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Wine 101

Holding the Glass

When tasting or enjoying wine there is a correct way to hold the glass. It’s best to hold it by the stem or the base of the glass.


1. You will wish to observe the colour of the wine. By holding the stem or base you keep your finger prints of the bulb and you can more easy see the wines colour. The wines colour provides certain indicators about the wine.

2. It is easier to swirl the wine. The action of swirling churns the liquid as it travels around the bulb, drawing in oxygen from the air and opening the wine up, helping it to release it’s aromas. 

3.Transfer of heat; if you hold the bulb you transfer heat from your hand to the wine. You do not want to do this.

However remember that enjoying wine is not dependent on how you hold your glass.


swirl wine

Many wine master suggest the following is the best way to swirl wine. Holding the stem between your pointer finger and thumb, while resting your palm on the table, swirl it so the wine goes around the glass two or three times.

The swirling of the wine glass activates esters and aromatizes them, which allows you to smell more of the wine, and thus enjoy it more!

How to Serve Drinks
Generally speaking, when your servers are bringing drinks to the table, have them handle the glasses from the bottom.

Tell servers never to put their hands and fingers near the lip of the glass. Why? Your customer doesn’t want your server’s germs near where they’re putting their lips. As many times as they wash their hands, they’re sure to be carrying bacteria around. (tweet this)

Always handle glassware by the stems, handles, or the bottom of the glass.


The Wine Glass ~ Colour of the Wine

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