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Pelee Island Wine

Harvest Grapes with Wagon 1880


J. S Hamilton a grocer who entered the wine industry as an agent in 1871 soon opened his own winery, Pelee Island Wine and Vineyard Co.The Pelee Island Wine and Vineyards Company amalgamated with J. S. Hamilton and Company in 1919 to become J. S. Hamilton and Company Limited with Mr. Hamilton as president and managing director. J. S. Hamilton died in March 1931 but the business continued under his name until 1945 when London Winery Ltd. acquired the company.


Young Street - Toronto 1888
Young Street - Toronto 1888

A black and white photograph of the interior of J. Tune & Son's London Soda Water Works factory.
A black and white photograph of the interior of J. Tune & Son's London Soda Water Works factory. The products they made: ginger ale, double soda, plain soda, cream soda, lemon soda, sarsaparilla, crab apple champagne cider, phosphated champagne sherbet, standard nerve food, buffalo mead, pure apple cider, St. Leon mineral water and Georgian Springs mineral water.

Remains of Vin Villa Winery that burnt in 1963

Brights Concord-in jug do not copy

Stamford Park Wine Co


The old port is part of the private wine cellar collection of Ron Moffat, Toronto



Building used by Jules Robinet Sandwich Ontario

J. Tune & Son's London Soda Water Works factory - London Ontario 1890
Among thir products was apple champagne cider, buffalo mead, pure apple cider




Father Pandosy

Photo taken 1900 a wine factory in St Jospeh. Ontario

Naramata 1907

Naramata Approx 1907

The first claim to Nine Mile, which is what Naramata was originally called, was Tom Ellis a Penticton pioneer who had grazing rights to all the lands on the east side of Okanagan lake.  After John Moore Robinson had developed Peachland and Summerland he turned his attention to the delta at Nine Mile Point where he acquired three thousand acres from Tom Ellis. In 1907 the Okanagan Trust Company under the watchful eye of J.M. Robinson had attractive brochures printed and sent to potential customers in eastern Canada, the United States and Britain.  Response to his advertisement was favorable and Naramata began

produceing wine prior to Prohibition - Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes NY

Turner Wine Company - 1890-1909
The flag reads: Turners/Toronto/Tonic Bitters, Fruit Syrups, and Sauces
Photo provided by Maple Leaf Actions

Frank Schmidt 1949

1949 ~ Frank Schmidt looking at the vineyard from the driveway (present) this was taken the day he signed the papers to buy the vineyard from J.W. Hughes in 1949. Photo Credit: Schmidt Family.

J.W. Hughes
J.W. Hughes

A book owned by J.W. Hughes first printed in 1864

Turner Old Sailor

Turner was purchased by the Niagara wine company
Brand may have lasted untill 1977


First Mallam House,

The historic place is the two-storey log First Mallam House, built in 1900 in a rural vernacular manner at 4845 Lakeshore Road, in the Okanagan Mission neighbourhood of Kelowna, and now a part of the Summerhill Estate Winery.

Canadian Grape Products
Canadian Grape Products
1920- 1926 Became Jordan Wine Co Ltd

Photo provide by © Steve Mouck

©2012 Steve Mouck
©2012 Steve Mouck

The Ontario Wine co was licensed in 1922 to E.J Morrow

Aaron Hovey Jr. Homestead - New Brunswick
Aaron Hovey Jr. Homestead - New Brunswick
Hovey grew orchards and produced wine for his patrons and evidence remains in the building of a laterally long and shallow wine cupboard constructed into the stone chimney base.

Canada Wineries Limited was formed in 1928 Taking over Peerless Wine Co, Dominion Wine Growers and Oakville Lincoln Wines Ltd Stanford Park Wine Co Ltd. Thorold Winery.

The Robinson Wine Corp 1930s
The Robinson Wine Corp 1930s
Photo provided by McMahon Family

The General Brock Hotel was being planned as early as 1927. Construction began in January of 1929. The hotel was built by Pigott Construction Company of Hamilton, Ontario.

The General Brock Hotel was the first high rise hotel built in Niagara Falls. At eleven floors, it towered above the landscape and boasted 20,000 square feet. It contained 247 bedrooms, 50 cots, 16 stores, 290 telephones and two elevators.  The top floor was reserved as the “Rainbow Room”; a glass enclosed banquet room that provided an unparalleled view of the Falls and the Niagara Gorge.

The hotel which was named after the famous War of 1812 British General, Sir Isaac Brock was officially opened on July 1st 1929. Mr. John B. Robinson was the first manager.

Château-Gai was one of the larger wineries in Ontario during 1960's and 70's It originated in the 1940.


Brights Catawba Sherry

Jordan Established 1920 Photo by © Steve Mouck

Jordan Sherry

Calona Wines 1932

Kelowna Museum Archives Six men stand on the loading docks of Calona Wines. Three boxes of Okay Port are stacked between them. Among them are Cap Capozzi (left) and W.A.C. Bennett, (third from left).

Cap Capozzi


Frank Schmidt
Frank Schmidt looking at the vineyard from the driveway (present) this was taken the day he signed the papers to buy the vineyard (Okanagan) from J.W. Hughes in 1949. Photo Credit: Schmidt Family.

Image provide by St Hubertus Estate Winery kelowna

1954 - Toronto

Brights Winette - photo by Pattie Petty

Approx 1977

Okanagan Mission Vineyards 1960
1960 ~ Tanks used were 500 gallon cast iron tanks that were shipped to Grower’s Wine from South Africa. They contained Sherry. Photo Credit: Schmidt Family.

