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British Columbia

British Columbia is Canada's most western province boarding on the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its mountains, lakes, islands, rainforests, beautiful stretches of coastline, picturesque cities, attractive towns, and world-class skiing making it one of the most popular destinations in Canada.

It is know for its Okanagan Valley wines along with other regions.

There are more than 2,300 beekeepers currently operate approximately 47,000 colonies as a hobby or as a full or part-time business venture.

Mr Mead -Delta BC

Campbell's Gold Honey Farm

2595 Lefeuvre Road
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1L5

Campbell's Gold Honey Farm

Mike and Judy Campbell have been active in bee keeping since 1997, and are members in good standing of the B.C. Honey Producers Association, the Surrey Bee Keepers Association, and the South Fraser Valley Bee Keepers Association.

Festina Lente Estate Winery Ltd.

21113 16th Avenue
Langley BC, V2Z 1K3

Festina Lente Estate Winery Ltd.

Located in the beautiful countryside of Langley township ( horse country) near the USA boarder. The meadery is owned by Teresa Townsley and Bill Townsley. The words "Festina Lente" mean literally "Make Haste Slowly". This accurately reflects our philosophy of taking the time to accomplish things with diligence the first time and the pride that we take in simple things done well.  

They produce Mead, Melomel, Metheglin and other honey based wines. Honey produces are also available.

meadmaker: Bill Townsley
Philosophy: we make sophisticated premium honey wines, stewarding nature to produce the best products from bee to bottle.

As beekeepers and winemakers, it was a natural fit to explore the lost tradition of Mead or Honey Wines. Of course, over the years, tastes change and we have developed a drier and more sophisticated honey wine that can be appreciated for many years. Honey wine is the white wine that ages like a red, so white wine drinkers can now command room in the most refined cellars and enjoy the depth and breadth of ever changing flavours over time.

Their Meads have received the prestigious QCW (Quality Certified Wine) certification.

Golden Age Meadery

22091 Fraserwood Way,
Richmond, BC V6W 0A8

Golden Age Meadery

The meadery adds herbs to its mead making process.

The owners main interests are history and ethnography. After earning a master's degree in architecture and working for several years, I went on a journey through the countries of Eurasia. On this journey was a historian who, every night, told ancient legends and lore. One of these stories was about mead, the honey based beverage that was venerated by every nation of antiquity. They believed it to be a gift from the Gods


Humble Bee Mead

1575 Vernon Drive

Humble Bee Mead

Jeff Gillham and Pierre Vacheresse met in 2009 while working in the restaurant industry.   A few years later Jeff started experimenting with old mead recipes trying to make them more in line with the craft beers and ciders he loved

Their meads are named The Bee's Knees and Champion of the Sun.

They are not open to the public.

Mason Manor

19736 98th Avenue
Langley, BC V1M 2X5


A new meadery(2012) located in the Port Kells / Langley area owned by Steve Mason. The plan to open a large space where people can come and enjoy the medieval atmosphere, while drinking a favourable glass of Mead. Our end goal is to open a Tavern.

Signature meads are Apple Cinnamon, and Traditional

winemaker: Steve Mason
Philosophy:   Our philosophy is to educate people on one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in existence.

Meadow Vista Honey Wines

3975 June Springs Rd.
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1W 4E4

Meadow Vista Honey Wines

Meadow Vista Honey Wines is located in Kelowna, BC on a five and a half acre farm, nestled amongst the orchards of East Kelowna. In partnership with our beekeepers, the farm is home to 150 hives of hardworking honeybees. The hives spend time on our farm as well as other local farms, providing important local pollination while gathering sweet nectar to make honey. Owners are Emily Vanderschee and her sister Electra Logan.

The tasting room is open year-round and there is an on-site Bee-stro open during the summer months..

Meadow Vista produces seven different honey wines, two sparkling and four still, all made from BC honey and local fruits. The wine shop also contains a variety of bee-inspired products including beeswax candles, honey and a wellness line.

The first honey wine producer to win Best Winery of The Year at Wine Fest Edmonton and Wine Fest Calgary and again in 2014 as Ostara was the first honey wine to win a Gold Medal at the BC Wine Awards.


