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Millefleurs Meadery

Ontario is Canada's second largest Province, 1.1 million sq. km bounded on the north by the Hudson Bay, in the south by the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. Its vast land goes from flat bogs and small tree forests of the north, to dense forest, 1000 lakes, and rocky hills to the more populated lands of the south. Ontario extends below the 49th parallel more than any other part of Canada. Extending between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie to the East and Lake Huron to the West is where Ontario wine producers grow their grapes. The fertile soils and moderate climate combine to produce orchards and vineyards yielding fruits of unique character and supreme quality. The word Ontario means sparkling water. To some of us, it means tasting the fruits of the

All or Nothings

439 Ritson Rd S, Oshawa,
ON L1H 5J8

All or Nothings

A brewery that makes Braggot Mead. Brothers Jeff and Eric Dornan founded All or Nothing Brewhouse with the core philosophy that with hard work, unapologetic passion and a creative vision, any insurmountable obstacle can be overcome no matter the odds.

In January 2014, they opened our doors as a contract brewery in Oshawa, Ontario with roaring success. Soon after, the company launched its first beer into the LCBO and Beer Store in the summer of 2015. In June 2016 All or Nothing acquired Trafalgar Ales & Meads, Trafalgar Artisanal Distillery and Black Creek Historic Brewery where they consolidated operations into our newly adopted home of Oakville. This acquisition allows us the unique position to produce beer, mead and spirits all under one roof.

They returned to Oshawa where it all started and celebrated the opening of our official All or Nothing Brewhouse in June 2019. Our stunning, modern brewery is the former home of a 1950’s Beer Store, adding a unique historic touch to our brand.

Applewood Winery

2055 Saintfield Road Scugog,
Port Perry, ON, Canada L0C1H0


This family operated winery was orginally located in Stouffville just outside of Toronto. It is owned by the Passafiume Family and began as one of the very first pick-your-own farms. The winery opened in 2000 offering fruit wines and mead. The winery specializes in unique fruit blend wines. One very popular wine is Eloras Harvest a medley of five summer fruits and honey.

Matt and Stephanie moved the to Seagrave by Lake Scugog close to Port Perry, 84 kilometres  north east of Toronto.

Other attractions at winery include: pick-your-own fruit - purchase jams - hay wagon rides

At the 2020 All Canadian Wine Championships they won Best Fruit wine of the Year for their N/V Madrigal Meade 

In 2022 they won for their cider,Mead and Fruit wine.

They produce cider. mead and fruit wines

Winemaker: Matt Passafiume
Philosophy. Traditional, balanced chemistry with applied simplicity

Backed By Bees

6214 Appleby Line
Burlington, Ontario


Backed By Bees

Backed By Bees was formed in early 2019 Vincent Sowa and David Stotesbury, with the express intent of creating one of Ontario’s first craft meaderies dedicated to sessionable and seasonal meads.  Built upon David’s long standing existing bee operation, the business expanded to over 400 hives.  Concurrently, Vincent spent the rest of 2019 brewing recipe after recipe and built our first brewing facility in North Burlington. With a fresh license in hand in late 2019 and an approval to build a new facility in late 2020, Dave and Vincent have been focused on growing both the mead and honey operation while brewing tasty mead and harvesting raw honey.  

How was the name chosen? – We spent a lot of time reflecting on a name that would connect people to nature. And when we thought about our business we realized that our foundation is built upon the millions of bees that create our honey and pollinate our food supply. Without the honey bee we wouldn’t have a business and neither would much of the worlds food supply.  Hence we really are backed by millions of bees and we choose that name to demonstrate how connected we really are to nature.

The meadery produce both sessionable meads and traditional meads.  Their sessionable meads are light, carbonated, off-dry and are made with 100% Ontario ingredients.  Their traditional meads reflect the honey character of our local area and range from dry to sweet.  We also run a seasonal program of new meads every month that reflect the changing seasons.

