulate for our visas, I explained that we were immigrating to Canada to start a winery in Niagara. The officer laughed and told me to go ahead and help make Canada famous”. Herbert smiled in reflection. “I am very glad I bought our property and have great pride that I have created wines that have helped to put Canada on the world stage.”

Philosophy: A good wine is produced in the vineyard. The natural vinification of our grapes guarantees
top-quality wines.'

Lailey Winery

15940 Niagara Parkway
Niagara on the Lake, ON L0S 1J0


The winery recently sold ( July 2015) and was purchased by John Chang.. Who owns Grizzli winery in the Okanagan and Lulu Island winery in Richmond BC.

The history of the Lailey winery goes back to 1950's when William Lailey (a pioneer of Canadian viticulture) planted and propagated some of Niagara's first French hybrid varieties. In 1970 Donna and David Lailey purchased the land and began a steady transformation of the 20-acre farm into a vineyard. Their high quality grapes were sought out by many wineries The vineyards nurture some of the oldest vines in Canada.

The Lailey's decided in the early 1980's to process their grapes themselves. Donna was the only female founding member of the Vintner's Quality Alliance (VQA), and in 1991 was crowned the first ever Grape Queen of the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival.

In the fall of 2002, Lailey Vineyard released 25 cases of 2001 Chardonnay that had been fermented and aged in Canadian oak barrels. This was the very first release of Canadian oak - aged wine in the world

Philosophy: purpose and passion lie in developing flavours that are authentic, distinctive and, most importantly, delicious.

Maleta St Henry Estate Winery Ltd.

Maleta Estate Winery
450 Queenston Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

The original winery (at one time named Maleta) opened in 1985, when they were recipients one of the first winery licenses in the region.

An major Icewine producer


Marynissen Estates

RR#6 Concession #1
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

The property was purchased in 1953 by John Marynissen and his wife Adriana. At that time, the land was a mixture of fruit trees, and native grapes. The family farm evolved over time as John developed a passion for winemaking. In 1976 John tore out his native grapes and planted the vitis vinifera varieties; Chardonnay, Gamay, Gewurztraminer, Merlot and Riesling. Two years later, in 1978 he planted what is now the oldest commercial Cabernet Sauvignon vines in Canada. John was the target of much criticism as most people thought these vines would not survive our harsh winters. John always pushed the limit of what was perceived possible with grape growing which helped shape the Canadian winemaking story and brought international acclaim to the Niagara region.

The Marynissen family established the winery in 1990. The winery producing only estate-grown wine which have potential to age gracefully, providing enjoyment for several years after release.

The winery uses oak for fermenting and aging,including Troçais. Allier, Nevers and some American Oak. This winery charges for tours and tasting. Noted for Vidal Icewine.

In June 2012 the winery sold to a Chinese interest

Philosophy: We believe that exceptional wines come from exceptional grapes; working with nature and producing wines as natural as possible.

Niagara College Winery

Niagara College, Glendale Campus
135 Taylor Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Located in the Niagara peninsula wine region, the Niagara College Teaching Winery forms an integral part of training for students in the wine industry. The Teaching Winery complements of existing Jack Forrer Vineyard - a six-acre teaching and research vineyard at the Glendale Campus in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Our wine is retailed on site and proceeds from their sales help finance the educational endeavours of Niagara College's School of Horticulture and Agribusiness.

Wines are crafted by teams of students under the head Winemaker's supervision. Niagara College wines are entered into professional wine competitions and have won numerous medals for their high quality VQA wines.

The grapes come from Jack Forrer Vineyard production runs about 1000 cases.

