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Manitoba is the easternmost of the three Prairie Provinces. Comparatively level, Manitoba generally ranges from 490-ft./150 m to 980-ft./300 m above sea level. Baldy Mountain is Manitoba's highest point, at 2727 ft./831 m. Agricultural land lies in a triangle, bordering Saskatchewan and the U.S., cutting diagonally across lake Winnipeg. The northern 3/5 of Manitoba is Precambrian Shield. In northernmost Manitoba lies tundra and permafrost (permanently frozen subsoil). All waters in Manitoba flow to Hudson Bay. Before settlement, a large area of southern Manitoba was flood plain or swamp. An extensive system of drainage ditches had to be constructed throughout south central Manitoba to make the region suitable for cultivation. The land of 100,000 lakes.

Fruits grow wild and abuntant in Manitoba's rich soil and hot summers making it possible to produce quality fruit wines.

Warm, sunny summers and cold bright winters characterize Manitoba's climate. Afternoon temperatures in July and August Average 25ºC with midwinter daytime readings almost always remaining well below freezing. Wide variations from average values are common in all seasons. More than half of the annual precipitation falls in the summer months in the form of brief heavy showers. Most of southern Manitoba receives 110-140 cm of snow annually with the heaviest snow falls occurring in the northeast, in the Duck and Riding Mountains. (160 cm). .

Bee Boyzz Meadery

 4742 McGillivray Blvd.
Oak Bluff, Manitoba


Bee Boyzz Meadery


Manitoba’s first bee to bottle meadery, family owned and operated. Kon and Julie Paseschnikoff, are the beekeepers and owners of Bee Boyzz Honey and now meadery. The Paseschnikoffs run approx 175 hives with Kon, Julie, and three children Katarina , Daniel and Gregori all helping. They make traditional mead, melomels, metheglins - and many more - with local Manitoba honey and fruit.

The company name was born from the “boys” tending the bees, the name just came to them one day around the kitchen table and it stuck. Bee Boyzz. They thought it was catchy and trendy and represented them. Name was derived from their honey business Bee Boyzz Honey/Paseschnikoff Apiaries It was chosen to represent Kon and two of our sons Daniel & Gregori as well as in honour of Konstantin Sr.

Oak Bluff is just outside of Winnipeg,

Philosophy: Bee Boyzz is producing a lovely mead made from our own Manitoba prairie honey and locally sourced fruits when applicable to the wine type.  We are naturally gluten free, containing no added sulphites.

Shrugging Doctor Brewing Company

448b Brooklyn Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Shrugging Doctor Brewing Company was incorporated in April 2016 by two Winnipeggers; Zach Isaacs and Willows Christopher.

They produce cider, mead and fruit wines.
signature wines: Cranberry, Raspberry Chocolate, Mead, Apple Cider

They are now producing wines from grapes. Releasing a White and a Rose both made from grapes grown in Manitoba. Vandal Cliche and Frontenac. 

Winemaker: Zach Isaacs
Philosophy: To create unique and great tasting products, and innovate the liquor industry in Manitoba


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