Middle Mountain Mead

3505 Euston Road
Hornby Island, BC V0R 1Z0

Middle Mountain Mead

In 1992 Cambell Graham and his wife Helen Grond moved from the city life of Vancouver to the country life on Hornby Island. Settling on 13 acres near the south end of the island. Their original plan did not call for them to produce mead but after studying the romantic history of mead they fell in love with the idea.

Already ardent gardners the property had over 3000 plants and in particular lavender all they needed was bees and a winery. They converted a cabin into a production facility producing traditional meads plus meads flavoured with herbs or fruits.

The Meadery at Planet Bee

5011 Bella Vista Road
Vernon, British Columbia
V1H 1A1

The Meadery at Planet Bee

Planet Bee Honey farm added meads to their product list in 2011. The meadery is owned by Ed and Taosha Nowek. Ed has been a bee keeper since 1969 , starting the farm in 1997. He joined with winemaker Martin Dournovo to produce their first Mead in  1998.  The farm has 250 hives.

Numerous honey and beewax products are sold in the  gift shop

Signature meads: HoneyMoon Mead Okanagan Delight         


Winemaker: Martin Dournovo    
Philosophy: We take pride in every bottle of mead we offer and will do our utmost to maximize your enjoyment of our Honeymoon Mead   



Mithril Meadery

Nakusp BC.


The Village of Nakusp is beside the mouth of Kuskanax Creek, on the Upper Arrow Lake in the West Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia. Here is where you will find Mithril Meadery owned by Daniel Abraham and Don Zinselmeyer. They opened in 2020

They have been making mead for about ten years now, and decided that it good enough to go commercial with. They tend toward slightly drier meads, and specialize in Metheglins, which use herbs and spices to achieve a certain flavour profile. A farm based meadery that leases fifty hives from the local commercial honey producer.

The name Mithril Meadery is an homage to The Lord of the Rings. Mithril was a prized silvery metal, both light and very strong. Our valley has a very rich silver mining tradition, so we thought using the name Mithril Meadery would be a nod to local history, just blended with fantasy. As our target demographic is 'nerds who drink', we thought it was a good choice.

We do have a tasting room at our production location, though we have elected to keep it closed for now, as selling product at regional farmer's markets has proven very effective. Our production facility is located at 201 Upper Brouse Road, Nakusp BC

The location is on a 20 acre orchard just outside of town

Mr Mead

#11 8207 Swenson Way
Delta, BC
V4G 1J5


Canada Mead Brewing Ltd. dba Mr. Mead Winery is owned by Ming Li. Ming used to be an engineer with a hobby of making wine and beer.. He took over the UBrew business Fraser Highway Brewmasters in 2016. While running the UBrew store, he collected recipes and opinions from mead lovers and it came out to an exciting idea of starting a commercial winery to focus on mead making and promote Canadian mead worldwide.In the end,he decided to start a winery to promote our own brand of mead products. Since he had the ambition of being a leading brand of mead products and focus on promoting mead products worldwide, Ming named the business Canada Mead Brewing Ltd. and chose "Mr. Mead" as the brand name, highlighting the scope of their business.

Over the years of running the UBrew business, we have tried various styles of mead products, including honey beer, sparkling mead, sweet mead and dry mead. From which we eventually decided our favorite recipes to make table wine style mead.

Our White Honey Classic Mead is a pure honey wine, rather dry with clean and decent honey taste. The Cranberry Mead has a nice tard at first then its honey note taking over with medium juicy sweetness to balance the acidity of cranberry. Both Blueberry and Saskatoon berry mead taste like wine with obvious honey taste and blueberry and Saskatoon berry flavor.

Our present mead products include:White Honey Classic Mead,Cranberry Mead,Blueberry Mead,Saskatoon Berry Mead

Philosophy: Fermenting The Honey In A Natural Process, We Control The Quality

Pommier Ranch Meadery

3858 Wasa Sheep Creek RD
Skookumchuck, BC

Pommier Ranch Meadery

Located in the East Kootenay Columbia valley. Caleb Miller and Rebecca Pommier purchased the Ranch in 2015. The Ranch waas run as a dairy farm since 1927 by Rebecca's family. Caleb is an avid bee keeper and Mead-Making perfectionist. In 2014 theystarted our apiary to produce mountain wildflower honey used in making their Mead.