Prince Charles commemorated the opening of the Wine Visitor and Education Centre at Niagara College on November 5th 2009. The Royal Visit is the lead event celebrating the opening of the $3.6 million Wine Visitor and Education Centre, a unique state-of-the-art industry centre set in the College's teaching vineyards. The Centre will showcase and promote the Ontario and Canadian wine industry, provide wine tourism information services, and feature academic and wine industry programming

Winemaker: Gavin Robertson

Palatine Hills Estate Winery

911 Lakeshore Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Having successfully sold their grapes to other wineries for more than 30 years, owners John and Barbara Neufeld found themselves with a surplus in 1998, and decided to collaborate with winemaker David Hojnoski to produce a small batch of icewine. They have succeed in producing some great "juices and Ice wines. They now produce Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, as well as their award-winning Vidal Icewine.

Their wines are sold in Ontario. Manitoba, New York and Pennsylvania. Their wines can also be found in Thailand and Mexico.

John Neufeld was raised in the area and and familiar with its history. Palatine is a name chosen from a historic map of Niagara on the Lake. It is an area that was given to British Generals in Canada, in lieu, of payment for services rendered. Originating in Rome, the name was transferred to Germany, then to England, and then to Canada.

Signature wines include Icewines, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay,Riesling Traminer, Fume Blanc

Icewine producer of the year in 2006

Winemaker:Tim Reilly
Philosophy: Produce the best that we can provided Mother Nature helps.

Peller Estate Winery

290 John Street East
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0


More than twenty-five years ago, this European winemaker traveled to the Niagara Peninsula with the dream to create premium quality wines in Canada, wines that would proudly bear his family name. These would be wines that could proudly bear his family name and that could rival any wine grown in any region of North America. Andrew Peller's knowledge and experience as a maker of fine wines told him that the best wines invariably start with excellent grapes. He eventually settled into the Niagara Peninsula which provided the perfect location for growing these excellent wine grapes. As time passed, Andrew's son Joseph and grandson John continued to pursue his dream.

A winery situated on a forty acre site opened its doors in April 2001. An ideal location for corporate and incentive retreats in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake's wine country. Their restaurant features country cuisine in a picturesque setting overlooking the vineyards.

Peller Estates was awarded the prestigious honour of "Canadian Winery of the Year" at the 2014 WineAlign National Wine Awards held in Penticton, B.C. in late June.

Winemaker: Katie Dickieson
The Founder's Series of wines reflects the proud heritage of Peller Estates and the Peller family. Three generations of winemaking expertise have culminated in this flagship brand.

Perridiso Estate Winery

176 Warner Rd


Located on the St Davd's Bench. Joe Perri, founder and winemaker of Perridiso Winery

Pillitteri Estates Winery

1696 Niagara Stone Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Gary and Lena Pillitteri settled in Niagara on the Lake to raise their family in 1965.  They purchased a small fruit farm on Niagara Stone Road. In 1973 they opened Gary's Fruit Market (which actually still operates today in the east wing of the winery).The market grew and so did Gary's interest in wines shortly after the first winery open near by he planted the families first vineyard.

By 1988 Gary decided to experiment by making a small batch of Vidal Icewine. The Icewine was later entered into a wine competition where it won a gold medal. This achievement solidified the idea to open a winery in Niagara's newly emerging wine industry. During the next 5 years the farm and the market underwent several changes to convert the property into a winery. The winery opened June 1993.

Pillitteri Estates Winery has been honoured with more than 700 wine awards, at both domestic and international competitions. These include the coveted Civart Trophy from the Challenge International du Vin, for their 2007 Riesling Icewine, two Grand Medaillo d'Oro from Vinitaly, Verona, Italy and a rare Double Gold Medal from the American Wine Society in the United States. Pillitteri achieved international acclaim in 2005 by winning North America's only wine award at Effervescents du Monde and then going on to win their highest honour in 2009 with a rare Grand Gold, and 1st Place Overall for their 2008 Sparkling Cabernet Icewine.

The winery has a beautiful tasting facility where you can combine the tasting experience with lunch

Their wines can be found in USA, Central Americaa, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Inn China Icewine can be found through CANBEST.