©2020 Robert Bell
Loganberry Wine -Jordan Wines BC

Photo provided by Fred Couch


Tom Daves 1956 Grape King

Ontario in 60's


1964 Royal visit -tasting Bacchus.
1964 Royal visit to Quebec, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip -tasting Bacchus.

Bright's advertisement 1965

Château-Gai Winery
Château-Gai Winery

Bright's Ancient Mead (1963-65) -photo provided by Mr and Mrs James Woodbury SR.

The menagerie pop wines on the market at that time included Gimli Goose, Pink Flamingo, Baby Deer, Baby Bear, Little White Duck, Fuddle Duck and Luv-a-Duck and Pussycat all made to capture the Market created by Baby Duck . Also History The Names

Etobicoke-based Parkdale Wines , maker of Chateau Cartier, was acquired by Labatt in 1965

Cold Duck produced by Chateau Cartier Wines

Andrés Wines introduced their version of Cold Duck in Canada in the mid-1960s.They followed that with similar sweet red and white wines called Chanté. In 1971 they created Baby Duck – a soft-drink-sweet blend of red and white Chanté wines.

Hugely successful, Baby Duck was the best-selling domestic wine during the 1970s and it hatched numerous imitators:Canada Duck, Love-A-Duck, Kool Duck, Daddy Duck and Fuddle Duck were joined by Cold Turkey, etc… All of these wines driving the runaway expansion in the wine trade in the 1960s and 1970s were concocted from water, sugar and grapes that were judged unsuitable for making good quality dry table wines

London Honey Wine
1966 Honey Mead London Winery

Brights Winery Niagara Falls 1968
Brights Winery Niagara Falls 1968

Gimli Goose - Jordan Wines Ltd 1973

1977 Grape Harvest at Bill Masterson's Farm
1977 Grape Harvest at Bill Masterson's Farm

Roy Hallet Farm 1977

Jordan Branvin Vin Blanc Sherry

Jordan Montreal

Cp-121/CS-2F Tracker

Chateau Gai

produced by Chateau Gai
Images provided by Shearwater Aviation Museum

 published in 1980 or 81 


About 1980. My father, Dave Mitchell (on the tractor) and friend, Dave Newman-Bennett as they were about to break ground for one of the first estate wineries in the Okanagan. It would be Uniacke winery until 1988 when the name was changed to Cedar Creek. Located on Lakeshore road, this picture is taken on the exact location of the winery today. 

Adolf Krugher -founder wild Goose Winery Okanagan 1989
Adolf Krugher -founder wild Goose Winery Okanagan photo 1989

1991 Southbrook opened by Redelmeiers


Baby Canadian Champagne - photo credit Ancient Histories Photo Stream

Baby Canadian Champagne - photo credit Ancient Histories Photo Stream


Lake Hill Pump Station - Saanich
Lake Hill Pump Station - Saanich

The Lake Hill Pumping Station is a rare example of an early industrial building in Saanich, and is valued as an important physical manifestation of the district's industrial history. Utilitarian in form, the building makes a clear statement of its original purpose. Built in 1900, the structure housed equipment necessary to pump water from Elk Lake to the City of Victoria as part of the city's water system.
The Growers Wine Company, which founded the loganberry wine industry on Vancouver Island with government assistance, provided a commercial use for the abundant local supply of loganberries. This was considered the salvation of local growers, particularly during the Depression when the company purchased local produce as well as provided employment. After 1954, the Growers Wine Company used these premises as a cooper's shop and warehouse for their winemaking facility next door

Markland Cottage Hospital
Markland Cottage Hospital ~ Registered Heritage Structure

Markland Cottage Hospital has historic values because of its origins and original function. Built by the Commission of Government in 1935 the hospital was in use as of January 1, 1936 Today it is home to Rodrigues Winery

Casoro House
Third Casoro House
John Casorso was involved in the establishment of Kelowna's first winery, which became Calona Wines.

1971 New sign welcoming visitors to Niagara Grape and Wine Country

1975 Uncle Ben's Winery
1975 Uncle Ben's Winery

DULIKS - ( founded around 1978) sold in 2004 and became Tantalus Vineyards
DULIKS - ( founded around 1978) sold in 2004 and became Tantalus  Vineyards

George and Trudy Heiss -photo from Kelowna  How

George and Trudy Heiss founders Gray Monk Estate Winery

Robert Murray and Hans W Jost 1985

Ontario Icewine strikes gold at Vinexpo in Bordeaux, France. 1991.


Calona Wine ad 1992

Calona Wine Advertisement



Herbert Konzemann

johannisberg Riesling - Konzelmann
photo provided by Rick VanSickle

1998 Donald Ziraldo
1998 Donald Ziraldo


Brock University welcomed 16 new Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute students for the 2017-2018 program year. An opportunity made possible in 1996 when CCOVI was established in partnership with Grape Growers of Ontario and the Wine Council of Ontario as an internationally recognized institute focused on research priorities of Canada’s grape and wine industry and education and outreach to the industry.  Since the program began accepting students there have been 158 graduates. Including the past Grape Kings Jamie Quai and Ed Hughes! (photo from Ontario Grape Growers )

Golden Beaver Winery
The winery, in Oliver, was purchased by Stella Schmidt and Bruno Kelle in 2006 changing the name to Castoro de Oro Estate Vineyard

St Hubertus winery 2012

2013 Forest fire claims St Hubertus Winery

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