They are full service beekeeping operation with all the great honey and bee related products you would expect.  They specialize in raw, unpasteurized honey.  They also operate a market garden on the property producing and work with local crafters to provide an outlet for local.

brand names include Beehaven, Missbeehaven, BeeHoppin’, BeeSippin’, Hey Honey

Meadmaker: Vincent Sowa

Philosophy: – Mead represents a blank canvas.  Unhindered by the style, place and history that define most other alcoholic categories, it is a diverse and potentially unifying drink.  There are massive amounts of space to brew new creations.  And so our approach is to seek out ways to show how diverse our own local flora and fauna can be and connect our beverages and those that drink them to nature.

Honey Pie Hives and Herbels

705 Country RD 24
Prince EDward County


Honey Pie Hives and Herbels

Located in the beautiful Prince Edward county of Ontario. Bay Woodyard and Gavin North founded honey Pie Hives & Herbals in 2000, combining their creative talents and interest in natural healing with a desire to reconnect with our community and our greater natural environment. They make traditional mead as well as metheglins (mead infused with herbs) and pyments (mead infused with fruit).

They build their straw bale farmhouse from 2004-2006 with the help of family and friends. The Cidery is owned by Bay Woodyard and Gavin North.

Winemaker: Gavin North
Philosophy: : As beekeepers we use traditional methods to create small batch mead using local honey and herbs.

Millefleurs Meadery

17461 Loyalist Parkway
Wellington, Ontario


Millefleurs Meadery


Millefleurs is a family-run lavender and honey farm located in Prince Edward County on the shores of majestic Lake Ontario. The meadery opened in 2019. Sylvain Segard is the principle owner, beekeeper and winemaker. Sylvain's partner is Wilma Vreeswijk. Wilma is a botanist, master gardener, and apprentice-potter.

They built their farm house and outbuildings and equipped them as a honey house, a Lavender kiln, a meadery, and a farm boutique. And, in parallel, they initiated a three-year planting program to establish their Lavender fields, to plant a fruit grove and an orchard, and to grow their honeybee colonies into several apiaries located throughout the wine region of Prince Edward County. True to the spirit of Millefleurs, they pursue their dream of covering the entire property with thousands of flowers — clearly, a lifelong project. 

Millefleurs™ is French for a thousand flowers. It is a reflection of one owner’s cultural heritage and the other’s passion for growing flowers. Millefleurs is also a term describing the Renaissance quilting technique of embedding tiny flowers in the backdrop of tapestries. Thus, the owners are developing Millefleurs into a permaculture where they grow organic lavender, nurse multiple varieties of tree fruits and berries, and raise honeybees. After less than three years, the resulting family estate is emerging into what has been likened as “a little slice of Provence” with its splendid purple fields, a big blue sky, and the majesty of Lake Ontario in the background.

In addition to the mead making, Millefleurs is also a Lavender farm and apiary

Winemaker: Sylvain Segard
Philosophy: Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage known on earth. Yet, it remains poorly understood and, sadly, all too often poorly executed. Our mission is to tantalize people’s palate by presenting them with a modern take on the classic libation and allowing them to discover what mead should be — a distinctive and refined products that has its rightful place at everyone's table. Indeed, modern mead making has evolved much beyond the cliché of the sweet wines of medieval courts or of the potent beer-like grog of Vikings. We believe the time for the new mead as arrived. 

Munro Honey & Meadery

3115 River Street
Alvinston, ON N0N 1A0


Munro Honey and Meader

Alvinston is a small town located between Lake Huron and Lake Erie. The company Munro Honey was started in 1914 by a man named Warren Munro. In 1958 Howard Bryans purchased the business the name remained Munro Honey. In 1999 Howard obtained a license to manufacture mead and added Munro's Meadery to the name. Today the the company is owned by Davis Bryansand John Bryans.

Winemaker: John Bryans
Philosophy: To make top quality meads, made from 100% pure Canadian Honey

Rosewood Estate Winery and Meadery

4325 Mountainview Road
Beamsville, ON L0R 1B2

Rosewood Estate Winery and Meadery

The winery and meadery is owned by Renata and Eugene Roman

The Roman family have been beekeepers for 70 years, Eugene is a second generation Ontario beekeeper. His father gave him his first hive at the age of 6. Originally the family kept bees in King Township, Ontario. In the year 2000, the apiary operations were moved to Beamsville. The 3 apiaries are located throughout the Beamsville Bench. The honey gathered here is fruity and pleasant tasting.