Winemaker: Aleksandar Kolundzic

Philosophy: to produce the finest wines possible from the highest quality grapes grown in Niagara .  Achieving this requires a complex strategy that involves emphasizing the unique characteristics of each vineyard and allowing each wine to express its own ‘personality'

Pondview Estate Winery

925 Line 2 - R.R. 2
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0

The Puglisi Family were producers of wine in Italy before Giuseppe Puglisi emigrated to Canada in 1965, he brought with him his passion for grape-growing and wine-making. His son, Luciano (Lou), who has been passed the torch and now carries on the family tradition with the beautiful PondView Estate Winery. Luciano and Adriana Puglisi are owners their son is the winemaker

Luciano (Lou), was crowned 2008 Grape King, a Ministry of Agriculture award for the finest vineyard operator in Ontario.

Their Icewine was voted Best Sweet Wine in North America by Decanter Asia.

Winemaker: Luciano Puglis
Philosophy: "Great Wine is a Harmony of Earth and Vine Our wines are a reflection of our "Bella Terra" our "Beautiful Earth". We are proud of the very unique and fertile terroir that flows through all our wines

Four Mile Creek Sub-Appelation

Queenstone Mile Vineyards

963 Queenston Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
L0S 1J0

The winery opened in 2018, the owners Equity Wine Group, of Creekside Winery. Rob Power is the winemaker for both wineries. The focus here is Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the 50 acre vineyard on St. David’s Bench.

Formed when glaciers carved out the Niagara Escarpment, the Bench tends to be slightly warmer during the late season when the grapes are ripening. Combined with an early spring warming, this results in a unique growing season that ensures each of their seven varietals is brimming with personality.

Rancourt Estate Winery

1829 Concession 4 Road
Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario

In Aug 2019 the family estate winery was purchased by Konzelmann Vineyards Inc.  Rancourt Estate Winery, founded in 1998, operates a 22-acre vineyard. The winery sells its products through its on-site wine boutique, online and the LCBO. The winery also offers on-site tastings and private winery experiences.


Reif Estate Winery

15608 Niagara Parkway
Niagara-on- the- Lake, ON LOS 1J0

Reif Estate Winery opened in 1982 with a commitment to combine time-honoured tradition with modern technology. Wines produced at Reif are truly estate bottled. With 135 acres of vineyards, use only their own grapes to produce premium quality wines. A winery known internationally for its icewines . There wines are aged in authentic oak casks in underground barrel cellars When a winery puts that much emphasis in the vineyard, it requires a great deal of skill and expertise. Klaus W. Reif, President of Reif Estate Winery has a degree in viticulture as well as oenology and is sincere in his belief that fine wines can only be made from excellent ingredients.

At the 7th International Wine Competition in Verona, Italy, Reif Estate Winery won the prestigious Vinitaly 1999 Special Award for the highest scoring winery of Canada. This award can only be received providing that at least 3 of the wineries wine entries have reached the minimum score of 80 out of 100 and that its country of origin has contributed at least 20 contestants to the competition.

In 2015 they launched River Road Cider.

Winemaker: Roberto D. DiDomenico
Philosophy: Klaus Reif's philosophy that 'Great wines start in the vineyard' is the corner stone of the quality and integrity of Reif Wines. This belief partnered with a commitment to produce predominantly estate bottled wines from our 125 acre vineyard has provided our winemaker Roberto DiDomenico with the tools to produce world renowned wines.

Klaus and Roberto also believe that over time a vineyard will express its 'Terroir', loosely translated as 'a sense of place'. Many agree that as a vineyard matures it's personality or characteristics of climate and soils will be expressed in the wines over time. We believe Reif's terroir is best expressed by the wines produced in the First Growth Collection which are produced from our oldest vineyard blocks.

Reimer Vineyards

1289 Line 3 Road
Niagara -on-the-Lake

In 1987 Reimer family started planting Chardonnay and Johannesburg Riesling vines, each one lovingly planted one at a time Over the years, more varieties were planted: Pinot Noir the following year in 1988, Gewürztraminer in 1992; Gamay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in 1997; another block of Chardonnay in 1998, a second block of Gewürztraminer in 2002, with Chambourcin being the most recently planted in 2006. In 2008 they took the jump from amateur winemaking to a full time winery.

