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Howling bluff Estate Winery

Howling Bluff Estate Wines

Located on British Columbia's famous Naramara Bench. The winery is owned by Jennifer and Luke Smith. It was back in 2003 when they bought their land on the Naramata Bench, long before it grew to its present day fame. He planted 15,000 vines. Noted wine expert and author John Schriener wrote "At Howling Bluff Estate Wines, proprietor Luke Smith’s pursuit of excellence never ends." Their wines have won four Lieutenant Governor’s Awards of Excellence.

Jennifer and Luke Smith Howling Bluff Estate Winery

Luke started his wine journey early; his mother( Lynda Smith) was the secretary of the Vancouver chapter of the International Wine and Food Society. By his late teens he was enamoured with the history of wine and food. In 1981 (pre-history according to my kids) I sat across from a kindred soul at our workplace. Craig Walker was also an avid student of fine wine and great food. They dreamed of vineyards in Napa and evenings with friends pouring wine made from our grapes.

Among his first planting was a varietal he was not that interested in at first Pinot Noir Yet in 2008 he won his first award for his Pinot Noir and quickly planted more.

Luke credits Jennifer, as the real strength and brains behind Howling Bluff. Jen is an RN at the Penticton Regional hospital, and seemingly for ever Jen worked in the ER there. Together they have four children. Three currently in University.

Their son Daniel, turning to winemaking,is given credit for recommending they do a fortified wine which was quite successful. Father and son believe in Mother Nature and the importance of the vineyard.

luke and daniel smith-howling bluff este winery

"Daniel and I are in the vineyard every day walking the rows looking for ways to help the vines be better. Only by personally getting our hands dirty each and every day do we know our vineyard intimately so that we can offer you the finest vintages, year after year."

This spring, 2021, will see a new patio completed at the winery

Howling Bluff Estate Winery

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