The idea of producing honey wines or meads has intrigued Eugene since high school. Eugene and winemaker Natalie Spytkowskyhave combined their skills of honey production and winemaking to develop innovative handcrafted honey wines

Winemaker: Eugene Roman, Natalie Spytkowsky
Philosophy: At Rosewood we also celebrate this unique gift of honey creating meads with structure, complexity and balance - a true artistic challenge.

Royal Canadian Mead


Royal Canadian Mead


Located in Toronto

Royal Canadian Mead’s parent company, New Skew, came to the CFWI Innovation Centre with a goal to create a line of mead products targeted towards mass channels (e.g., LCBO retail) as well as a number of more artisanal production runs that would be target restaurants.

Through a joint project with instructors from Niagara College’s Teaching Winery and Beekeeping program, the CFWI IC assisted Royal Canadian Mead with mead recipe development, along with research and idea generation for honey industry and business-related activities. The final flavours are Niagara Peach, Hopped Buckwheat, Ontario Cherry, and Ontario Wildflower. These new styles of session brews are bright, balanced and refreshing — made with Canadian honey and fresh, seasonal ingredients. The products will be officially launched in the Spring of 2019.


Toronto Bee Rescue


Toronto bee rescue


Their main task is to preserve the Bees of Toronto and Area. They produce Mead sold under the name Ontario Honey Creations.

Toronto Bee Rescue is a family business operated by Peter Chorabik and Sarah Allinson-Chorabik. 

Following in the steps of 3 previous generations of hobby beekeepers in Peter's family, Peter and Sarah have fallen in love with the bees and turned a 2 hive hobby in 2012 into a family business operating over 400 hives as of 2018.

Trafalgar Ales and Meads

1156 Speers Road
Oakville, Ontario

Trafalgar Ales and Meads

The company traces its history back to 1994 when it was founded by Mike and Nancy Arnold and George Hengstman. They operated soley as a brewery untill the introduction of meads around 2000. Trafalgar Ales and Meads makes Black Currant, Blueberry and Raspberry Melomel. They are dry and slightly carbonated, with the natural fruit flavors very apparent. And with an alcohol content around 9% alc/vol.

TallGrass Mead

Thorndale Ont

Tall Grass Mead


The winery is located on the site of the family heritage farm, which includes a historic barn and apple trees which were planted by the original settlers. There are a small number of beehives on site,along with old-growth apple trees, They also grow their own red currents, all of which we use in the artisanal, small batch meads.

Tallgrass Mead is named for the tallgrass prairie ecosystem. It once dominated the Southwestern Ontario landscape, but is now one of the rarest ecosystems on earth. As a field biologist, botanic illustrator and former environmental policy analyst, Tallgrass Mead founder Elaine Ferrier was frustrated to watch the remaining woodlands, wetlands and prairie of Southwestern Ontario disappear. She imagined a different future where conservation was allowed to coexist with economic growth. Tallgrass Mead embodies this idea. By sourcing fermentable sugars through the natural process of bee pollination, we produce wines from the existing landscape. This means that we eliminate the need to convert more land to agriculture, and produce wines without the need to apply pesticides and fertilizers. Our meads are made with 100% Ontario honey from local beekeepers and we are keen to partner with other local producers

Elaine Ferrier, founder of Tallgrass Mead is a graduate of the University of Waterloo in environmental studies

signature wines:
Mead Riesling: a dry and delightfully tart pyment (grape mead). A blend of Ontario riseling grapes and Ontario honey.

Mead Rosé: using crushed Cabernet Franc grapes, soaked the juice on the skins for several days, then pressed off the skins and mixed the juice with honey and water to start fermentation as a pyment (grape mead)! Early flavours emerging in fermentation include cassis and ripe berries.

Honey Apple Cider:  This sparkling honey apple cider is made with fruit from our own heritage varietal apple trees!

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Mead:  Sweet mead aged in a charred oak barrel which is soaked with whiskey

Also produced are Honey Pops  a sparkling honey wine cocktail. Prepared with mead, sparkling water and a touch of honey to sweeten

Tallgrass is a member of the Stratford Tourism Association and the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, committed to supporting local producers and local businesses.

Winemaker: Elaine Ferrier
Philosophy: Use locally-sourced ingredients to create innovative and delicious small-batch honey wines.



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