The vineyards are certified Organic

Stay in the vineyard in the Reimer Cottage one-storey air-conditioned cottage accommodates 6-8 people comfortably with everything you'll need for your stay.  It features three bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, spacious living room, fireplace, TV, DVD player, laundry facilities, linens, and a rear deck overlooking the vineyards.

Winemaker: Art Reimer
Philosophy: Heritage winemaking begins in our family's organic vineyards

Riverview Estate Winery

15376 Niagara Parkway
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON LOS 1J0

A family owned ( Sam and Lina Pillitteri ) winery located on the Niagara Parkway in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The family has farmed here since the 70's operating a fruit market. Grapes Gewürztraminer were first planed in 1992 The farm was slowly converted into a full-scale winery. A small crush during the 1998 harvest resulted in about 50 cases of wine and was released in September of 2000. In the early days they operated as a Farm-Winery, however, in 2004 they received their Estate-Winery license. Current output ranges annually from between 5,000-8,000 cases annually pending weather.

The fountain logo symbolizes life and purity of spring water. Specializing in premium VQA wines and icewine, producing high quality Vidal Icewine. Their wine shop also doubles as a country market featuring local produce.

Signature wines are Bianco which is a suss-reserve white wine (often a blend of Riesling and Gewürztraminer), and "Rosso" a rich, fruity red wine (a blend of Cabernet Franc/Merlot).

Winemakers: Alyssa Bator
Philosophy: We remain committed to crafting distinguished wines with an honest sense of place.  We believe that when you truly respect the vineyard, your wine sincerely reflects the land.

Small Talk Winery

1270 Irvine Rd RR #5
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Formerly Stonechurch. The winery changed their name to Small Talk in 2013. They still use the Stonechurch Brand.

Another success story in Canadian wines located at Niagara-on the-Lake. The Hunse family began growing grapes in 1972, opening their winery in 1990. Stonechurch Vineyards was born out of a belief that good wine and good friends make a perfect pairing. A popular stop for bike tours. The winery is managed by Hank Hunse

The winery is open year round with self guided vineyard tours. Their bottle design and labeling is extremely well done.

They also produce Shiny Apple Cider

Winemaking Philosophy: We grow quality grapes and use modern technology to make superb wines which reflect their varietal character.

SouthBrook Winery

581 Niagara Stone Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Passionate about good food and fine wine, Bill and Marilyn Redelmeier decided a winery would be a perfect addition to their successful market garden and farm. So they converted their 100 year old barn into a winery. Southbrook Vineyards Canada's first biodynamic winery certified by Demeter

Together with winemaker Derek Barnett they developed wines to complete with the worlds best. Originally located in Maples north of Toronto, Southbrook began producing wine in 1992. Their Framboise wines have captured the world and can be found at Harrods in England Southbrook Chardonnay 1994 was served when Canada's Prime Minister hosted Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, June 28 1997.

Brought on as a winemaking consultant in 2005 Ann Sperling introduces Bill and Marilyn to an excellent opportunity. A 74-acre parcel in the warm Four Mile Creek sub-appellation of Niagara-on-the-Lake is on the market, complete with 36 acres of ideally planted, well-selected varieties and top-notch clones. The couple realizes its potential, and decides on the new location to build the winery of their dreams. They convince Ann Sperling to sign on as full-time Director of Winemaking and Viticulture. The design of a winery with associated facilities and a hospitality building was entrusted to Jack Diamond of Diamond and Schmitt Architects of Toronto. The design has won numerous awards.

Southbrook's hospitality pavilion became the first winery building to receive the Gold level of LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) in November 2008

The Redelmeiers commence creation of a fully biodynamic, organic and environmentally responsible winemaking operation. Southbrook currently has one Demeter-certified biodynamic 75-acre vineyard (2008), plus an additional 75-acre property with full biodynamic status

In 2012 received the Elsie Award for their high commitment to the environment.

