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The winery located in Oliver is owned and operated by three siblings. Born and raised in Oliver, BC, Christina, Nicole, and Michael Ferreira grew up on an orchard, spending their summers picking and packaging all sorts of fruits at their parents’ packinghouse. With farming in their blood and wine in their hearts, starting a winery made for the perfect venture for the siblings to undertake—and so SQuEEZeD was born.

The name had to portray a fun atmosphere, a passion for winemaking and marketing, and most of all the celebration of the journey from grapes to wine.

Quirky, fun, yet serious when needed—creative, outgoing, and dedicated perfectly describes the team behind the name. Squeezed embodies all that and more!

Michael has been a winemaker, determining what goes into the bottle, since 2005, working for the family banner of Quinta Ferreira. Being the artist he is, Squeezed gives Michael the opportunity to create a different style of wine—it’s how an artist works, creative in many ways while maintaining consistency of quality.

Fueled by her passion for BC wine, food, and tourism, Christina is the principal of Impact Events; a full service conference and event management company based in Kelowna.

With a diverse and impressive client list, Christina has managed and organized corporate and community events throughout the Okanagan Valley, working with leaders in business and industry as well as private, small business, and non-profit groups. She is marketing engine behind the SQuEEZeD brand.

Nicole has spent the last 15 years as an accountant in many different business sectors. With the analytical side of her brain covered, she’s always looking for opportunities to put her creativity to use. When provided with the opportunity to be part of a venture that is fun and different, the decision was easy. “Yes, I’m in” were the exact words she expressed when asked to be part of the team. Nicole’s passion for wine lends well to her role as a wine rep, and she’s excited to now have the opportunity to sell her own brand.

One visitor to winery wrote the following: "Small Oliver Winery that is a must go to. Our server was knowledgeable and friendly and gave us great service all around. Nice tasting wines with the best prices we came across. Appreciated the good COVID protocols in place. Will definitely visit this winery again next time we're in the area."

An other visitor wrote: "We loved this place! Don't let the steep driveway scare you ... it's a diamond in the rough. Simple and tasty wine menu. Loved the "goo" and I'm not usually a Gewurztraminer fan. Tasting room is lovely and our server was super!! Will be back."

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