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Ferme Apicole Desrochers D .

113, Rang 2
Gravel Ferme-Neuve
Quebec J0W 1C0

Naline Dupuis-Desrochers and Géraud Bonnet

The Desrochers D. beekeeping farm is located in Ferme-Neuve, in the Hautes-Laurentides. It was in 1978 that Marie-Claude Dupuis and Claude Desrochers set up the first apiary. Since that time, producers have been working with respect for nature and bees to design honey wines. They never stop innovating to offer unique, original, and natural products, all certified organic since 2003. It is worth going directly to the farm to taste the full range of their products, such as their honey vermouth or their sweet wines.

Owners Naline Dupuis-Desrochers and Géraud Bonnet 


Hydromellerie du Vieux Moulin

141, route de la mer
Sainte-Flavie, g0j 2l0

Hydromellerie du Vieux Moulin

The Meadery has been producing organic honey and mead with great success. Translate the name is Old Mill Meadery.

Normand Tremblay was teaching at the Cégep de Rimouski at the time he decided to return to his garndfathers land . He hesitated between raising sheep and producing honey. His choice finally fell on beekeeping (bee breeding) and it is in Saint-Anaclet that he began his adventure. In the beginning, the honey harvested by Normand was sold in grocery stores. To diversify his business and involve his two sons, Normand started manufacturing mead.

At the Vieux Moulin you can safely observe a glass hive and admire the bees in full activity. Interpretive panels and a guide will also be able to inform you and answer any questions you may have about the fascinating world of bees.
They won a Double Gold for their Mead at The Finger Lakes Wine Competion. The owner is Normand Tremblay

Le Vieux Moulin offers a wide range of honey under the trademark house head flowers

Winemaker: Guillaume Tremblay
Philosophy: If you do something, do it wel


10291, De La Fresniére Rd.
Mirabel, Saint-Benoît, Quebec J0N 1K0


A family-run farm with 5,000+ honeybee hives. They produce everything honey including mead. Natives of Picardy, a region in the north of France, teachers Viviane and Christian Macle, settled in Québec in 1969. In 1976, Christian, who had been passionate about beekeeping since his childhood, bought a small farm in the Saint-Benoît (Mirabel) area, which the couple transformed into a bee farm over time. They had about a hundred beehives at the time.

In the 80s, they officially launched a line of honey. This visionary couple, fuelled by their passion for beekeeping and equipped with their teaching skills, decided to acquaint people with the wonderful world of bees and opened a small honey shop. Over the years, and after many expansions, the Macle family, always motivated by the desire to spread their knowledge, further continued their growth by remaining open to visitors year-round and diversifying their products. In the 90s, they began to produce meads, maple brandy liquors and ice ciders.

Today, Intermiel is a large-scale farm that manages the production of 8 000 beehives, runs a 14 000 tap sugar bush and a 600 apple tree orchard. The Macle family can be proud of producing a line of honey which is wholly of Québec origin derived from the production of their beehives, and supported by a traceability program. Intermiel is recognized provincially and across North America for the quality and diversity of its products, as well as for its educational visits. Thanks to its agritourism orientation, it attracts more than 100 000 visitors a year, of which 15 000 are students from Québec schools. 

In 2006, the company’s future was assured, when the Macles’ daughter, Éléonore, assumed ownership of the business along with her parents. Éléonores’ husband, Cyril Lapeyrie is responsible of the maple syrup production and he is the Farm Manager at Intermiel for beekeeping.

Their mead brands are Medieval, Chouchen’n Signé Macle, Api Gin, Rosée, Bouquet Printanier, Verge d’or, Benoîte,  

Mead  maker is: Mr. André Abi Raad (more that 20 years now) 

Philosophy:? Bee happy. Bee healthy. 


Meil Natural

395, chemin du canal
Melocheville J0S 1J0


Miel Nature se spécialise dans la production du miel extrait à froid. Le principe est naturel et est réalisé de façon traditionnelle.
Nous offrons une gamme variée de 78 produits dans notre boutique.
Miel Nature est l’un des plus grands fournisseurs d’hydromels de la Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ).
Nous offrons une gamme variée de produits (produits tonus, biostimulateurs, de fantaisie et nos 18 hydromels) et nos 3 hydromels mousseux.
Actuellement, Miel Nature produit au-delà de 78 sous-produits à base de miel et gère un rucher de plus de 600 ruches
. Afin de démystifier et de vulgariser le monde des abeilles, Miel Nature offre des visites guidées éducatives, à l'année. Doté d'un laboratoire oenologique et alimentaire, Miel Nature offre aussi des consultations aux entreprises qui le demandent pour développer et contrôler la qualité des nouveaux produits.

Miel Nature specializes in the production of cold extracted honey. The principle is natural and is carried out in a traditional way
. We offer a varied range of 78 products in our store. Miel Nature is one of the largest suppliers of mead to the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ).
We offer a varied range of products (toning products, biostimulators, fancy products and our 18 meads) and our 3 sparkling meads.

Currently, Miel Nature produces over 78 honey-based by-products and manages an apiary of over 600 hives.
In order to demystify and popularize the world of bees, Miel Nature offers educational guided tours, year round. Equipped with an oenological and
food laboratory, Miel Nature also offers consultations to companies which request it to develop and control the quality of new products.

The owners of the Miel Nature meadery, recipients of more than 232 medals, are among the most awarded couples in their field.

Poire et miel   Best Mead All Canadian Championships 2023



Le Rucher Bernard Bee Bec & Assoc des hyrdomeliers du Quebec
152, rue Principale
Beebe Plain, Quebec JOB 1E0

Tel: 1-819-876-2800

Les Entreprises Prince- Leclerc
239, chemin Haut de la Paroisse
St-Agapit, Quebec G0S 1Z0

Tel: 1-418-888-3323

Les Vins Mustier Gerzer
3299, Route 209
St-Antoine Abbe, Quebec J0S 1E0

Tel: 1-514-826-4609

Muse'e de l'Abeille & Les Ruchers Pomiel, Inc
8862, Blvd Ste-Anne

Chateau-Richer, Quebec G0A N0

Tel: 1-418-824-4411

Rucher Les Saules
27, chemin Saxby
Nord Saxby Corner
Granby, Quebec J2G 8C7

Tel: 1-514-372-3403


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