They now make cider. Their Wild Ferment Apple Cider was highly praised by the Golb and Mail. The cider employs juice from Nova Mac, Liberty, Nova Spy, Goldrush, and Pricilla apples harvested at Avalon Orchards, a certified organic orchard in Innisfil.

Winemaker: Ann Sperling, Brian Hamilton
Philosophy: "winemaking is an art, allowing the flavour inherent in the grapes to express themselves to the fullest"

Stratus Vineyards

2059 Niagara Stone Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

The Stratus vineyard is a mature fifty-three acre estate moderated by the effects of two bodies of water: the Niagara River and Lake Ontario. Benefiting from a unique mesoclimate, the vineyard ranks among the warmest sites in Niagara Their vineyard is planted partially with Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The vineyard's main varieties will be clones of Bordeaux and Rhone

Canada's Stratus Vineyards is the world's first winery to be given the coveted LEED green certification. To qualify for the LEED, Stratus set up features and practices such as composting all plant waste materials, herbicide-free vineyards, energy-efficient electrical and plumbing systems, and toxin-free waste-management systems. Stratus also uses a hybrid, gas-electric vehicle for winery deliveries. The winery was also designed for making wine using the gravity-flow method.

The winery's main building is heated using a geothermal source more than 200 feet below ground. This added considerably to building costs but it is expected to produce significant savings over the coming years

Winemaker: J-L Groux
Philosophy: We believe that memorable wines are produced by paying scrupulous attention to the land, to the vineyard. There is minimal handling of both the grapes and the wine at every stage—minimal handling with maximum patience. The art of assemblage is the quintessence of winemaking. Assemblage refers to the crafting of several grape varieties to create layered wines of complexity, wines that are a true expression of the vineyard's terroir.

Strewn Estate Winery

1339 Lakeshore Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Strewn Winery has restored a 1930's former fruit cannery into a world renowned winery having won over 40 medals and awards in its short history. Winemaker Joe Wills hails from Alberta, he worked in the BC Okanagan learning his craft then studied at Australia's Roseworthy College. The winery offers a wide range of wines and numerous tourist events.

Strewn's red wines are made exclusively from Bordeaux grape   varieties, the five white wines range from Gewürztraminer to Pinot Blanc and Icewines include Cabernet Franc and Vidal. Approximately 20% of the grapes come from Strewn's two vineyards while the rest are sourced within Niagara , mostly within 10 km of the winery. Owner and winemaker Joe Will is a graduate of Roseworthy Agricultural College in Australia and is especially skilled at crafting award-winning wines to enhance the   dining experience. In 2012 Strewn received top honours at both the International Wine & Spirits Competition and International Wine Challenge winning both a Gold and Gold Outstanding medal for their 2008 Vidal Icewine.

The scenic property is also home to the Wine Country Cooking School and Restaurant featuring wine country cuisine.

Winemaker: Joe Wills Marc Bradshaw
Philosophy: We're committed to making premium VQA wines from grapes grown in the Niagara peninsula.


Sunnybrook Fruit Winery

1425 Lakeshore Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery is Canada's first fruit winery, specializing in wines made from 100% Niagara Peninsula grown tree fruit and berries The winery is owned by Gerald and Vivien Goertz who purchased the farm in 1976. A small brook runs through the property. The farm initially consisted of 35 acres of peaches, cherries, plums, pears, and apples along the southern shore of Lake Ontario at Four Mile Creek on what was once a large river delta. The deep sandy loam soil and the temperature moderating effect of the Niagara Escarpment is ideal for growing the over 20 varieties of peaches produced on the farm.

The winery was established in 1993. Gerald had been making wine, as an amateur, from tree fruit and berries and so it was logical that he make wine made from the fruit that he knows.

