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Hochtaler wine s a product introduced by Andrés Wines Ltd. back in the 70's. Andrew Peller who came to Canada in 1927 from Hungry. He envisioned a day when Canadians, like Europeans, would come to appreciate premium quality wines and enjoy sharing them with family and friends. He pursued his goal and established Andrés Wines Ltd., the youngest of the large Canadian wineries in Port Moody, B.C. in 1961. The name Andrés was chosen as the closest to Andrew Peller's baptismal name 'Andreas', but with a French flair. In 1964, winery operations were established in Calgary, Alberta and in Truro, Nova Scotia. In 1970 Andrés entered the Ontario market with the purchase of Beau Chatel Wines in Winona. In 1974 Andrés moved into Quebec with the founding of Les Vins Andrés in St. Hyacinthe. In 1975 Andrés purchased the Valley Rouge Winery located in Morris, Manitoba. The Manitoba location closed in 1992 and in 1994 Andrés acquired Hillebrand Estates Winery, Canada's largest producer of VQA and premium wines, located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario .

The Company's award-winning premium and ultra-premium brands include Peller Estates, Trius, Hillebrand, Thirty Bench, Sandhill, Copper Moon, Calona Vineyards Artist Series VQA wines and Red Rooster. Complementing these premium brands are a number of popular priced products including Hochtaler, Domaine D'Or, Schloss Laderheim, Royal and Sommet.

Hochtaler was introduced in the 1970's out of Quebec. It quickly became a very popular low price wine. Perhaps it was better known for its wine commercial than its quality. The wine is still in production today a cellared in Canada wine. Its a white wine mocking a German Riesling.
Sold in the larger 1500ml and Boxes

Domaine D'or is another early Andrés Wines Ltd. that manages to maintain it place on the shelves. It comes in three styles of White and two varieties of RED

Schloss Laderheim is another cellared in Canada wine that remains popular produced by Calona wines in BC. This inexpensive white wine was the rage some 30 years ago. It went by a nickname: ôSki-hill wine


Why German names, well remember Blue Nun a very popular white German wine. Andrew Peller went after this market.

Baby Duck , Schloss Laderheim, Baby Duck


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