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Producing Icewine in Quebec

frozen grapes for icewine

Weather is a key element in the production of Icewine in Quebec. Snow is the main concern for the winemaker. Unlike the wine regions of British Columbia and Ontario. Quebec receive a far greater amount of snow. The snow covers the vines.

If Quebec winemakers were forced to keep the grape bunches on the vines until harvest, they could damage or kill their vines. By cutting the grape bunches from the vines in November, then laying them on nets, they can prune and bury their vines while waiting for the intense cold to hit, then harvest the grapes. Also, some years, there is so much snow that it is almost impossible to work the vines after the harvest.

Quebec icewines may not be as sweet as Ontario's and BC's icewine. The reason for the higher acidities is Quebec's cooler climate, which ripens grapes more slowly. Quebec also allows a bix min of 32 degrees. In BC and Ontario it is 35

ice wine Quebec

Collecting grapes from the Tent

Here is the list of Quebec Wineries producing Ice Wine. Click on the Winery for more information.

Vignoble du Marathonien

Vignoble Chapelle Ste Agnes

Vignoble la Mission

Vignoble de l'Orpailleur

Vignoble Domaine des Cotes d'Ardoise

Vignoble de Sainte-Petronille

Vignoble de la Riviere du Chene

Domaine des Salamandres winery

Apple Ice Wine

Quebec is know for its Apple Ice Wine. Ice Apple Wine is produced from a select blend of hand-picked apples, harvested after frost and extracted naturally over the winter months. The unique combination of ideal summer growing conditions and cold Canadian winters create a product like nothing else you have ever tasted!

It is also know as Ice cider or cidre de glace in French. Christian Barthomeuf, a pioneer of wine industry in Quebec is credited with making the first commercial Apple Icewine in 1990.

Leading Produces include:

La Face Cachée de la Pomme
Domaine Pinnacle


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