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Nagging Doubt Winery

4513 Sallow Road
Kelowna, BC V1W 4C2

Nagging Doubt Estate vineyard lies within the designated viticultural region (sub-geographical indication) known as the East Kelowna Slopes. "We draw our traditional Bordeaux varietals from some of the most robust, tenderly-cultivated vines in the Valley, and we age them for a minimum of 18 months to develop concentrated, lush flavours. Our estate-grown whites are aromatic and expressive, using our high elevation and cold winters to their advantage. Also grown here in the exceptional East Kelowna Slopes, our unique pinot noir is vibrant, rich, and complex."

Armed with a degree in psychology from the University of Alberta, Rob Westbury spent many years touring Canada as the drummer in an acclaimed punk band, before trading his drumsticks and Doc Martens for a master’s degree from Northwestern University. After graduate school, he joined the rat race. 

The corporate life was exciting and challenging and nonstop! But there was always something nagging at Rob–he longed to create something with his own hands. It was on a long-term business assignment in San Francisco that Rob fell in love with wine. Something clicked, and he realized that this was meant to be. 

And so life took another convoluted turn. Rob turned his efforts to studying the artistry and science of winegrowing and winemaking. Many years of simultaneously apprenticing with innovative Okanagan winemakers, earning his Viticulture and Enology certificates from Washington State University, planting the Nagging Doubt estate vineyard from scratch, and learning the business of wine on the job have helped Rob earn his place among the industry’s hardest-working talents.

Rob Westbury Nagging Doubt WInery
Rob Westbury

Idea the idea of owning a winery had been nagging Rob for a long time thus the name. He and his wife Abby started Nagging Doubt as a virtual winery doing their first crush in 2010. In 2014 they established their 4.5 hectare winery in East Kelowna

Abbey runs the tasting room does the marketing and lends a hand where ever needed.


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