The Pommier Ranch is a picturesque piece of property located where Diorite Creek meets the Lussier River in the East Kootenay Columbia region of BC.  It has been in the Pommier family since it was first homesteaded by Rebecca’s great grandparents, Emile and Marie Pommier in 1927.

The Cyser Mead is made with juice from the apple trees that Great Grandpa Emile Pommier planted almost 90 years ago. The water comes from our well, fed by the pristine Diorite Valley above the ranch.

They produce two styles of mead

Traditional Dry Mead:
This is our standard. It has 14.5 % ABV and a low residual sugar content. We use our Rocky Mountain wildflower honey, the pristine water from the Diorite valley above the ranch and yeast to craft this amazing beverage. All of our Mead has the natural flavor of the Rocky Mountains!

 Crabby Pommier Cyser:
This exceptional Mead is made almost the same way as our Traditional Dry. It has 15.5 % ABV and a low residual sugar content. The only difference is we substitute some of our Diorite Valley water with crab apple juice. The apples are picked from the trees right here on the ranch. Most of them were planted here almost 90 years ago by Great Grandpa Emile Pommier. The juice blended from all these different types of apples makes this beverage one of a kind.

Winemaker: Caleb Miller
Philosophy: We Produce small batches of high quality mead using 100% BC ingredients. Our mead will not be exactly the same year to year due to the variations in weather and availability of ingredients sourced from the ranch. We do not believe in additions of chemicals or flavoring agents to have a consistent product taste year to year. Nature is not the same year to year and our products will reflect this.

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery

8750 West Coast Rd.
Sooke, BC V0S1N0

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery

Last Season will retire

Located in the small community of Sooke on the south west side of Vancouver Island. Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery was licensed as British Columbia's first Meadery in 2003. Owned and operated by Bob Liptrot and Dana LeComte. The combination of Bob Liptrot's 43 years of beekeeping experience and over 25 years of mead making experience bring a unique and educational culinary experience to their meadery.. Their award winning Meads (honey wines) reflect harmony and balance by blending varietal honeys and berries from our local region.

The winery was named after the Tugwell Family which originally settled this land. There is a nearby creek named Tugwell Creek as well. The site was selected due to its beautiful location near the Ocean.
They were the first Meadery in Western Canada.

Tugwell Creek will becone the third Economusee in BC this summer.  That is like becoming the Museum of Beekeeping and Meadmaking.  Very Exciting!  Here is a link to check out what Economusee is all about.

Melomel, Metheglin, Vintage Mead, and Sack Mead are their signature wines. Sack Mead is like a late harvest wine on the sweetness scale. Also produced an Apple Quince Cyser called Original Sin , and an Acerglyn. As well as mead the farm offers a wide range of honey and bee related products

Winemaker: Robert Liptrot
Philosophy: To reintroduce the ancient beverage mead

Ve Oh Lay Acres

5616 Simpson Road
Summerland, BC


Ve Oh Lay Acres is an 11 acre farm, kitchen and winery located in Summerland, BC. Owner Laurent co-owner has wine making in his blood. He can trace his families begining in the wine industry back to 1886 when Brothers Pallade and Simon Violet in Thuir, France develop an apéritif wine known as Byrrh..

In 1982 Claude Violet, along with his wife, Inge, sell their vineyard in France and jump across the pond to the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Here is where they started the first Fraser Valley Winery, known today as Chaberton Estate Winery. Starting from 3000 cases in the early 90s, Chaberton Estate Winery now produces over 50,000 cases.

Maddison was hired in 2016 as a tasting room associate at Chaberton Estate Winery who quickly made her way into the vineyard and working her first wine harvest. Shortly after that, she pursued winemaking jobs in New Zealand, Australia and California.

Laurent and his now wife Maddison (also the winemaker) met in 2019 working the harvest for Chaberton.

In 2023 they opened the meadery along with a petty farm. As for the name the correct pronnuncage of Violet is Ve Oh Lay


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