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Forbidden Fruit Winery

620 Sumac Road.,
Cawston BC

Fruit wins can be extremely good. Especially if they are made with the wonderful BC fruit and most importantly PASSION. This love of winemaking with passion can befound at Forbiddden Fruit Winery in CAwston under the guidence of Co-owners Steve Venebles and Kim Brind'Amour. They are joined by their son Nathan Venables.

It all began with Kim and Steve in 1977 on raw, virgin bench land along the Similkameen River. Ven ‘Amour Organic Farms has been farmed organically since day one. The farm was certified organic in 1984, the year certification began in B.C and is family operated.

The orchards and vineyards are planted on a gentle sloping hillside bordering the Similkameen River and are completely isolated from commercial farming areas. The family's joyful commitment to the stewardship of the land, programs of soil sustainability, farm sanitation and natural production, enable Kim and Steve to bring you the cleanest and finest quality fruit.

The farm produces and sells over sixty varieties of exotic tree fruits and grapes while partnering with “The Land Conservancy of B.C.” to preserve the non planted acreage as unique wildlife and natural habitat. 

Forbidden Fruit Winery Tasting Room

The Similkameen’s Forbidden Fruit Winery has earned a reputation for high quality fruit wines. The winery has quietly diversified into grape wines, first under its own label and now with a companion label just launched: Dead End Cellars. The Name comes from the fact that their newest property south of their vineyard at a "dead end" against USA border.

The attraction, aside from the one-acre vineyard, is the massive house built there in 1979 on top of an original log cabin. The house fronts onto the Similkameen River. Nathan believes the ground floor (of three floors) will make an excellent tasting room. A red seal carpenter by trade, he has renovated the building.

Forbidden Fruit Winery Steve Venebles and Kim Brind'Amour

Known for his love for wine, kindness and outgoing personality, Steve is a favorite for many at markets and shows. He is a "Steve of all trades", you can find him out in the shed mastering our wines or find him out in the orchard pruning, picking and packing. He has a love and passion for everything he does and this translates through to his many different specialties.

Kim is also owner, proprietor, president and management leader at Forbidden Fruit Winery. She comes with years of business experience and education. Kim is involved with all facets of the company including administration, creative marketing, hospitality, and management.  She developed a passion for wine at an early age as her family was involved with a French wine import company. Also a long standing organic grower, Kim (with Steve) has served as board director to several associations related to organic growing and the wine industry in the Similkameen Valley. The tasting boutique showcases more of Kim's passion as an artist with her vibrant paintings, unique mosaics, and beaded jewelry.

Nathan Venables

Nathan's journey into the wine world started 11 years ago.  Red Seal Carpenter by trade, Nathan has had an influential role in the growth and variety of our wines.   Co-owner and creator of the Dead End wine series, Nathan has studied under master winemaker Dominic Rivard for the last 7 years and graduated from the winemaking program at Okanagan College. Nathan's connection to the elements of the soil started at a  very young age as he spent many hours  on the farm.  His passion, creativity and innovation has lead him to producing unique  bold reds, dry  flavorful whites and  has earned him the reputation as an award winning winemaker.

Over the years Forbidden Fruit Wines has won more awards than we can list!

We stopped by the winery on our way to Kelowna

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