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From 2020 into 2022 the world was rocked by Covid 19. The Provincial health organizations in Canada started stick health protocols shutting down all of the wineries. From time to time the restrictions allowed only an outdoor experience. Those wineries that did not have allocated outdoor space struggle to adapt. Here we feature the outdoor experience at Canada's Wineries in photographs.

Every day in many parts of the country, quarantined residents essential workers — doctors, nurses, and first responders —we say thank you. Thank you to all of them for their service. But the range of people we’re depending on to keep our economy going during the pandemic, take care of us and our loved ones, and keep us safe is much broader than that.

The reality is that essential workers in the midst of the coronavirus crisis are fast food workers, social workers, cleaners, retail associates, transit workers, home health aides, and even those who provide support for victims of domestic violence. They’re often not highly paid individuals, and they’re risking their lives.

In 2023 once again forest Fires raged across our lands. Thank you to the brave men and women who fight these fires.

Rocky Creek - Vancouver Island
Rocky Creek - Vancouver Island

This gallery is dedicated to Essential Workers around the world! Thank you!

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