Their best selling wines are Peach, Bosc Pear, Spiced Apple, Ironwood Hard Cider, and Chocolate Embrace.
Wines may only be purchased at the farm. They produce 3,500 cases a year

The winery appears to have been sold.
As of Spring 2021, Ironwood Cider House is the new identity of the estate

Winemaking Philosophy: To make wine that reflects the true nature of the fruit that it is made from.

The Hare Wine Co

769 Niagara Stone Road,
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0


The Hare, fittingly, a symbol of fertility and good fortune offers

Award-winning winemaker Aleksandar Kolundzic uses his expertise, creativity and passion to craft our unique and expressive wine blends

The new facilities were Designed by Frank Wieler and Associates, the building has some unique features that focus on providing an ode to the past — Niagara’s past. Reclaimed materials are used on the building exterior as well as the interior finishes paying homage to the heritage of our region, and the reclaimed brick on the exterior is more than 100 years old. Even the retail space was designed with the concept of making it look like a turn-of-the-century factory. There will also be some historic gems that will adorn the walls of the winery.

One of the owners is John Hare along with Chinese investors and Charlie Pillitteri of Pillitteri Estates 

Winemaker: Aleksandar Kolundzic

Our mission is to create wines and winery experiences that celebrate and tell the story of the historical bounty of Niagara. The Hare, fittingly a symbol of fertility and good fortune, represents the prosperity and abundance of the region. When you step into The Hare Wine Co., you will sense a shift in time to the founding days of this vibrant and flourishing region honouring its natural and abundant history. 

The Ice House

14778 Niagara Parkway
Ontario, CANADA

Located on the Niagara Peninsula near Queenston. Jamie Macfarlane, co-owner and winemaker had a vision to have a winery that specialized in icewine because he believed that this is the wine that Canada does best. He came up with the name long before he found the old run down peach barn that he and his team transformed to become The Ice House Winery. Co-owners are Jamie Macfarlane and his wife Karen King.

This winery specializes in producing icewine. The Ice House Winery's 2005 Vidal Icewine, Northern Ice, was awarded the highest honour accorded wine – Grand Gold. at the 2007 Monde Selection in Brussels. Their success continued adding two more Grand Gold . 2015 Gold Monde Selection Winner - Vidal Icewine 2005.

Signature wines: 2005 Grand Gold Monde Selection Winner Vidal Blanc Icewine, 2006Grand Gold Monde Selection Winner Vidal Blanc Icewine, 2006Grand Gold Monde Selection Winner Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine, 2006 Late Harvest Vidal Blanc

Winemaker: Jamie MacFarlane
Philosophy: To produce the highest quality Icewine, Northern Ice . There is magic and romance about wine, says Jamie, as people come together around wine and food to enjoy each other's company. Over the years I've often been asked, 'What is the best wine you've ever tasted?' And, my answer is, 'The best wine is always about where I am and who I'm with.' The wine business, and certainly our love of this business is about celebrating and truly enjoying those moments of toasting life. Northern Iceis Canada's toast to the land."

Trius Winery at Hillebrand

RR #2 Highway 55
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Located in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake this winery is one of Canada's leading VQA producers. Makers of Trius wines. One of the pioneer wineries in the development of Canada's icewines. In 1995, they were the first Canadian winery to receive highest honours with the Pichon Longeuville Comtesse de Lalande Trophy (Best Red Wine in the World) at the International Wine and Spirit Competition. Owned by Peller Wines

The winery was originally founded in 1979 by Dr Joseph Poborlry named Newark. He sold it in 1982 to Scoll and Hillenbrand from Rheingau, Germany who changed the the name to Hillebrand

In 1994 Andrés acquired Hillebrand Estates Winery. In 2012 they changed the name from Hillebrand winery to Trius at Hillebrand. Today Andres is known as Andrew Peller Ltd.

The winery was among the first to produce an Icewine in Ontario 1983


Winemaker: Craig McDonald
Philosophy: Is to respect the classic character of each grape variety in this great wine region. At Hillebrand, we bring an unrushed approach to winemaking. We have learned, over the last thirty years, to listen to the vineyards, believing that they will tell us what is best for the wine.

