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Nova Scotia

Bee and Lavender

Nova Scotia is a province in eastern Canada. With a population of 923,598 as of 2016, it is the most populous of Canada's four Atlantic provinces. It is the country's second-most densely populated province and second-smallest province by area, both after neighbouring Prince Edward Island. The peninsula that makes up Nova Scotia's mainland is connected to the rest of North America by the Isthmus of Chignecto, on which the province's land border with New Brunswick is located. The province borders the Bay of Fundy to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and east, and is separated from Prince Edward Island and the island of Newfoundland by the Northumberland and Cabot straits, respectively.

EvenTide Mead

196 Joseph Zatzman Drive, Unit 5
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Owners Eric Hynes and Ronnie Lunn decided to take their home-brewing to the next level opening Eventide in 2022. Eventide Mead provides a modern, premium craft mead to a growing local market. They use only local products.

Hard Honey Meadery

251 Main St, Tatamagouche
Nova Scotia


Hard Honey Adult Beverage Company located in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia. Tatamagouche is a village in Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is situated on the Northumberland Strait 50 kilometres north of Truro and 50 kilometres west of Pictou.  The village is located along the south side of Tatamagouche Bay at the mouths of the French and Waugh Rivers


Midgrad Meadery

Scotch Lake
Nova Scotia

Midgrad Meadery

The meadery has been producing organic honey and mead since 2002. The farm resides next to the churning Georges River which is dwarfed by the natural beauty and peace of the Barrachois Hills to the North. The owners Micheal Magnini and Jenn Holtom roots are Celtic and Roman in origin and they love to explore the myths, legends and history of our glorious past and it reflects in their labeling and branding.

The adventure began with the introduction of Italian honey bees to their small farm. Today they have beehives in multiple apiaries across Cape Breton.

Signature meads are Valhalla and Mjolnir and a sweet mead called: Freya

Winemaker: Micheal Magnini
Philosophy: Traditional mead as a modern art

Planters Ridge

1441 Church Street
Port Williams
Nova Scotia

Planters Ridge Winery opened in 2013 after two successful harvests.  The name Planters Ridge was selected to reflect the history of the land the winery is situated on.  The land is part of the original New England Planters Land Grant from 1760, offered by the Lieutenant Governor after the Acadian expulsion.  In 2010, owners John McLarty and Lisa Law purchased the property from a seventh generation Woodworth family, who were original New England Planters.

The winery is housed in a newly renovated 155 year-old heritage timber framed barn that combines historical features with some modern flourishes.  The vineyard is planted on the sandy-clay slopes of a ridge overlooking the pastoral Union Dyke and Wellington Dyke, with views of Cape Blomidon and the Minas Basin at high tide.  The rich pastoral setting that embodies our unique microclimate, is bordered in the north by the basalt and granite of the North Mountain that rises from the shores of the Bay of Fundy. To the south, we are sheltered from the cooler air of the Atlantic Ocean by South Mountain and Wolfville Ridge.

Boasting estate grown L'Acadie blanc, Frontenac gris, New York Muscat, Riesling, Marquette, Luci Kuhlman and Castel, Planters Ridge is focusing on producing premium level red and white wine blends. They also produce mead.

The focus is on blends

Winemaker: Team approach lead by wine consultant Natalie Spykowsky.

Philosophy: Planters Ridge believes in the concept of vineyard enology.  Simply put, that wine is made in the vineyard.  This concept guides their actions in the cellar as well, and they strive to use techniques that enhance the desired characteristics in the finished wines without diminishing the expression of their unique terrior. 

Ursan Meadery

Blue Mountain,
161 Legge Rd, Kentville
Nova Scotia


Ursan Meadery near New Ross in the heart of Nova Scotia. Owned by two brothers Nathaniel and Jack Jarvis.

They use only Annapolis Valley honey.



Hard Honey

Planters Ridge

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