Two Sisters Vineyards

240 John Street East
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

The winery is owned by two sisters Melissa Marotta-Paolicelli and Angela Marotta between them they have seven children hence the seven grapes on the logo.

Our family is very hands-on and detail oriented so we took great pride in every aspect of Two Sisters Vineyards.  From the emblem and the design of the labels, to the design and fine details of the winery, we all shared a vision of how we wanted Two Sisters Vineyards to be experienced by our guests.  When people come to visit us, we want to enlighten all of their senses… taste, smell, visual and touch.

The property has a total of 76 acres and all the reds are estate grown.  They are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot
The winery has done well in International wine competitions. The 2104 Royal Wine Awards gave them a Gold medal for 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, a Silver medal for 2011 Eleventh Post and two Bronze medals for 2013 Unoaked Chardonnay and 2010 Merlot.

Two Sisters were recipients of a Gold Medal for 2011 Eleventh Post Proprietary Blend and Silver Medals for 2013 Riesling and 2013 Unoaked Chardonnay and Bronze Medal for 2010 Cabernet Franc at InterVin 2014. 

Adam Pearce, a Niagara College Wine and Viticulture graduate, leads the winemaking team with his low interventionist methods.

Winemaker: Adam Pearce
Philosophy is to produce exceptional wines while staying true to varietal character and having the grapes speak for themselves. Our goal is to allow our unique terroir to shine through our wines.

Tzafona Wines

1067 Niagara Stone Rd,
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0


The word Tzafona translates from Hebrew as Northern. The winery claims to be Ontario's first non-mevushal Kosher wine producer. Avraham Gislason is one of the owners along Toby Berkel,

They produce Vidal Icewine, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon

Winemaker:Avraham Gislason
Philosophy:s truly represent the Niagara appellation, while following strict kosher laws.

Wayne Gretzky Winery

1219 Niagara Stone Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

An Andrew Peller Ltd winery
Mr Gretzky was a pro hockey player

The new Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery & Distillery in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake opened spring of 2017. 

Nestled among the vineyards, the distillery will be home to state of the art distilling equipment, while the winery will feature a beautiful barrel fermenting and aging cellar and tasting room. The 23,000 square foot facility is the first of its kind in the region, featuring both wine and distilling production and tasting rooms. The springtime water feature that guests will see when the property opens will become an ice rink in winter, complete with a ‘loonie’ buried at centre ice, dropped by The Great One himself at the groundbreaking ceremony in September, 2015.

Craig McDonald – Vice President, Winemaker. Craig has nearly two decades of winemaking experience, having made wines in Oregon, Australia, New Zealand and Niagara.  His international exposure has afforded him the opportunity to experience 27 vintages, 16 of them in Niagara. Craig has been awarded Ontario Winemaker of the Year twice, once in 2008 and again this year 2016!

Signature wines? Unoaked Chardonnay, Merlot, Vidal Icewine

Also produced in BC at Calone Winery

Winemaker: Craig McDonald
Philosophy: Being part of the Ontario wine world is a true honour and pleasure. I'm thrilled to be involved in winemaking so close to my own roots and hometown, and so very proud that this unique winemaking region in Canada is becoming recognized regularly on the international stage

Ziraldo Estate Wine

15468 Niagara Parkway
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

The Winery is owned by Donald Ziraldo. He produces only Riesling Icewine and table wine.

It was the original site of the Inniskillin winery at SR #58 where Donald and Karl Kaiser started Inniskillin. The farm purchased was called the Inniskilling Farm, after the Inniskillin Fusiliers who fought in the war of 1812. Colonel Cooper was given the crown land after the war was over. The vineyard is 2 hectares producing 800 cases.

There is no tasting room open to the public. The wine is retailed across Canada , Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, France, and Switzerland


Winemaker: Donald Ziraldo
Philosophy: the best Icewine possible with the characteristics of the regional "terroir"


The Village of Niagara -on - the Lake

Wineries of Canada


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